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27th IBC – Varna, 15-30 July 2016 + live stream

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I contacted them last month and they were very helpful. The competition really sounds fantastic and I'd certainly go if I got a chance.

Their website is at:

They weren't sure when tickets would go on sale but said this would be at http://www.eventim.bg/bg/ for all the evenings. Last year, most tickets cost around 15 to 30 euros.  Tickets for the two galas are expected to sell out quickly.

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I just saw in the regulations that:


The competitors take part in the Competition with their own ballet costumes, rehearsal ones, toes and slippers

Too bad that they have to bring their own toes :) 

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Thanks for this info, do you know on which day/night the gala would be held, probably cannot take too much time off work!

I was told that on the 29th July, there'll be an awards ceremony and performance of the winners and finalists. Then on the 30th July, there'll be a special "Meeting of Generations" gala with winners and finalists of both the current and previous competitions. I have written to the organiser asking when more official info will be available.

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I was lucky enough to be in Varna when Paul Marque performed. (Likely one of the slightly obnoxious 'Bravo!'s is mine :D)


I recommend anyone to visit. The atmosphere is lovely. Good weather, temps around 22, and lots of excitement mean a memorable time. I imagine going on finals night would be fantastic.


My seat cost 15 Lev (about £6 or 7.6 euro) and was top price. It turned out to be front row. On the second half, I moved to just in front of the judges,else I wouldn't have seen any feet! I had an event photographer and assistant rather 'in the way' on the right where I was first put.


My conclusion is that cheaper seats might be better! IBCV were using eventim.bg for tickets.


Young locals man the event, with the exception of the programmes desk. In my experience it is often the case that anyone over about 35 is likely to speak very little to no English. Paper booklets of running order were 2lev. Programmes proper were 7lv think.


Varna itself is pleasant and has an opera house sometimes showing ballet. A few nights before I was there a 'Bolshoi Gala's had been on, featuring one or two of those dancers I believe.


One's money goes far in Bulgaria. The best restaurant in town serves a slap up meal for 2 for about 50lv (£20). The quality comparable to just about any fancy London restaurant you could care to name. A suite at the 5 star Grand Hotel London is about £100 a night. (I didn't stay there though!)


I can also recommend ballet in Sofia, which should have shown a Sylphide in the park when I went, but heavy rain sent it into the opera house proper. There is from everyone onstage a deep love of the art form, and a conviction in its capabilities and storytelling which seems almost strange to any seasoned viewer. Hard to describe, but to my eyes, Russian companies share similar. Both are unashamed to 'sell' the story to you. The quality may not be, eg, NYCB, Bolshoi, RB, but it is by no means shabby, provincial, poor. Training is likely tough, as everywhere, and professionalism shines through.


And again, the great value is mirrored in the capital too.


So, sorry for my impromptu paen to Bulgaria! Its just that I visited, and really enjoyed. People are very laid back, and friendly. And the bonus of some ballet meant lovely memories!

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I went to the official Closing and the Gala Concert on the 29th July, and the Super Gala Concert on 30th July! Was most amazing trip and yes money goes a long way in Varna! 5* hotel is around £40 a night, 3 course meal around £8 and airport transfer also £8! Triple scoop ice-cream costs about 33p!!


Direct flights from London Luton (the only direct flight to Varna) with Wizz Air were expensive, but I think Wizz Tours reduces the price, although I booked separately. 


It is a very relaxed atmosphere and the dancing is probably the highest consistent standard I have ever seen! The galas did not begin until 8:30/9PM because of the heat, it was very hot during the performance at night around 26C! 


Highly recommend! 

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