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  1. A very good point, I forgot she had been promoted last year!!
  2. As has most likely already been said, I would go with a Student membership, should you be eligible. You would benefit from on-the-day and night-before cheap seats, for poorly sold shows, eg, £10 stalls seats. And priority booking a day before General Booking. Plus events attuned to Student experiences/age groups. It had become apparent to me that Friends is in many ways useless nowadays, except if one is lucky to attend a Friends Rehearsal. I don't think students are eligible to attend those. However there are certain nights, eg a recent Billy Budd, where it is almost entirely for students, and one can find seats for £1-£5-£15 or so. On reflection, I ended my membership about 3 years ago . For various reasons (be it finding lucky tickets on here, twitter, or other felicitous finds) I have yet to miss it.
  3. I am hoping Magri, Sambe and O'Sullivan are recognised and promoted this year.
  4. Have to say that R+J isn't my favourite ballet by a long way, but I was absolutely bowled over my Sambé and O'Sullivan. Her performancw, as said, full of details, utterly inhabited. A performance worthy of a Principal. I was so moved, as I rarely have been by the work. I was too far away to see AROS's face in the "bed scene" where she in Act III sits and decides on her plan as Prokofiev's string sing upwards in arpeggios and his horns sound out in strength - for me a crux of MacMillan's staging (stillness yet resolve). I hope she matched others I have seen there. I think it's the hardest moment (from the audience pov) to convey that by doing so little. And of course they both made the choreography sing too. So glad I went. She truly melted into her Romeo, swooned...he lambent with love. And once more I had to appreciate Avis. How can such a nice man be so mean onstage? Terrifyingly patrician, a bully of a father. I felt so sorry for Juliet as he manhandled her around. Greatly enjoyed Dubreuil's dancing, lovely finesse, beautiful hands. Everyone did well...what a show!
  5. Selling a Don Q ballet ticket, at ROH For tonight! (Illness has interceded 😑) SCS D39 Face value: £10 Selling for same. Payment via bank transfer or PayPal please. Can email ticket
  6. Last chance before ticket goes back to Box Office! I'll accept £8! 😊
  7. SCS D35 £10 E-ticket! Can't go as the trains are all wonky... :(
  8. Must agree with Bruce. Playlist was my evening highlight. Like "Dance at the Gym" for the "Take Me To Church" generation. (Well, with far less adversarial aggression!) All were unified in batterie and beats and fleet footwork. All upbeat, sexy, grooving swaggering fun, a bit camp in places but didn't suffer for it! The crow were cheering and whooping after certain "moves" like at a BB/Dance battle. I loved Robison in the middle of a semicircle of strutting guys doing tour after beautiful tour. THAT raised a cheer. I preferred the second number of the two, the first felt at one place a bit like "get fit with ballet DVD". "Beings" and "Cage" were not what I had gone for, but were still fun to watch. Especially of note was how the "shaggy costumes"moved in Beings. I must single out Dronina in her "Sonata" truly beautiful. Her eyes speak volumes. How different to her turn that same night in "Cage" as the Novice! In summary, New Forsythe was worth the admission price alone.
  9. Recently I have seen Ferri in Woolf Works, which has moments seared in my memory. Aside from that her turn in M&A was splendid. True tears for Woolf. Olga Smirnova in Swan Lake. Semyon Chudin in the same. Osipova as Lise in Fille, final act and in "ribbon carousel" Osmolkina as Odette - stunning characterisation, small details...beautiful beyond words. Sara Mearns as Odette. I think were I to see Muntagirov as Lensky again, I'd be moved. Nunez in Onegin. Harrowing. I recall enjoying Polunin on the Bolshoi Giselle. I really felt Albrecht's love for Giselle. Brandon Lawrence and Delia Mathews in any classical ballet. Their Odette/Siegfried destroyed me 😭 All these dancers have produced tears. And as above a moment which works well: Two pigeons. I recall loving Choe in the role. What an ending. Pigeons might not be dancers but they produce emotion inside me! 😄
  10. Thanks Ruth, but as discussed I can no longer attend. Someone take up Ruth on this kind offer!
  11. Thanks, but I didn't see that. I didn't see programmes for sale in my part of the theatre!
  12. Geoff, this is true: the secondary school pupils in front of me had a mini lecture with him saying to each something like "we're here to see this, for free, so let's be Respectful. Respectful!... for it. OK?" And mostly, they were. I still can't quite believe someone managed to get four stars over for the evening! Someone of the Russian audience probably has deep pockets! Regardless, I thought it was a great initiative. I imagine the ROH schools matinees are similar.
  13. Ah, apologies, I did consider it strange there wasn't a thread here but hadn't thought to check/got to news.
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