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  1. Hotels in Hamburg are open again for non-business purposes. A negative test is required, among others. https://www.hamburg-tourism.de/das-ist-hamburg/infos/aktuelle-hinweise/ Hamburg Ballet has specified their requirements, including that "fully vaccatinated" means the 2nd dosis needs to be at least two weeks prior to a performance (this is not stated in the link with regards to travelling to Hamburg from abroad to avoid quarantaine but may well apply there, too). https://www.hamburgballett.de/en/index.php#2021-06-01 You may want to check whether the links above contain all requirements.
  2. Just bought my first ticket for a performance live on stage since March 2020 😊😃😁
  3. It's tricky as it depends on the countries been to in the ten previous days and on other factors, and as there is a combination of federal and state regulations / exceptions. https://www.hamburg.de/hu/corona-regeln-einreise/ Moreover, the classification of countries as risk / high incidence / variant of concern is updated on a regular basis. Being fully vaccinated will definitely be of great benefit! There is also the question of accommodation. Hotels in Hamburg are still closed to non-business travel though I've read somewhere that they may open later in June. https://www.hamburg-tourism.de/das-ist-hamburg/infos/aktuelle-hinweise/ Hotels in neighbouring Schleswig Holstein and Lower Saxony are open for non-business purposes already but staying there would come with its own set of regulations ...
  4. Ballet Dortmund with two forthcoming streams .Mixed programme: Fluid Housing by Wubkje Kuindersma and The Four Seasons by Raimondo Rebeck. 18.30 UK / 19.30 local time on Sat 29 May; the stream will remain available until midnight local time the following day. https://www.theaterdo.de/produktionen/detail/digital-analog/ .Magic Mountain by Xin Peng Wang 18.30 UK / 19.30 local time on Sat 19 Jun. This is a stream of the 2014 premiere to Thomas Mann's book of the same name. https://www.theaterdo.de/produktionen/detail/zauberberg/
  5. The Grand Theatre at Geneva will be streaming at 8 pm local time / 7 pm UK time on 27 May a double bill to Stravinsky's Le Sacre du Printemps with choreographies by Jeroen Verbruggen and Andonis Foniadakis. The stream will be on GTG digital. https://www.gtg.ch/en/2020-2021-season/le-sacre2/ Also via https://www.gtg.ch/en/digital/ a stream of Verbruggen's Nutcracker. A stream by Konzert Theater Bern at 7.30 pm local time / 6.30 pm UK time on 23rd and 28th May to Max Richter's version of The Four Seasons; the streams will be pay-as-you-wish and remain available for 24 hours each. Choreography by Estefania Miranda. https://www.konzerttheaterbern.ch/programm/streaming-vier-jahreszeiten/51268/ No information on the two web sites as to whether the streams are geoblocked - fingers crossed access will be ok.
  6. May 10 is mentioned as publication date in the following link https://www.waterstones.com/book/clement-crisp-reviews/gerald-dowler/9781527287747 Adding ... Not long now 🙂 This is the only link that I could find
  7. Obituary https://www.dignitymemorial.com/obituaries/toronto-on/katherine-barber-10168613. The funeral service on 4 May will be livestreamed, details in link.
  8. Oh no. Awful news. Katherine and I met in Stuttgart a couple of times, and also discussed accommodation and sightseeing options for a small part of one of her trips to the South of France. She was a kind, caring, communicative and knowledgeable soul. Sincere condolences to her loved ones. Rest in peace, Katherine.
  9. Just found the programme booklet for the 2013 run ... I hadn't remembered that I saw two more performances on that occasion ... So this makes it First run 19/20/21/22/23/24 Sep 2011 (all evening performances) plus a matinee performance on 24 Sep. Second run 16/17/18/20/21/22/23 Mar 2013 (all evening performances) plus a matinee performance on 23 Mar. There was also an Insight Event on 13 Mar 2013. Iirc this was filmed and extracts were put on YT at the time.
  10. It was performed on consecutive nights for about a week in Sep 2011. I saw it twice back then and again last night, and it made me realise just how much I miss seeing Edward Watson perform, anything really. It's his eyes, that look of yearning, seeking understanding, seeking belonging as well as his ability to adopt, with his hands and feet, the movements of a beetle. I fully agree, the choreography, music, set, costumes and the cast all came together to create something very special.
  11. Theatres, opera houses and most other cultural venues in the state of Baden Wuerttemberg (Stuttgart, Karlsruhe, ...) will remain closed to the public until at least 3rd May 2020. Opening up will start on Monday 20th April with libraries and archives; museums will be looked at next. There'll be talks with cultural venues as to the steps that could be taken towards gradual opening up of those venues. https://mwk.baden-wuerttemberg.de/de/service/presse/pressemitteilung/pid/zumeldung-lockerungen-in-der-rechtsverordnung-der-landesregierung/
  12. Stuttgart Ballet will make available as VOD Cranko's Romeo and Juliet this weekend https://www.stuttgart-ballet.de/home/news-long/ I've added this to the calendar of events, I hope the time zone in the calendar works as intended.
  13. That's correct. Any loosening of the current restrictions is done very slowly though so effects can be assessed. E.g., with the exception of book / cycle / car shops that can open again regardless of size, other shops that have been closed since mid March can only open if their retail space is below 800 square meters / 8600 square feet. This is less about safety in shops than about the number of people in the streets going shopping. Equally, schools will start with school-leaving classes only. Etc. I thus think it'll be some time before the opening of cultural venues will be on the agenda, hence my assumption that the season is pretty much done. No doubt the states will put out guidance as to what constitutes "large events" over the coming days.
  14. My assumption is that the season is pretty much done.
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