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  1. Zurich Opera has also set up a schedule of VOD, covering both ballet and opera https://www.opernhaus.ch/en/spielplan/streaming/
  2. Paris Opera set up a digital platform called the 3rd scene a few years ago. It comprises short-ish videos relating to dance and other art forms. https://www.operadeparis.fr/en/3e-scene
  3. I think they've added some performances for their tour to Japan and over summer? Fingers crossed things will go ahead as planned. I'll keep to online viewing for the time being though ...
  4. Bejart Ballet Lausanne has set up a schedule of performances that can be accessed as VOD https://www.bejart.ch/en/bbl-dances-in-your-home/ t'M et variations Bejart fete Maurice Syncope The Magic Flute
  5. See under Opera and Music, this thread includes opera houses and artists that have started to offer free (live) streaming now that venues are closed ☺
  6. Change of programme, this will now be a recorded performance of Jewels https//www.staatsoper.de/en/news/online-schedule-until-19-april.html
  7. A few more links to streams & live streams The Vienna State Opera is now offering free broadcasts of previous performances, too. A schedule until early April has been set up, details here https://www.wiener-staatsoper.at/en/staatsoper/news/detail/news/the-wiener-staatsoper-is-closed-but-continues-to-play-daily-online/ The Philhamonie de Paris has put online recordings of hundreds of performances https://live.philharmoniedeparis.fr/Concerts.html. The site comes with an English version so I hope this will be accessible from the UK. Igor Levit has started to live stream daily "house concerts" a few day ago, access through his twitter account (not tonight though as he'll be part of a live stream by the Bavarian State Opera), the works are not announced in advance https://mobile.twitter.com/igorpianist?ref_src=twsrc%5Egoogle%7Ctwcamp%5Eserp%7Ctwgr%5Eauthor
  8. Both the Bavarian State Opera and Stuttgart Opera have stepped up on (live) streaming while their performances have been cancelled. Additional live streaming by the Bavarian State Opera over the coming weeks https://www.staatsoper.de/en/news/online-schedule-until-19-april.html In addition to forthcoming live streaming, Judith/ Bluebeard's Castle is available as VOD for an another two weeks (definitely worth seeing imho). Stuttgart Opera will make available as VOD a number of previously recorded performances over the coming weeks. They've created a hashtag "OpertrotzCorona" (Opera despite Corona). There is no schedule of performance on their site as of now, only the first performance has been announced, and this will be Le Nozze di Figaro. https://www.staatsoper-stuttgart.de/spielplan/oper-trotz-corona/. NB The site does not exist in English, I don't know whether access to the video works from outside Germany but as the video is made available later today, we'll find out soon. Also the link to the offer that JohnS mentioned in relation to the Berlin Philharmonic in another part of the forum https://www.digitalconcerthall.com/en/concerts
  9. While all performances by the Bavarian State Ballet until 19 April have been cancelled, a performance of Swan Lake will be live streamed on 21 March 2020 and available as VOD for a short time period thereafter. https://www.staatsoper.de/en/productioninfo/schwanensee/2020-03-21-19-30-1.html
  10. Link here https://www.digitalconcerthall.com/en/concert/52535. I haven't checked what happens when the free access ends e.g., whether it just ends or switches to payable access unless the customers gives advance notice, etc. Both the Bavarian State Opera and Stuttgart Opera have stepped up on (live) streaming of operas, I am putting the links under "Opera & Music". There will also be a live streaming by the Bavarian State Ballet of Swan Lake on 21 March, link under "News from Germany, Austria and Switzerland".
  11. I had that issue with Dortmund Ballet, they offer rebooking to a later date or a voucher. I phoned them to inquire whether for those travelling from afar, there'd be the chance of a refund. They asked me to put my request in writing (email first then postal mail), and it seems to have worked. So you might be lucky with Chemnitz if you contact them, too. Good luck
  12. If anyone happens to be in France at the moment - a performance of Giselle with POB is currently available via https://mobile.francetvinfo.fr/culture/spectacles/opera-garnier/video-giselle-a-l-opera-de-paris-un-ballet-eternel-a-voir-en-integralite-sur-france-tv_3813433.html. I think this is the performance that was broadcast in cinemas across France earlier in February, with Dorothee Gilbert and Mathieu Ganio as the leads. The video is geoblocked, I have been unable to watch this from Germany & don't know whether it is accessible from the UK or any other place outside France. The article doesn't state until which date the video will remain online - it was still online on Friday evening when I was just across the border in France (... I tried to watch it there and then but wifi wasn't good enough ...).
  13. A delayed write up of a matinee performance that I attended towards the end of January. A double bill with two new works to music by Stravinsky – Douglas Lee’s version of Petrushka plus Goyo Montero’s take on Le Sacre du Printemps. I had been wondering whether their choreographic styles might be slightly too contemporary for me and thought, if worst came to worst, at least it’d be great music performed live. Actually, I needn’t have worried a bit. Petrushka by Douglas Lee. A magician and his three puppets. And yet, in Lee’s version, who of those on stage are puppets and who are people? The corps, all in purple, depict the human beings who are observing the activities of the puppets. They are human but at times move in a puppet-like fashion, with the upper body twisted as if they were automats and their arms in a port de bras like that of a wooden marionette … i.e., as if they are actually non-human entities. Petrushka’s ghost appears at the end, making the magician take flight, so is Petrushka really a marionette or rather a human being? Sacre by Goyo Montero. A group of people in reddish somewhat shabby clothing – they’ve been together for some time and it, seems, with no way out. A huge ring of steel with 40 light bulbs hangs above the stage, representing an unnamed centre of power, and it is this ring of lights that they need to go through as way out. A strong male individual is chosen by the group as sacrifice but he is trembling and does not succeed in getting the ring of lights descend sufficiently so that going through the ring as way out is possible – he is just not strong enough. As a result, he is shouted at and punched, he is evicted from the group. There is a woman, however, who empathises and thus stays with him and looks after him when everyone else has left. Slowly, other members of the group return. The ring descends further and puts the focus on the woman who stayed with the man – the ring has thus chosen her as the sacrifice. She absolutely and fully rises to the challenge and, through tremendous physical effort, manages to pair up individuals from the group so they can go through the ring together. As a result, she is left behind on her own, she is the sacrifice that is made so that everyone else can move on in a new environment. I’ve seen MacMillan’s and Bausch’s versions and a video of that by Bejart but Sacre is the first one that made me really feel deeply with the person who gets sacrificed, and I think this is because Montero develops a whole storyline and lets the audience get to know the victim in more detail. Just the thought that she accepts the challenge set by the unnamed centre of power, knowing that in order to allow everyone else move on elsewhere, she will need to put herself forward as sacrifice, wow. Truly superb performance with regards to both artistry and stamina by Sophie Vervaecke as the victim, I was spellbound, caught up, breathless. The audience reacted with foot stamping, shouts of bravo, whistling and very long and loud applause for the dancers, the conductor and the musicians alike. A great afternoon & I am much hoping I’ll be able to see this programme again at some stage in the future.
  14. Just finished watching Katie Mitchell's marvellous take on Bartok's Duke Bluebard's Castle with the Bavarian State Opera, available as VOD until 10 Mar 2020. https://operlive.de/. If I remember correctly, streams provided by the Bavarian State Opera are accessible from the UK; I don't know about other countries. In Mitchell's production, Nina Stemme plays Anna Barlow, a detective who sets out to investigate the disappearance of three women who had worked as escorts. John Lundgren is Bluebard. I loved the introductory video, setting the scene, and very much filmed in the style of a thriller. It was fascinating to observe how Judith wins over Bluebard to open the doors one after the other. And I found the outcome rather refreshing (no spoiler here but see the synopsis, available via https://operlive.de/). Forthcoming live streaming this season here https://www.staatsoper.de/tv.html?no_cache=1 Live streaming by Stuttgart Opera this season here https://www.staatsoper-stuttgart.de/service/live/ (the site doesn't mention whether this comes with a geo block so I don't know about access from the UK / other countries).
  15. It appears on the French and German sites of Arte i.e., https://www.arte.tv/fr/videos/088015-000-A/romeo-et-juliette/ and https://www.arte.tv/de/videos/088015-000-A/romeo-juliet/https://www.arte.tv/de/videos/088015-000-A/romeo-juliet/, whether it is accessible through a pay channel from the UK / other countries, I am afraid I don't know :-(
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