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Bolshoi Ballet Academy Graduation


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For those of you who have followed my daughter’s training at the Bolshoi Ballet Academy from the snippets that I’ve posted on here or from elsewhere, you might be interested to know that she has just completed her final year, state exams, after four years of very hard work.  I also thought you might be interested in an insight into the Academy's approach to exams.  Below is a link to video excerpts from the duet exam and there are other posts on her blog with videos and photos from the acting, character and ballet exams.




I was fortunate enough to be able to travel to Moscow for some of the exams.  They are held on the Academy’s stage or in the studios infront of a 12 plus strong committee, Artistic Directors from the main Moscow-based companies and an audience of parents, students and others interested in the Academy.  The exams are a celebratory event and a real opportunity for the students and the school to showcase what they can do!  I felt very privileged to be there.


The four years at the Academy have been a fabulous experience for my daughter – alongside the training, she has learned lots of life skills, not to mention now being fluent in Russian.  She’s also learned about many other cultures and languages as a result of the international environment she’s been in and has taken great pleasure in teaching her fellow students Northern English (Yorkshire :)) while she’s been there!!


She officially graduates at a ceremony at the end of June and has academic exams (in Russian) and a competition between now and then but it does feel like a milestone has been reached and one that she is immensely proud of. 

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I just came back online to all of these lovely comments - thank you so much, I will pass them on to my daughter.


Many congratulations to Tala. Do let us know about the next journey she embarks on.


She is very lucky to have plans in place for August and will hopefully continue to write about her adventures on her blog!

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Wonderful news and many congratulations. I hope the audition process goes well- is your DD hoping to stay in Russia or looking elsewhere in Europe?


Thank you, CeliB - she will be staying in Russia.

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