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Edward Watson at Woodside Dance Retreat International Summer School

Nicola Moriarty

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Hello my name is Nicola Moriarty. I am the principal of Woodside Dance Retreat 

We have just released an exciting new International Summer School. Edward Watson, Mara Galeazzi, Sarah Wildor and David Yow are the tutors. There are only 12 places to maximise learning and attention.

All food is prepared on site and is nutritionally balanced organic and where possible locally produced.

As well as 6 days of classes we visit the theatre and have a photo shoot.

This is just a brief guide. 

Kind regards

Nicola Moriarty



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Welcome to the forum, Nicola.


In accordance with the Commerce section of our forum's Acceptable Use Policy, please would you add your commercial contact details and website to your profile signature:




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Many thanks,


Anna C

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Hi Nicola, I've had a look round your website. As sea princess asked what is the cost as there are no prices at all mentioned which is very unusual. It also isn't clear who your summer schools are aimed at?


It looks interesting but I'd like more details & a bit more background as you state you are head of dance at one of England's top performing arts establishments.

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Hi All


Thank you for your comments.


Sorry for the confusion over prices and age ranges. These are not stated on our website as we encourage all our potential guests to get in touch and discuss these elements with us personally. As our courses are for a maximum of only 12 guests, age is not that important as with 2 teachers normally in most classes, the work/exercises can be tailored to each individuals needs. We feel it would be better to be 14 plus and be at an Intermediate standard or above.


To clarify for all that may be interested, our two International summer schools 'Principles Week' and 'Creatives Week' are £1695.00 per week. This is an all inclusive bases for accommodation, food, drinks and all classes by our world class faculty. Plus we will head out on location for a professional photo shoot, and a West End show.


Many of you may consider this expensive, but please remember we have some of the best dancers/teachers in the world coming to teach for you, and also there will only be 12 guest maximum. This will give you the chance to really learn from these incredible names.


We have just launched our marketing of this programme in Japan, and have interest from Australia, Spain & Italy. So it is hoping to be a real international affair. We do hope we have some representation from the UK. 


This is our new Venture by a Dance loving family, turning our home into this Luxury Retreat to deliver quality courses for dancers, and dance teachers. We are looking to build a network of like minded individuals. A 'Woodside Dance Retreat family' were you just can't, not dance.


We welcome questions or suggestions, please get in touch.

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Our Classical Ballet Summer Course is going to be epic, we have only 12 places therefore you will receive a huge amount of attention during this Principal Dancers Week from our wonderful Teachers. David Yow and Sarah Wildor will each spend the day with you whilst Edward Watson will work with you for three incredible days. Your days will be spent dancing alongside the industries best and your evening will be filled with music fun and games.

There will also be wonderful creative workshops, gymnastics, photo shoots, and trips.
Really this is a week you will never forget.
The Course begins on the 30th of July and ends on the 6th of August. 
It is aimed at students that wish to dance professionally and are at Intermediate or over.

I am posting to make you aware that Edward has agreed to spend 3 whole days with our students, and that we are offering 10% if you book before April the 30th.
This course will be like a holiday hard work of course, but great fun. 


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What an amazing opportunity. I hope there are some people out there who can afford to take it up. Possibly lots of potential candidates are waiting on other summer schools still. There are those very blinkered by being seen at the big schools but I hope some will come your way instead.

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Thank you for this lovely message. We are having a lot of interest all of a sudden, and have some lovely students booked. We obviously will be doing lots of classes but want to offer a brilliant holiday for young dancers as well as brilliant classes, where everyone is welcome catered for hopefully resulting in improvement and life long memories.

All our guests will dine with Edward Watson and our other teachers plus spend all day in the studio with them. 

We have lots of great activities planned.

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I am posting regarding our Woodside Dance Retreat Summer School on the 30th July - 6th August 2016.

Edward Watson MBE who will be teaching for 3 full days is very generously funding two 50% places. Ideally one girl and one boy. He would like to choose who receives his scholarships so we would require a short video of any of students that would like to apply. Dance part: No more than a minute long, and also a clip of your DD or your DS speaking of why they feel that Edward should fund their place.
Please email it to nicola@woodsidedanceretreat.
 Please let me know if you need any more information.
The fees are normally £1695 which with a half scholarship this is reduced this to £847.50 this includes all classes, accommodation all food, drink, airport transfers, on location Photo shoot and theatre trip. Guest would need to arrange their own flights but we would of course collect them from the airport.
We only have 12 places on each of our courses so each student has maximum attention from the Principals.
Kindest regards
Nicola Moriarty
Principal - Woodside Dance Retreat
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I have 1 day place available to work wit Edward Watson at Woodside Dance Retreat Principal Week, and 2 spaces with Sarah Wildor.


Edward Watson is £200 and the dates to choose from are 2nd or 3rd of August and Sarah Wildor is on Friday the 5th of August.


We also have a few places for our Creative Week. Cathy Marston is flying in from Basel especially. Its a great opportunity to work with both classical choreographers and those from different genres. Our aim is to help young dancers and professionals have longevity in this ruthless industry.

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