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  1. We are in the South West and dd goes to Ballet Cymru Associates - based in Newport. Thoroughly recommend them!
  2. We were at the South West heats in Cheltenham
  3. I only watched the premier section but they put through 6 out of 35.
  4. DD competed in the premier section today - I would say it was like a masterclass - it was an extremely high standard and all the dancers were incredible. I really enjoyed the new format, and it was lovely to watch dd learning the sequences and perform them.
  5. I should have asked more questions at the time but it was all very new to us back then!
  6. Sorry I didn't explain it very well - that was the term used - but yes, her thigh is long in comparison to the lower part of her leg. I have to say she doesn't look out of proportion but as I am not an expert I assume it hinders her ability to have good elevation - which she has always had to work hard at.
  7. A few years ago my dd auditioned for a school of which she was an associate. She didn't get finals, but as an associate we were given feedback. We were told that her thigh to leg ratio was too big and perhaps she should consider other forms of dance. She does have long legs and although we had never noticed it before I could see what they meant. However , her dream of being a ballet dancer has never changed and she decided that what she couldn't change, wouldn't worry her. I must stress, we have only been told that once and she has never used it as a reason if she is unsuccessful in gaining a place on other associate schemes.
  8. My dd and I have made some lovely friends during her dance 'journey', but I have to say festivals bring the out worst (and best) in people. The loud bragging in the changing rooms is embarrassing - last year I sat behind 2 mums who discussed my dd very loudly as she was dancing!But my pet hate is during associate auditions when parents crowd round the warm up room - watching every other dc apart from their own, eyeing up the 'competition'. Maybe I'm very synical but thankfully my dd gets herself ready so I can escape to have a coffee well out of the way!!
  9. Thanks swaybacksapphire and balletdancer22- she's disappointed but better than I thought - our DCs are tough! She auditioned at Bath x
  10. Thanks shygirlsmum, I'm hoping I'm over reacting and she takes it better than I think and of course there are so many talented DC going for such few places. Good luck for Mids results xx
  11. I've just had an email to say DD hasn't got a place for SA's - I know the chances of gaining a place are minimal but I just don't know how to tell her! She's at dance at the moment and I know she is going to be devastated. She auditioned for JAs and has done so every year, without success. She is such a lovely dancer and has achieved so much, but her confidence is gradually disappearing. Good luck to everyone else waiting to hear x
  12. I am very surprised to hear that the dancers taking class were unkind - my dd is an associate and has done 2 summer schools and I have only ever known the dancers to be professional and encouraging.
  13. Mandev was not only an inspirational teacher, wonderful performer but a kind and gentle man. We are so shocked and sad and send our love to the wonderful Ballet Cymru xx
  14. We were also at the West regional final and I have to say we didn't come across any "bad behaviour" - Dd said everyone was friendly backstage. We are usually on our own so dd has always made an effort to be friendly and I hope that I have taught both my dds to treat others as you would like to be treated. We actually encountered a lot of awful behaviour - parents and children, at one of the qualifying festivals and have decided not to attend that one again - it's a shame because both my dds have made lovely friends and look forward to meeting them at the different festivals we go to. These are a minority I have to say, but disappointing all the same. We came home really disillusioned but our experience at the regionals (first time there) has restored our faith again !!
  15. Lema and Rubbishballetmum - thanks for your replies - I tried ringing but didn't get an answer so I have emailed- will ring again tomorrow. I have been regularly checking all my emails - including junk/spam. Fingers crossed we hear something soon!!
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