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  1. I have been thinking about this programme for a couple of days now. A year or so ago the venerable member of this forum and keen BRB fan, George C, made the extremely accurate and pertinent observation that with all the attention on Tyrone Singleton and Brandon Lawrence the specific and very valuable contribution of Cesar Morales was being overlooked. I am beginning to feel that much the same is happening to Matthias Dingman. He always dances full out with his heart very much on his sleeve. He is someone else we are lucky to have in the Company.
  2. I have just caught up with this programme. My first point is to say that every time I hear Carlos talk about the Company, their current travails and his plans for life during and after Covid his genuine and earnest enthusiasm grabs me all over again. He has ensured that the Company has managed to perform and gave two shows recorded. I would like to point out that neither has been in their home theatre and I really did wonder how hard was the stage at the Town Hall. This is not a venue which regularly shows dance performances and I doubt very much that the stage is that springy. All credit
  3. It will come round again. It always does.
  4. Had I said something like thank the Lord this may have caused offence. As I do not know of a 'God of the dance', apart from Nijinsky obviously, I thought I would thank its muse.
  5. Trust me, you will get used to Sky Arts being less than clear and accurate in their programming. That being said, thanks to Terpsichore that we have it at all.
  6. Actually it's the later recording with Marianela and Vadim.
  7. Thank you, I would have missed this had it not been mentioned.
  8. I thought this broadcast was totally charming and it was clear how much these young dancers respected Carlos and that they enjoyed this rare coaching opportunity.
  9. Calling Tyrone and Brandon. We need you both now! Can I put in an additional request for Matthias as Cristian?
  10. And there was so much more to her than just her work. One of the greatest glories of the golden age of Hollywood.
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