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  1. Please don't forget that Sir Peter Wright revived Massine's Choreartium for BRB with very considerable success.
  2. I haven't had an e-mail either but I will endeavour not to hold it against the company.
  3. Was that ever due to appear in Birmingham? I thought it was Sadler's Wells only but am more than happy to be corrected.
  4. I do so agree. I feel myself highly blessed to have been able to see her in so many roles. She is so intelligent in her approach to her work and it really shows. I cannot quite bring myself to talk about her in the past sense as she still seems so real to me. I know that she was very keen to dance Manon and was very upset when it didn't happen. I was very sorry we didn't have a chance to see her as Bathsheba Everdene in Far From the Madding Crowd as I feel she would really have made something of that role. It has been rare to see someone who was so equally at home with the works
  5. This may be based on the fact that there were erroneous rumours a few years ago that he had died. It was a great relief that he hadn't but it is now the case that he has. Such a loss of such a performer and a young age. Sounds as if his later life was pretty tortured since his car crash. Farewell Patrick and thank you so much for all the wonderful memories.
  6. I have just been watching him in Etudes with Kevin Pugh and Kathy Healey on YouTube. I had almost forgotten his utter joy in entertaining the audience.
  7. I saw him once with the POB, playing Puck in A Midsummer Night's Dream and a number of times with LFB/ENB, especially in Etudes. He was just stunning and when you knew he was about to come on stage I got so excited I could barely breathe. He danced like no one else and I have never forgotten him. Truly a sad loss but I have such wonderful memories of him. He was utterly unique.
  8. Even if I hadn't loved Miyako from the very first time I saw her, about 1984 as I remember, I would love her all over again for her clear love of Ashton's Cinderella.
  9. Recently I invested in an annual subscription to Medici TV and was thrilled to see the double bill of The Sanguine Fan and Graduation Ball. For all that both works looked very dated now I really enjoyed seeing the dancers of the old LFB. Andria Hall was always a favourite of mine, ditto Lucia Truglia etc. I always admired Patricia Ruanne, I long cherish the memory of her last Tatiana. So, to see her again in the Sanguine Fan was a really treat. Faintly silly ballet but the Elgar score was just glorious. As was she. The last word in expressive elegance.
  10. I apologise If this sounds very snobbish but what a novel experience these days. Lists of music which primarily consist of pieces I have actually heard of and know. These days the programme seems to consist of music which is entirely unknown to me, much of which I would happily never listen to again.
  11. I saw Tereshkina as Kitri at the Birmingham Hippodrome in Summer 2008 when some junior members of the Kirov visited. We called it Kirov Lite. However, there was nothing 'lite' about her performance. I regard it as being the 3rd best ever in A leading classical role I have seen. I will be subscribing just to see her. Many thanks for pointing this out.
  12. P.s. I forgot to mention with appreciation seeing the ever gorgeous Wolfgang Stollwitzer as Clara's father. Brought back some very happy memories of seeing him with the Company since 1996. Gosh, 25 years and he has matured with utter distinction. Any comment Janet?
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