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  1. I must begin this posting by saying that I haven't seen this bill as it had no real appeal for me. I have seen Lyric Pieces often enough and I was not gripped by the other works. However, I did see the vintage suitcase on Bargain Hunt - oh the joys of retirement! - so I can imagine that thought would have struck me too. Not only was i not gripped by the programme but someone else whose opinion i value highly was very unimpressed with the show so I was pleased I had stayed home. I share the concerns expressed above about the quality of the mixed bills in recent years. I must stress that this is absolutely NO reflection on any of the dancers or their peformance but since the company has gone in for these rather gimmicky combinations with supposedly catchy titles the programmes have been somewhat hit or miss. I also take on Alison's point about the poor attendance. However, this does not always reflect poor programming. the double bill we had a few years ago of the Dream and A Month in the Country was one of the finest bills I have seen in 40 years of ballet doing. in the days of Sir Peter Wright, both SWRB and BRB had great mixed bills and there was always something to really enjoy. I always say that my all time favourite was at the old Sadler's Wells and it was Les Rendezvous (in the proper costumes), the Dream and Facade. spot the Ashton fan! I often heard die hard RB fans say that the SWRB triple bills were far more attractive than some of those at the Opera House (I am talking the 80s here). I would suggest that Kevin O'H has learnt from the master and his are pretty uniformally successful where as the BRB ones are going in the other direction. Admittedly funding may have something to do with this. Finally, may I say Janet, that when someone as utterly devoted to BRB as you and with your ability to always find something to appreciate in every performance mentions specifically that there is an increasing problem here it shows that all is very far from well in this respect. Like you I hope that this is not a worrying sign for the future but I fear it may be. New and modern is not always a guarantee of success and it is unfair to expect the excellence of the dancers to be relied on to carry less than successful work.
  2. Don't forget a certain Kevin O'Hare banging the drum and as one of the three men in the trio section. I still think they will find it very hard to beat the utterly scene stealing Brandon Lawrence on the cymbals.
  3. I agree. it goes a long way for making up that I will miss Tyrone Singleton in the Salvation Army.
  4. I would love to have been able to get to the Saturday night at the Wells but this is totally impractical for me these days. Having been to the opening night at the ROH, the first night in Birmingham, the last performance of SWRB in Liverpool, Karen Donovan's last in Plymouth amongst others I would have loved to have completed the cycle with the very last showing. Added to that I would have had the opportunity to see the other cast. I have absolutely no qualms about the excellence of both casts but I had been looking forward to seeing Lachlan in the role for over a year now. At the end of the day, Que Sera Sera.
  5. I am pretty cheesed off that I have booked two performances and they are both with Max Maslan and Beatrice Parma. Absolutely NO offence to them but I really did feel that the occasion of Bintley's farewell would have warranted the first cast. My husband is adamant he won't take a third time. Incidentally, I agree with Janet's disappointment that Mathias Dingman has not been cast. I supposed that as there are so few performances the casts are restricted to two. I was really hoping to see both casts for the Salvation Army bit too!
  6. Don't go on about it! LOL. Remember, you also saw Tyrone Singleton's first Romeo. Actually, seriously, haven't we both been really lucky over the past few decades? It seems a bit petty to moan about the stuff we have missed. Mind you, a bit of pettiness won't stop me seething about one or two omissions. See you for Hobson's. Really can't wait but some casting would be nice.
  7. P.s., best La Bayadere ever, Asylmuratova, Ruzimatov and Guillem as Gamzatti at the ROH in the early 90s. Now THAT was ballet.
  8. This is the cast I want to see most. For me Samara Downs is an ideal Maggie and if it isn't Lachlan as Will I will ask for my money back.
  9. Daphnis and Chloe, The Firebird, Raymonda, Cinderella (Prokofiev) are all first thoughts for me. If this is a list of music written for ballet (as opposed to things like Theme and Variations which are adapted from concert works) two of my favourites as being created scores which are excellent for their intend purpose I would list Paul Reade's music for Hobson's Choice and Far From the Madding Crowd. It was a real loss to the world of ballet music that he died so young.
  10. The Farmer designs were all in Autumnal colours but the big giveaway that it is Sir Peter's production is the photo of the two side boys in the Act I pas de six. The Bintley/Samsova one only has the regular pas de deux.
  11. It would appear Iain Webb had the sense to acquire the SPW production with designs by Peter Farmer rather than the Bintley/ Samsova later one as designed by Haydn Griffin. BRB will be using the latter next season.
  12. I can't see Carlos putting up with antics of some of the other judges. He would take the whole thing seriously which is not want the BBC seems to want these days.
  13. Karen Hardy would be a very good suggestion but she might be too much competition for Shirley thingy. Whoever it is I really hope the slide from ballroom to more or less being shoved aside in favour of Latin is halted or even reversed.
  14. The Arlene Phillips suggestion recurs every time a judge's place becomes available. I cannot see the BBC revisiting that one. 'Cheryl' please God no!!! I think we can be pretty safe that it won't be a white, middle aged man - sorry Anton, you're too popular. I can see Ore Oduba getting the gig. Lots of boxes ticked, but the BBC appears to promoting only women at the moment. I take it Fiona Bruce is too busy.
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