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  1. I remember it all very well, not least an open rehearsal with Lynn Seymour coaching. I was lucky enough to see Seymour perform the last two waltzes at the gala for Sir Anton Dolin. She was utterly unforgettable.
  2. Those undeniably ghastly costumes were designed for the Royal Ballet and much criticised (deservedly) at the premiere mounted for Markova's 90th Birthday with Darcey Bussell playing the principal role. They replaced the previous version by William Chappell which were sorely missed by those of us who remembered the old production. Regrettably David Bintley really disliked the costumes for the men so he borrowed the Royal Ballet's costumes. The work was recorded in the Big Top with Marion Tait and Davis Ashmole and broadcasted in, I think 1979, for Sir Fred's 75th birthday. It did appear on YouTube for a while but not recently.
  3. Pretty constantly these days I am afraid. It hasn't produced anything for some years now but at least it is filling its schedules with some fabulous repeats. Some of the vintage drama is unbelievably good. I particularly enjoyed the two Noel Coward plays, The Vortex and A Song at Twilight with Deborah Kerr and Paul Schofield. Fabulous diction and decent lighting.
  4. Any chance of the BBC would now repeat Makarova's series "Ballerina" and then Peter Schaufuss in "Dancer"? If nothing else it would mean that BBC 4 is going out in a blaze of glory
  5. Christiansen does not like BRB under any circumstances, mainly on the grounds that they are not the Royal Ballet. Had the performance been fully lit, with a live orchestra and given to a full audience he would have found something else to criticise. I am sorry the company still give him press ticket.
  6. I would so like to have seen them but every time they got to do something interesting the camera angle changed so they could have been dancing in the next county for the amount we were able to see them.
  7. Personally I would suggest that Macaulay sets up his camp with Rupert Christiansen who described the BRB principals as 'lacklustre'. Then they can bitch about the dancers/companies/directors they don't like to their little hearts' content.
  8. I was exceptionally luck to see her as Tatiana and I can still remember how much she moved me. (Whisper this, better than even Makarova who was appearing at roughly the same time.) She was such a dramatic and intelligent dancer.
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