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  1. Calling Tyrone and Brandon. We need you both now! Can I put in an additional request for Matthias as Cristian?
  2. And there was so much more to her than just her work. One of the greatest glories of the golden age of Hollywood.
  3. She was indeed. I saw her once at a gala hosted by Natalia Makarova in the mid 80s. Two utterly glorious divas.
  4. Shame the telly cast was so dark but terrific shots of Wicky at the end.
  5. Whoops! Checkhov! Apparently he wrote that the Three Sisters was set in a town 'like Perm'. Not to self: don't try to show off!
  6. The ballet was staged in Perm by Stephan Wicks. He was particularly thrilled because there is a link between Perm and Tolstoy writing The Three Sisters.
  7. I really, really enjoyed this piece and am so pleased to have had the chance to see it. I had two regrets though. As I am unfamiliar with the company, my loss indeed, and was watching it on a pretty small screen, I was sorry that the two Principal ladies were not in more easily distinguishable colours. However, the second and far more significant regret is that we have so few chances to see Cranko's choreography and the Stuttgart company in general. I remember so clearly seeing Haydee and Cragun in Cranko's pas de deux Homage à Bolshoi, music by Glazanov. I would so l
  8. I remember a choreographic project when Stephen Wicks made a ballet to the St Paul's Suite. But then I would remember that wouldn't I.
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