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  1. If only both versions had had the benefits of modern recording methods.
  2. What a line up! Is that the version of Symphonic which was recorded and turns up in very grainy black and white?
  3. Many thanks for the heads up on this one. I really enjoyed it, with the usual caveat that Miyako seemed to leap from the Royal Ballet School direct to Principal level at the Royal Ballet aged 29. Regrettably her years with SWRB/BRB were completely unmentioned. I thought, despite that absence, it spoke volumes that she chose as her very last professional performance to dance The Mirror Walkers, choreographed by Sir Peter Wright. Given that the other two works, Cinderella and Birthday Offering, are both by Ashton I loved her all over again. I heard from an excellent source that the first new production she is mounting as Director at New National Ballet Tokyo is to be Sir Peter Wright's Swan Lake. The mutal affection and respect runs very deep there.
  4. The Royal Ballet hardly lacks exposure these days and it was merely a succession of the DVDs many of us already have. I am sorry there wasn't a companion programme covering the work done by the other major company, BRB, ENB, NBT, Scottish Ballet and Ballet Black etc. Between them they cover much more of the population of these isles and could open an untapped potential resource of future ballet goers.
  5. My all time favourite Captain Belaye, the Divine Mr Wicks, is doing lots of coaching with the Royal Ballet, not least with the apprentices. I would have thought it might be an excellent work for them.
  6. The BBC news website was more interested in the guy who created Peaky Blinders who has been given a CBE. I am recording Midlands Today and Central News, probably more in hope than expectation.
  7. No, it's not. I was filmed by the BBC in the mid 90s but never issued on either VHS or DVD.
  8. Lovely photographs, cracking cast. Many thanks for posting. Is that Jonathan Payn as Clara's Dad? So pleased he's still with the Company.
  9. I think I have dealt with the same guy at the Hippodrome Box Office. He was very friendly and so helpful that he took the trouble to ring me back and point out that I had missed the Friends' discount on my seat so he had reduced my payment accordingly. I have always found all the staff at the Box Office extremely helpful and pleasant to deal with. It's just a shame that ringing them us so expensive and time consuming.
  10. I agree. She was amazingly, enthusiastic about the move from London to Birmingham which was incredibly refreshing amongst a lot of anxiety from the dancers and downright hostility from some of the ballet intelligency. She had enormously vision and the success of BRB vindicated her faith.
  11. That's been suggested before but I would like to think he had at least been offered one.
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