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  1. Sorry all the leotards are gone now.
  2. I have no idea how to do that! Please advise!!!!!
  3. I have the following for sale 2 Wear Moi skirted leotards Aqua colour size 10/12 I Wear Moi pale pink leotard XS 1 Wear Moi skirted leotard White XS 2 Wear Moi leotards Teal colour as worn by Senior class at West London School of Dance 1 Navy So Danca with capped sleeves Petite 1 pale green Wear Moi skirted leotard XS 2 pale mauve Wear Moi XS 1 Fuschia Wesr Moi skirted small I pair tap shoes Gloch says 8m on them but to clarify my daughter was a 5 so should fit a 5. I warm up all in one from Sansha XL navy and grey These are all beautiful items which cost a bomb at the time. Let me know if interested.
  4. Hi there. I have a pair of tap shoes for a fiver plus postage. My DD is size 5.
  5. Hi there. I have a good condition ballet bar for home use going for free. Collection only from Regent's Park london.
  6. Hi folks! I have a pair of nearly new Ver good condition Bloch tap shoes. Black, lace ups. It says on them Bloch Shockwaves. They would fit a size 4-4 1/2. They retail at £64.95 but I would give them for £30 plus postage. Any takers?
  7. Is anybody interested in the following: White Bloch jazz shoes for size 5 worn once. Sonata 100 pointe shoes size 4 1/2 with ribbons and elasticated sewn in. Barely if ever worn 2 flesh coloured bodies worn under performance costume. Really good condition. One Bloch, one Capezio I can sell them separately but preferably together, say £20 for the lot.
  8. My DD was at Elmhurst for one term last year then decided on another path. I therefore have flamenco skirt (small) flamenco shoes size 5, leotards, jazz shoes and other things for sale. My daughter is 5ft 3 and slender but the skirt is elasticated and long so will fit most shapes and sizes. Let me know!!
  9. I'm sorry but I don't agree that feedback should be given. Firstly, it would be a logistical nightmare as there are too many at finals but most importantly, the reasons that schools don't take some candidates are as simple as: too fat, too short, not flexible, no turnout, head too big, boobs too big, no musicality etc etc. Now try explaining that to an impressionable, sensitive young girl/boy. So much better to be told that THIS time it's a no but please try again next year. Then mum can comfort and reassure and the child can pick herself up and try again. What if the reason is that her feet aren't right for ballet? There's not very much that can be done about that, therefore, a devastating thing to hear. The schools know what they're doing. This isn't the job market which deals with adults. It's the world of ballet where sensitive young souls may well have their dreams shattered with the wrong feedback. CeliB, I would hate my daughter to be privy to the discussion made by the panel at her audition. I want to be able to tell her that she was fantastic and beautiful at the audition but the competition was too fierce without her turning round to me and saying, actually mum they said it was because I have flat feet.
  10. I only have experience of Elmhurst sixth form as far as academis are concerned. The choice of Alevels are VERY limited there and include, in my opinion rather odd choices like Art (very time consuming) Dance, drama and very few academic subjects. I think if memory serves me the only academis subjects on offer for A level were biology, maths and English, no languages, no humanities. So my DD did english within the curriculum and French in her own time which was hellishly difficult. That said, the teaching is excellent. The English teacher is inspiring. The ballet course at that level is brilliant but unrelenting and the kids often had trips to birmingham and London after their classes to watch ballets and hear lectures on dance so were overwhelmingly exhausted after all this and had no time for homework on those days. However there have been students at elmhurst that went on to uni (one to Cambridge!) but I'm sure once they decided that's what they wanted the ballet was slightly put on the back burner. Basically, once you get to upper school I believe you really must only do one A level and if you want to go to uni rather than dance at the end of the three years you must take a year off and take another two. Lots of kids take a year off so you'll be the same age as a lot of them once you get there. This is my experience and humble opinion. If you want to be a professional ballet dancer, the academics at that level really need to wait. GCSES are another matter, of course.
  11. I'm with you there CeliB. It is so wrong to draw assumptions from a few stills that the children are miserable or untidy, that the parents didn't bother to send them to the audition in the proper way. Or that their legs are being yanked up in a way reminiscent of Soviet Russia. To be honest? I'd rather see pics of children at auditions looking like children - a little tired and scruffy - rather than dolled up and perfectly coiffed. Sorry, but we weren't there so we can't assume.
  12. Goodness me! They're only little! They were probably very tidy when they set off but got a little scruffy in the process!
  13. I believe two girls from YDA got in too. Congratulations to all.
  14. Strawberyy, I cannot believe your colleague said that! Words fail me.
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