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  1. blackdove

    New ROH cast sheets

    I won't hold my breath
  2. blackdove

    Dear Mr. Taylor

    You hit the nail right on the head Jan
  3. Very best of luck to Francesca. Excited for her
  4. Always been a great admirer of Hikaru so I count myself fortunate to have been at her final performance. I wish her well with future plans.
  5. blackdove

    A. Lendorf leaves RDB

    Hope he comes to ENB!
  6. Very pleased for all those promoted in particular Jia and Rina
  7. Absolutely delighted to see Stina Quagebeur finally given the opportunity to choreograph a piece for the company.
  8. None unless you or someone else can provide proof of that accusation.
  9. So is the Sleeping Beauty and Francesca had no problem dancing Aurora that my untrained eye could detect.