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  1. Anything created by Annabelle Lopez Ochoa
  2. Couldn't agree more. She's fabulous in the role.
  3. Yes I saw her and she was brilliant.
  4. I'll happily take the Amphi ticket off you John if it's still available
  5. I agree entirely Lynette and I wouldn't mind seeing some other Lopez Ochoa work.
  6. Thanks so much for that Amelia. Can't wait to see those new projects next year.
  7. Thanks Lynette. Can't miss the opportunity to see Mara.
  8. So will I. Very talented dancer and I wish him well.
  9. Thanks for this RuthE. Any idea when public booking opens?
  10. That's true but it's also a fact that Acosta will have opportunities to dance roles in Bavaria he would be most unlikely to have at ENB. Taming Of The Shrew and Onegin being two.
  11. So if you are a soloist and offered a principal position with a bigger company you turn it down because you like your current artistic director?
  12. That statement is completely out of order unless you have some evidence to support it.
  13. Couldn't agree more regarding Jeanette Kakareka. In my humble opinion never given the opportunities she deserved.