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  1. Unfortunately, I spoke with Cirio last night after his performance, and he performed on an injured foot. Hoping he can finish the rest of his performances, as I am in London and got tickets for Corsaire and the gala performances. Etudes is one of my favorites and I was looking forward to him in that.
  2. Weighing in from the US. I find it increasingly distasteful to see dancers’ Instagram accounts, and I have actually “unfollowed” some for their shameless (my opinion, of course) promotion. In many cases, their actual dancing does not match their Instagram fame.
  3. Just to clarify. She did receive treatment and was in the hospital for several days, according to her Facebook. Additionally, I work in a medical office in the US, and have numerous emergency room nurses as patients. Never once have I heard of people being turned away. In fact, they complain about people coming in for non-emergencies and they still must treat them. Additionally, this is a fact: https://www.empr.com/home/features/law-101-emergency-medical-treatment-and-active-labor-act-emtala/2/. I do hope she gets what she needs.
  4. I was lucky enough to see several casts of this and I loved Streeter/Rojo/Cirio. Really amazing chemistry. I would love to see Khaniukova get a chance at this Giselle, as well. It would wonderful to see her paired with Cirio as her Albrecht, as they danced the traditional Giselle earlier this year together in Ukraine, and the pictures on her Facebook page look amazing. She also shared this video. She really is beautiful, and it appears they have good chemistry together. Wish I could be in London this fall to see Akram’s Giselle again. https://vogue.ua/article/culture/teatr/ekaterina-hanyukova-
  5. I have only been here a short while, and I mostly just read the threads, bu I am very sorry to hear this. My sincerest condolences.
  6. It’s very sad. When you google Francesca’s name, that’s the first thing that comes up. Misty Copeland has a huge Instagram post congratulating her. However, I am confused. I did not read this whole thread. Originally, the choreographer was to be McGregor as referenced in her post. But I see Blankenbuehler is listed. I wonder why the change. Sorry if I missed that portion of the thread.
  7. I think Takahashi and Streeter are slated for that. I have not seen other names. https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/cunard-announces-new-partnership-with-the-english-national-ballet-and-invites-guests-to-dance-the-atlantic-300753439.html
  8. Some of the men just performed Forsythe’s “Playlist” at Despertares (Hernandez’s summer gala and outreach) in Guadalajara. Additionally, Rojo danced with Hernandez, Joe Caley performed a pas, and Cirio Collective (Cirio’s summer company with his sister) performed in an evening of their own. There were numerous other international guests including Osipova. From other company member Instagram posts, it would seem the company is on holiday.
  9. I am not sure if this was shared in the Dance Links, but I usually like Jerry’s reviews: https://criticaldance.org/first_impression/american-ballet-theatre-a-breath-of-fresh-eyre/
  10. Ah, yes, you named all the acceptable choreographers I referenced in my post. I am trying to restrain myself, so I will say nothing further.
  11. Do I dare? I know this might be ill-received by some. Having watched ballet in many American cities and a few in Europe (mostly England and Germany), I find that the harshest audience toward anything other than Petipa and some of the traditional classics, Balanchine, and perhaps a few “acceptable” choreographers is the audience in NYC. I would wager that this ballet would be welcomed in many other cities in the US. There, I said it.
  12. Actually, I do know some of the dancers from ENB. I am familiar with both of those dancers because of their involvement with YAGP. Additionally, I am friends with one of Julia’s former coaches.
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