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  1. I would be interested in the SL of 16 May if still available. Will PM. Thanks Claire
  2. Her Prince of the pagodas and the behind the scenes footage of her preparing the role are glorious, she brought such freshness to the role, with such stunning extensions and that powerful jump of course!
  3. Maybe naghdi / management were hoping the injury would improve in time?
  4. Hello Am on the look out for x 2 tickets if poss (but do let me know if only 1) for sleeping beauty matinee Saturday 9 November. Thanks! Claire
  5. That clip has really made me want to watch the film Jan! All the dancers are such talents in their own styles, goosebumps watching it!
  6. Not really Richard as dancers often learn choreography without music at first, using counts. Its often only once you've learnt the moves, that you then add the music and start to work on musicality in the movement.
  7. Selling x 2 tickets for Romeo and Juliet: Saturday 25 May 2019, 7pm (Hayward /Corrales) Amphithéâtre C35 and C36 There may be a delay in responding to any DMs as I infrequently check my phone when at work.
  8. Could listen to Benjamin Britten's Prince of the Pagodas forever, inspired by his trip to Bali and gamalan music. Also love Stravinsky's Rite of Spring and the Firebird.
  9. Betterankles out of curiosity what's the fitness programme, and why isn't it working to help prevent injury?
  10. I apologise in advance for feeding into more conjecture as we will never know but it is curious that Cuthbertson in St P, and Sambe and Naghdi in London, were all allowed to guest and Osipova was not, as these dancers all have performances this week at the RB, and clearly illness or injury can then impact scheduled performances. Wishing Cuthbertson well, and pleased Kaneko gets another shot at Kitri with a new partner. Will look forward to hearing reports of the performance.
  11. Hello I'd be interested in the ticket please if its still available? Thanks Claire
  12. Here's a heartfelt Instagram post by Marcelino Sambe about his and Anna Rose O Sullivan's debut. What a lovely and humble human! Its interesting to read his Point magazine feature this week and about how he works to be cast and be seen as right for Prince and romeo type roles, as well as the more typical bravura ones his physique and technique might naturally lead to. I'm away sadly for their next performance and will await reviews with baited breath.
  13. I'm with you Darlex. Would LOVE for Prince and the Pagodas to come back! One of my fave scores of all time. Apart from that, I'd love to see a MacMillan triple with Rite of Spring, Requiem and Concerto.
  14. Hi Aliceinwoolfland I'd be interested in the ticket if its still available please? I will PM you as well. Thanks Clara
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