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  1. It is indeed! My empathising with ROH staff (and anyone who is having to deal with knock on effects of covid on top of their day job for that matter which often means many people are working dawn until dusk so perhaps don't always have the time to respond to the additional email traffic promptly and shouldn't be judged harshly for it) doesn't mean I can't also empathise with your completely valid concerns Ninamargaret about when (or indeed if!) you will receive your refund It sounds from the other posters that your intuition that everything is being refunded by date of performance is correct so am crossing fingers for you that you won't be left out of pocket for too long given the number of tickets you have purchased!
  2. 100pc agree, they're doing a stellar job given the circumstances and the sheer volume of multiple requests.
  3. Alison you'll be able to see the Sian Murphy interview the moment Sander posts it on his IGTV tab on Instagram. It will be available indefinitely.
  4. Because of changes to some of Instagram's features, in conversation interviews will no longer be available for 24 hours through the live function, but instead will be made available indefinitely through Sander's IGTV (Instagram TV). In the app on a phone or tablet, the IGTV is the middle tab.
  5. I found James Hay's thoughts on Rhapsody and dancing works choreographed on other dancers, and finding a way as a dancer to make something your own while ensuring the integrity of the piece remains, particularly insightful and illuminating. What a lovely person, as well as delightful dancer. Great interview!
  6. The best User Experience interface is definitely: 1. downloading the instagram app on your phone or tablet; or 2. Using chrome browser on your PC but is slightly more clunky than 1. above. I've not had any issues with watching any of Sander's classes or interviews and I mostly use option 1. (The reason for this is that instagram is deliberately designed to engage people from their phones and more "authentic" photo and video content not from computers where you might have retouched photographs etc)
  7. This may have been posted elsewhere on the forum already but former Royal Ballet First Artist Sander Blommaert is holding 1 hour long in conversation instagram live sessions with guests from the ballet world on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays every week at 7pm. You can access this through his Instagram page by clicking the "Live" button and these are saved for 24 hours on his page if you can't make it for 7pm. Viewers can submit questions in advance for any of the interviewees on Sander's Instagram post announcing his guests. This week will feature James Hay, Leanne Benjamin and Sian Murphy. Ive posted his Instagram handle and relevant post for information below:
  8. Selling x 1 ticket for pina bausch on sat 15 Feb, A10 second circle. Sadlers Wells Bought for £39 will sell for £30 ono.
  9. Hello everyone Selling x 2 tickets for Onegin on 12 February. 21A and 24B in the Balcony (restricted view) £39 each Hard copy tickets which I can send first class tomorrow.
  10. I'm loving how much all the RB dancers are cheering on Fumi Kaneko in their Instagram feeds. May she and Bonelli have a wonderful performance, and wishing Lauren Cuthbertson a speedy recovery for the Cellist.
  11. Thanks Sim and Bridiem, that makes sense and I now understand your respective perspective about Mcgregor. I found Woolf Works to be the absolute highlight of the decade, in terms of new work seen on the RB stage, and completely agree with Bridiem that it was utterly thrilling. I understand why some audience members find some of Mcgregor's dance vocabulary challenging or unappealing, and some of his works haven't been my cup of tea at all which definitely made me want to up and leave (eg. Live Fire) but I wonder if Mcgregor hadn't been given such prominence, whether WW would have seen the light of the day? I'm glad it did in any event, and I'll take the dust to get to this particular diamond which has moved me as much as the RJs/Manons/SLs etc. The fact that he has been capable of a diverse dance vocabulary is also interesting, and hopefully means he can produce more work in the future that is as breathtaking as WW. Who knows unless he is given a chance? Bring on the next decade to see what he and other choreographers have in store!
  12. Bridiem, I absolutely love your list, what a way to remember the decade! I'm a bit confused though about a lowlight being the prominence of Mcgregor when the first ballet you put as a decade highlight is Woolf Works?
  13. Hope your mum likes your animation flip book, sounds v cool! Happy Christmas!
  14. Hello It is a combination of two steps: The jump up and to the side is called a "gargouillade", followed by a single turn which is called "soutenu en tournant". Hope that helps.
  15. And muggings, robbery, assault is only a modern invention and never happened in the past which was idyllic and crime free?
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