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  1. As I said we're all different. Mc Gregor is my worst nightmare. I'll just stick to classical ballet.
  2. I saw Manon twice last time in Manchester my original booking was cast with Takahashi who was good but I managed to get Klimentova and Vogel after casting was announced and they just blew me away. This version is so much better than RB thanks to its pared back sets. Hoping for good casting then I'll book Manchester.
  3. Thanks for the advice. I'm reluctant to book hotel and trains without a ticket though as I'm not London based. Obviously I'll keep an eye out and if I can get train and hotel at a reasonable cost I may be able to manage it.
  4. It is always a bit of a lottery, but I would not miss it anyway, this years show was a bit of a damp squib but I still liked it - and the chance to see Lantratov and Alexandrova is a no brainer.
  5. Don Q, Jewels, Onegin M&A NOOOOOOOO! I'd cull all the McGregor and everything of that ilk!
  6. Don Q is just about my most favourite ballet! And I love the Acosta version especially the gypsy scene with the guitars on stage. I love the Minkus score and just about everything else about the ballet. The best is of course the Bolshoi version prior to the current version. And yes I was lucky enough to witness the Osipova/Vasiliev nights at the Coli and ROH and those performances were electric. Fine by me if you don't like it, I don't care for McGregor etc...but that is what makes us individuals. I just find DonQ is such a happy ballet and it makes me happy, just like Fille. It is a feel good ballet imho. I am desperate to attend the Insight evening on 4/2/19 but I dare say when tickets on sale there will be nothing left for a mere non friend of ROH like me and I am quite sad about that. I just hope I can get a ticket for Osipova and Corrales as well as other casts. I cant wait for this next run!
  7. He wasn't there long then. Is there trouble at t'mill?
  8. Huge congrats to Matthew Ball and all other promotees.
  9. Yes their Nijinsky in Paris was greatπŸ‘
  10. I thought I might go to Madrid to see Swan Lake ax I couldn't get to see it here. Silly me the tickets in Madrid are €200 and the rest!!! Even those for €85 have restricted views. Ditch that plan then.
  11. Don Q Fan

    Nehemiah Kish and Yuhui Choe are married!

    Oh what lovely news, congratulations to the happy couple πŸ˜πŸ‘°πŸ’’πŸ€΅
  12. I've always loved Tatiana's red dress in Onegin and Sylvia's Act 3 pink tutu with gold Greek key design on.
  13. Don Q Fan

    Rudolf Nureyev's Grave Visit

    So pleased you got there Bruce. It's pretty special. Thanks for the tip re the bus too. There was a map of all the notable graves at the entrance I used which was away from the chapel at the end nearest the swimming pool (Piscine). I found it to be a very well kept cemetery, I hope you did too.
  14. Thanks for that link Janet - I was interested to hear that Chase DID dance in the SB run with ENB. I love him to bits and had the privilege of seeing him a few times with The Trocks and also in rehearsal where luckily I videoed him rehearsing his DonQ fouettees which were really quite something!
  15. Don Q Fan

    Queen's Birthday Honours 2018

    Can you elaborate for me please?