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  1. Still hoping for a ticket if any is available please let me know!
  2. Wanted 1 not too expensive ticket for Monday 28 May matinee 1.30. If no replies by end of play today (Monday 21/5) I will have to miss out as trains need to be booked. Thank you.
  3. Top ticket and drink £20 + £2 booking fee (postage is £2 on top as well ) for Wed/Thur/Fri perfs only I go this via email so hope this link works if not PM me with your email and I will forward the email to you which has direct link. The ballet isn't selling very well judging from the number of available seats. https://www.quaytickets.com/online/default.asp?doWork::WScontent::loadArticle=Load&BOparam::WScontent::loadArticle::article_id=B2B89BF5-3454-4D69-BF26-2454647B8867&BOparam::WScontent::loadArticle::promocode_access_code_url=mth&SessionSecurity::referrer=ManchesterTheatres
  4. IS the Matinee ticket still available please? If so I would like to buy it.
  5. You will have no issue in the front row Amphi at all as you sit quite close the ledge so it does in no way interfere with the view - unlike the Balcony where you sit further back so the ledge creeps into your eyeline. Leg room is pretty decent too. If you are to the sides you may need to lean but I have been OK even in the left and right block. Enjoy!
  6. Don Q Fan

    Audience Behaviour

    I was just in Vienna at the Staatsoper and for the ballet they have screens in front of each seat it is touch screen to navigate it, it listed the cast and gave a bit of other info but once the lights went down they went off.
  7. I saw the final performance of the triple bill on Friday 10/5 - I found Obsidian Tear to be weaker than I remembered it the first time around - perhaps as Bruce said it was missing Matthew Ball's presence. Marcelino Sambe was on fire and the pirouettes he did made him look like he was spinning in the air! M&A was good and it's always good to see Mr Avis :-) I enjoyed Osipova's performance, she captured the emotions very well and the dresses are always glorious I want the red dress please. The final piece Elite Syncopations was new to me it was bright and colourful but it wasn't quite my cup of tea, but I did enjoy the little and large duet though I don;t know who the dancers were - the lady in blue with pink tights and the man in orange (Wayne Sleep's role). Overall M&A was the best piece for me. Some curtain call pics:-
  8. Definitely hoping for Don Quixote, Bright Stream, Pharoahs Daughter, then Spartacus, Onegin or Jewels. No SL, SB, Corsaire, Bayadere or FoP please!
  9. Sad I can't make one of Alexandrovas performances trains from Liverpool are messed up in June hotel prices horrendous and that's before the ticket for the ballet so will have to pass it's just too expensive.
  10. Don Q Fan

    Natalia Osipova -- her own projects

    That's OK if you live down south/London, I don't so I'd have to stay overnight and I've already got my Trocks tickets.
  11. Don Q Fan

    Natalia Osipova -- her own projects

    Clashes with The Trocks tour.
  12. Who dances at the Volksoper in Vienna - the Vienna State Ballet the same as the Wiener Staatsoper? I just saw 2 great performances this weekend in Vienna - Raymonda and a fabulous quadruple bill.
  13. I have the same problem only it's Brits that struggle and more often than not the foreigners who get it right?!
  14. I attended the opening performance at Liverpool Empire last night and thoroughly enjoyed this different interpretation of Cinderella once again. It's been a few years since I last saw it, so it was like seeing it for the first time again. Dominic North played the dashing pilot and Ashley Shaw the lead role of Cinderella complemented by Liam Mower as the Angel. Madelaine Brennan danced Sybil, The Step Mother, and looked like she was having ball with the part! She was really good. The whole cast danced with enthusiasm and I really enjoyed all the cheeky nuances throughout. A lot of the moves are what I call typical Matthew Bourne moves - the way the dancers hold their hands and make certain gestures, but you can see classical ballet moves shining through in the movements. The pdd in Act 2 was lovely and the 40's era dances in the nightclub were great. I really enjoyed the 1940's dance that the dancers performed to end the night and it left you feeling on a high! Before that though, I was actually moved to tears at the end of Act 3 which doesn't happen very often but the acting combined with the music just hit that nerve. To top off a great night the wonderful Alan Vincent was dancing - he played 3 roles last night - Cinderella's Father, the nightclub compere/singer and a tea stallholder I was thrilled to see Alan on stage again after seeing him many times in the past - in fact he danced the Swan/Stranger the very first time I saw Matthew Bourne's Swan Lake which will be staged again later this year. The sets and costumes were good and I especially loved Cinderella's beautiful white evening gown complete with silver sequins and the Step Mothers long black dress with velvet bodice and lace top trim. I can see why some people have commented they way they have above but overall this is more of a show than a ballet. Matthew Bourne dance has it's own unique style and is like a cross between classical ballet, modern dance and Broadway style show- it's a dance fusion but it works and that is the secret of its success. My only complaint from last night was that the piped music was way too loud so my ear plugs were deployed and it was fine from then on, plus the audience was rather well behaved and not quite so munch-y and rustle-y as most times I have been to my local The Liverpool Empire! Considering I got my tickets on offer of half price (see forum Tickets section) as the production was not selling very well, I certainly got huge value for my £19.50 and from my favourite seat!! Some photos from the curtain call:- Liam Mower, Ashley Shaw, Dominic North The 3 leads again - so happy Ashley put her glamorous dress on again! Very kindly applauding the audience - here you can see Madelaine Brennan far right as well.
  15. ^^ Think they are typical of Georgiadis' designs!