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  1. Don Q Fan

    Dear Mr. Taylor

    It is sad to read of the sorry state of affairs at ROH. I think people should vote with their feet and whilst not totally abandoning ROH perhaps should look to patronise provincial ballet. I recently went to Buxton to see The Trocks and had a delightful day out in a lovely town and beautiful theatre. We have BRB who are always a good buy, ENB, Northern Ballet, Scottish Ballet, Matthew Bourne, Rambert etc etc..it is good to see other companies and often far cheaper than ROH and I feel my £ is more greatly appreciated. It's a shame for ROH because their dancers are on a high at the moment. I've not managed to get as many tickets as I wanted for ROH but it has meant I can go elsewhere so now I have several new productions and old favourites to look forward to abroad.
  2. Don Q Fan

    ENB Swan Lake (lack of) casting

    That's poor as they just sent out casts for Nutcracker and Manon...but not Swan Lake..at The Coli. Odd 🤔
  3. Don Q Fan

    Upcoming DVD/Blu-ray Releases

    The Stuttgart Ballet Onegin is now out on DVD and was in the shop at ROH yesterday in both normal and Blue Ray formats.
  4. Yes I found it welcoming yesterday at my first performance since the open up. It was nice to be able to hang around after the show especially as the weather was awful. £2.50 for a huge pot of tea was good just the interval was too short to drink it all! I felt it is a place I can just go into now even if no performance is on. My only negative is the numbering of doors etc I did miss the left and right which I found easier.
  5. I saw the matinee yesterday and really enjoyed it - thankfully no scrim as well! The Shades were lovely and thank you for telling me it was Romany who lead the Shades. Everything has been said about the performance but I would add that I thought the costumes were gorgeous too. There was an audible gasp when Yasmine was brought her armfuls of flowers! I felt a bit sorry for Akane! Some photos from the curtain call.
  6. I was at stage door here is a pic of Akane.
  7. Looking for a ticket for Friday 4 January triple bill if anyone has a spare please get in touch. Thank you.
  8. Shame about the scrim being back. I'm not sure other companies do that. What a bother I pay to see the dance not look through a black screen.
  9. Is that you wishing or are they putting more on?!
  10. Please let us know their response as I detest scrims! Hoping tomorrow's matinee does not have the scrim except for the necessary part.
  11. A few curtain call photos from Wednesday evening with Delia Mathews and Brandon Lawrence. Rory MacKay was great as Widow Simone and the clog dance was fab. James Barton played Alain and the role suited him to a "T". The whole cast were on great form everything was lovely - the maypole dance with the ribbon weaving went perfectly and Delia performed the amazing feat of pirouetting just holding the ribbons - always amazes me how ballerinas do that move! On Thursday afternoon I met Peregrine the pony as he was outside the theatre so that was a dream come true - he has the softest fur ever!
  12. Just back from opening night of Fille in Belfast. Last minute cast change only to Delia Matthews and Brandon Lawrence, to say I was delighted is an understatement as it was pure chance I am in Belfast just as Fille opened! Needless to say it was a flawless performance, an evening of beautiful dance and pure joy. What more can I say? Icing on the cake was seeing little Peregrine pony 😍🐎 Will post some pics when I'm home.
  13. The front row😬. Really annoying the way so many theatres now have such safety rails....EU "elf n safety" regs I dare say! My favourite theatre is Het Nationale in Amsterdam no rails, good views, very comfortable and modern.