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  1. You're welcome, glad you like. So pleased you met Yasmine after she's lovely with fans. Sadly I didn't wait at the door yesterday as I dashed over to the V&A.
  2. OK, so who didn't go to the matinee yesterday?! Great to see so many forum members yesterday and what a treat Giselle was. It was a great performance and I love Naghdi and Ball together. I think everything has been covered by others, but I 'd like to make a big shout out to the corps de ballet who were on sparkling form I thought - lovely straight lines and moving as one - Giselle as it should be done. I also really enjoyed Kaneko as Myrtha. I was a bit surprised to see Takada in the pas de six - anyone know why a principal was dancing this part? This was certainly a very credible debut by both Naghdi and Ball and I look forward to their future performances together. Some curtain call pics - including the mountain of bouquets received by Yasmine!
  3. Gary Avis posted a lovely tweet for Violetta as well. I remember seeing her often, a very quiet lady clearly loved by all the dancers. https://twitter.com/balletboy09/status/950471890317008908?ref_src=twcamp^share|twsrc^m5|twgr^email|twcon^7046|twterm^0
  4. Changing seats?

    Last year we got last minute tix for BRB at the Bristol Hippodrome we were pretty much on our own in the left circle but after the first interval were surrounded by seat pinchers including some i front which impeded but previously clear view. I wasn't too pleased as we were in our allotted seats and these people were not. I was once at an ENB pre-show learning event which included a ticket which to my horror was way off to the right and was row D stalls so a poor view of the stage for me so I got up and went right to the centre back of the Manchester Palace no one around me heaven. Likewise at Wales Millennium Centre in Cardiff for Peter and The Wolf I had a woman with baby next to me as well her other small child and husband - that was me off to the very back row the highest in the auditorium. I think I got the best sound experience of the Mariinsky under Gergiev's baton ever!
  5. Rudolf Nureyev's Grave Visit

    I mentioned the buses in my original post at the start of the thread - bus 3 to Croix Blanche get off at Piscine, barely a minutes walk to the walled cemetery which you can't miss.
  6. Rudolf Nureyev's Grave Visit

    I should have added that the RER C has 4 lines east and only 2 go to St Genevieve des Bois it's the line C to Dourdan or St Martin - see map of the line C routes:- https://parisbytrain.com/wp-content/uploads/2008/07/map-rer-line_c-2017.pdf
  7. Rudolf Nureyev's Grave Visit

    The following is detailed on the Rudolf Nureyev Foundation website:- According to his last wishes, Rudolf Nureyev was buried in the Russian cemetery at Sainte-Geneviève-des-bois, near Paris. The ceremony took place on January 12, 1993. Rudolf Nureyev's memorial was unveiled on Monday 6th May 1996 in the Russian cemetery in Sainte-Geneviève-des-Bois close to Paris. It was designed and built by set designer, Ezio Frigerio who often designed Nureyev's choreographies sets. This mosaic memorial resembles one of the oriental kilim rugs that Nureyev loved so much. Another blog says that his friends and admirers had the memorial made. http://armchairtravelogue.blogspot.co.uk/2012/02/magnificent-mosaic-rug-carpet-on-rudolf.html?m=1
  8. Promotion to Etoile

    thank you Aileen, I use a Digital Bridge Camera with a strong telephoto (50x) although the camera is wearing out a bit now! I have to take a lot of photos to get one decent one as the distances I am sitting at usually at do not help!
  9. Rudolf Nureyev's Grave Visit

    Fascinating replies! Yes Venice is another I wish to visit for Diaghilev. I think I saw Tchaikovsky's resting place when I was in St Petersburg.
  10. OMG - HOW MUCH?!!!!! Tickets i usually go for are now £80! Not good news.
  11. On Friday 5 January 2018 I finally took a trip I have been meaning to make for ages. I went to see the grave of Rudolf Nureyev in the Russian Cemetery outside Paris. It took me about an hour to get there from Paris. You take the RER C line to Sainte Genevieve-des-Bois then you pick up a local bus - the 3 towards Croix Blanche will get you to Piscine stop and from there it is a minutes walk to the cemetery. You can use single tickets for Paris on the local buses. It cost me about EUR15 to do the trip. Whilst at the cemetery on the way to Nureyev's grave I also saw that of Serge Lifar, Ballet Russes Principal. The Russian Chapel at the cemetery is only open at weekends and visitors will be relieved to know there are toilet facilities there too. Going back to the station I got a number 1 bus from over the crossroad near the bus 3 return stop and the return buses are headed for Gare RER. The tomb of Nureyev, I should say that the colours are far more vibrant in real life it's just my photo that is little dull. Flowers and pointe shoes left in tribute to Nureyev. Little did I know it was actually 25 years since his death the very next day on 6/1/2018. Fringe detail of the carpet mosaic. Serge Lifar's grave. Had it not been so bitingly cold I would have stayed a little longer to see other famous graves but it was too chilly to hang around! I would definitely recommend a visit though as the cemetery is lovely, and Nureyev's grave is a work of art - he collected carpets hence the mosaic carpet tombstone.
  12. Promotion to Etoile

    I was not quite so impressed with the performance I saw the following night on 6/1/18 - whilst Isaac Hernandez was good, in comparison to Valentine Colasante I found Alice Renavand not quite as good a Kitri. Anyway I got some nice photos at the end. The performance was dedicated to Rudolf Nureyev as it was the 25th anniversary of his death to the day and the 222nd performance! As it happened I had visited his grave the day before but has not known it was his anniversary. The Ensemble Isaac Hernandez and Alice Renavand
  13. Promotion to Etoile

    Here are some photos of Valentine Colasante after DonQ on Friday 5/1/18 and her subsequent promotion: Valentine with Karl Paquette - then Aurelie Dupont came on stage you can see her just far right of my photo below:- A hug for Valentine from the boss! Gratitude and slight disbelief?! An amazing end to a great performance.
  14. Promotion to Etoile

    Best I've seen them for a while. Seeing DonQ again tonight with ENBs Isaac Hernandez guesting.
  15. Promotion to Etoile

    Pure luck!!! I missed a promotion last year by one day so was delighted last night!!