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  1. I'd see as many performances as you can whatever they are doing, they're great. Just seeing Chase Johnsey knock off a set of 32 fouettes is worth the ticket price alone and you'll be in ballet 7th heaven! IMHO!
  2. I can see more venues at the bottom of Dance Consortium's website maybe they are awaiting confirmation of dates at the venues. VENUES Grand Opera House Belfast Birmingham Hippodrome Alhambra Theatre Bradford Brighton Dome Buxton Opera House Marlowe Theatre Canterbury Wales Millennium Centre Cardiff Bord Gáis Energy Theatre Dublin Festival Theatre Edinburgh Hull New Theatre Eden Court Theatre Inverness Curve Theatre Leicester Sadler’s Wells London The Peacock, London Milton Keynes Theatre Theatre Royal Newcastle Theatre Royal Norwich Theatre Royal and Royal Concert Hall Nottingham Theatre Royal Plymouth The Lowry Salford Quays
  3. Pleased to say The Trocks will be back in a UK tour September to 3 November. Starts off with a few weeks in London at The Peacock as usual. Despite promotors Dance Consortium saying they are coming up north I can't see any listing for Manchester or Liverpool. They usually visit The Lowry. If anyone knows please do let me know!
  4. Back from seeing 2 performances of Sylvia. Friday with Marianela Nunez and Vadim Muntagirov was lovely but I felt Marianlea was not quite on her usual form and for my liking definitely over eggs the pudding a bit with the acting. Much better for me was the Saturday matinee with Lauren Cuthbertson and Reece Clarke. Lauren was the perfect Sylvia for me. She just seemed a better fit for the role. Vadim is elegance personified and I felt Reece was very much of the same ilk. Very impressed with Vadim an Reece. Thiago Soares, sporting a strapped left hand, and Nehemiah Kish were the Orions all very good. I enjoyed seeing ex BRB dancer William Bracewell as Pluto on both nights. Well done to Valentini Zucchetti for doing Eros on both performances - all that standing still!! It also reminded of those funny chaps in Covent Garden who appear to stand on thin air (I reckon its magnets!) I found my programme from the last time I saw Sylvia - it was 2010 and dancing were Lauren Cuthbertson with Sergei Polunin - how times change.... There were a few cast changes to the cast change list on Friday night - can anyone recall who was swapped with who? Itizar Mendizabal danced Diana on Friday night and one of Sylvia's attendant in the matinee. I do like her a lot. Helen Crawford was Diana in the matinee. The one dancer I would love to see given a shot at Sylvia is Yuhui Choe, I feel she would be lovely in this role. The corps were better on Saturday at the matinee as well. I love the sets and costumes for this and I think Sylvia's Act 3 pink tutu is THE most beautiful tutu ever. I want one! For anyone interested here are few curtain call photos I managed to get. Friday 1 December cast - Nunez/Muntagirov/Soares/Medizabal Nunez/Muntagirov Saturday 2 December cast - Cuthbertson/Clarke/Kish/Crawford Cuthbertson/Clarke
  5. Have to remember that Ms Rojo still performs so effectively earns two salaries.
  6. I have to agree where BRB is concerned their late posting of casts is a right pain especially when traveling a distance etc ENB, RB are much better as are some other companies. I'm sorry you feel you can't express your view here, it was just an opinion I didn't read it as flying off any handles. You are entitled to your opinion and you just stated yours. Incidentally I was approached recently by someone researching ballet habits and to paraphrase one of the questions: "do you think ballet companies are focusing on attracting new audiences to the detriment of their existing fan base?"
  7. I go for row B which is a loose chair and is on a high "step" so towers over row A not usually any problem unless someone in front leans forward. Row C behind has high stools with footrests, so people in front might be a problem I don't know as never sat in one.
  8. Anyone wanting an Osipova/Hallberg or any other cast ticket the loose seats have gone on sale. I struck lucky late last night!!
  9. I arrived too late to get in to see Arcadia so watched a bit on the TV screen - the music certainly was not for me and the picture on the screen not very big to see the dance so I can't really make any comment. I really went to see Basier and I was not disappointed it is a lovely piece with amazing costumes, beautifully danced by a lovey cast. I left after that as I am on eof those who can't bear Penguin Cafe! A couple of Basier curtain call pics.
  10. Do you go to the Stage Door?

    I often go to the stage door and 99% of the time dancers are lovely with their fans. I have encountered one grumpy Russian ballerina so avoid her. In any case you can usually tell if a dancer is just wanting to get off home and not stop so as someone above said it's a case of use your common sense, be polite and sensitive to the fact the dancers must be tired after the show, and don't push your luck!
  11. Looking forward to Basier de la Fee tomorrow can't say the same for Penguin Cafe I've never really taken to that piece. Wonder if it'll be any different tomorrow?! Any run times for the triple bill?
  12. I agree with Janet such a shame Chacon was not filmed as Hilarion, saw him last year and he was great far more menacing than Cirio.
  13. I didn't see Saturday night's performance but a friend did. He said it was one of the best pieces of theatre he's ever seen. His wife on the other hand hated it! Marmite ballet.