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  1. What a lovely performance from Mayara Magri. Glad I went a second time despite not being a fan of the ballet.
  2. To return to the original quote I used, 'accidentally homoerotic' implies that this was not intended by the choreographer but nonetheless gave this impression to many in the audience (I won't speak for others, but I don't consider myself particularly sex-obsessed). It was therefore arguably ill-judged and naive, apart from being kitsch and choreographically bland, as Lindsay has pointed out.
  3. I completely agree with your view, and I also agree with the critic (Independent?) who called the final scene 'accidentally homoerotic'. I would have shaken my head during most of it had I not been at the front of the orchestra stalls. The evening did get a lot better though, and I too (for the first time) was struck by the phenomenal Akane Takada in Infra. Her performance was deeply moving and made me forget the otherwise distracting screen. Clearly I prefer her as a contemporary dancer though her classical technique is excellent. Symphony in C was exhilarating, with Nunez as its highlight.
  4. Has anyone who has booked for the Nutcracker on the 7th received an email informing them of the cast change? I know that it says Naghdi/Hirano on the website, but I don't fully trust this information as I have not yet received an email (and given the error with the Symphony in C cast...)
  5. I attended the cinema performance live from the orchestra stalls, and I definitely could see a snake (though it was arguably worm-size).
  6. Indeed, and while most on this forum seem to enjoy the Hayward/Campbell partnership, I personally don't find it particularly successful. While I hold Alexander Campbell in high regard as a dancer, I think he has little chemistry with Francesca Hayward on stage. I also don't find them physically compatible, for example their heads are very different sizes (this may seem trivial, but as a spectator I believe it matters). In fact I was disappointed when Marcelino Sambé had to pull out of Giselle, as he is such a well-matched partner for Hayward, in my opinion. Though I don't have further evidence, if her Instagram posts are anything to go by, Hayward seems to favour Sambé as a partner, too.
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