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  1. I would’ve thought that Katia Khaniukova could have filled that space nicely. Hope her time will come.
  2. I now wish some of this had been the casting for the live show... but you can’t have it all I suppose. Brilliant news!
  3. There goes my dinner booking.. but apart from that, delighted!
  4. Any chance Wednesday might still go ahead since lockdown is from Thursday? If so, buying tickets now...
  5. Apologies if this has been discussed elsewhere - I was surprised when booking today that seats in the orchestra stalls were available. Does anyone know what the arrangement with the actual orchestra will be?
  6. I hate to be a cynic (that's a lie, I love it), but surely inviting 'health workers' is a likely way of getting Covid into the building? I hope they are ballet-loving health workers at least, otherwise I would like their tickets please (and willing to pay/empty my savings account/support the arts)
  7. If this is about who I think it is, may I just point out that there is a very public Vogue article which refers to the man as the woman’s ‘boyfriend’.
  8. This evening may have turned me into a Naghdi convert.
  9. Very intrigued by the Raymonda 're-imagining'. As long as the score is not messed with, I'm in!
  10. Thoughts from last night: The magnificent Marianela Nunez is at the height of her abilities. Her interpretation of Aurora is more mature than in the last run, and seeing a ballerina of such confidence and artistry in a classical ballet is a privilege, whether her role is supposed to be a teenager or not. Vadim Muntagirov - pyrotechnics were astonishing as always, but his Act II solo almost moved me to tears. Magri and Zucchetti were the most lively Bluebirds I've seen in this run. Why do even the best of dancers look so uncomfortable in the Prologue? Going to a performance
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