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  1. Well if this thread doesn't explain the outcome of the Brexit referendum I don't know what does.
  2. Highlights: La Bayadere: Osipova (Nikiya), Nunez (Gamzatti), Muntagirov (Solor) - sublime and I wish it were this configuration that had been filmed Romeo and Juliet: Hayward, Corrales, and everyone else in this cast Winter Dreams - a quiet revelation Symphony in C Medusa - intriguing choreography, inspired use of music, magisterial Osipova Alina Cojocaru as Manon (ENB) Lowlights: The Unknown Soldier - excruciating The Two Pigeons - I don't love it and the run went on forever The brass section in Romeo & Juliet (ouch)
  3. Disappointed Francesca Hayward has been cast with Campbell twice. I prefer seeing her with different partners. On the positive side, plenty of Hayward throughout!
  4. Last night was wonderful. A joy to see Francesca Hayward back on stage, and arguably better than ever! So spontaneous, fluent, and swift-footed. She fully conveyed the youth of Juliet, which made her brilliantly acted final scenes quite devastating. Cesar Corrales was a charming and passionate Romeo, who made their whirlwind romance completely believable. My companion however had some misgivings about Corrales' dancing and suggested that Hayward might have been better paired with Mercutio (Marcelino Sambé). To an extent I agree with this, and I wonder why not more is made of the Hayward/Sambé partnership - they are so well-suited to each other.
  5. What a lovely performance from Mayara Magri. Glad I went a second time despite not being a fan of the ballet.
  6. To return to the original quote I used, 'accidentally homoerotic' implies that this was not intended by the choreographer but nonetheless gave this impression to many in the audience (I won't speak for others, but I don't consider myself particularly sex-obsessed). It was therefore arguably ill-judged and naive, apart from being kitsch and choreographically bland, as Lindsay has pointed out.
  7. I completely agree with your view, and I also agree with the critic (Independent?) who called the final scene 'accidentally homoerotic'. I would have shaken my head during most of it had I not been at the front of the orchestra stalls. The evening did get a lot better though, and I too (for the first time) was struck by the phenomenal Akane Takada in Infra. Her performance was deeply moving and made me forget the otherwise distracting screen. Clearly I prefer her as a contemporary dancer though her classical technique is excellent. Symphony in C was exhilarating, with Nunez as its highlight.
  8. Has anyone who has booked for the Nutcracker on the 7th received an email informing them of the cast change? I know that it says Naghdi/Hirano on the website, but I don't fully trust this information as I have not yet received an email (and given the error with the Symphony in C cast...)
  9. I attended the cinema performance live from the orchestra stalls, and I definitely could see a snake (though it was arguably worm-size).
  10. Indeed, and while most on this forum seem to enjoy the Hayward/Campbell partnership, I personally don't find it particularly successful. While I hold Alexander Campbell in high regard as a dancer, I think he has little chemistry with Francesca Hayward on stage. I also don't find them physically compatible, for example their heads are very different sizes (this may seem trivial, but as a spectator I believe it matters). In fact I was disappointed when Marcelino Sambé had to pull out of Giselle, as he is such a well-matched partner for Hayward, in my opinion. Though I don't have further evidence, if her Instagram posts are anything to go by, Hayward seems to favour Sambé as a partner, too.
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