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  1. If this is about who I think it is, may I just point out that there is a very public Vogue article which refers to the man as the woman’s ‘boyfriend’.
  2. This evening may have turned me into a Naghdi convert.
  3. Very intrigued by the Raymonda 're-imagining'. As long as the score is not messed with, I'm in!
  4. Thoughts from last night: The magnificent Marianela Nunez is at the height of her abilities. Her interpretation of Aurora is more mature than in the last run, and seeing a ballerina of such confidence and artistry in a classical ballet is a privilege, whether her role is supposed to be a teenager or not. Vadim Muntagirov - pyrotechnics were astonishing as always, but his Act II solo almost moved me to tears. Magri and Zucchetti were the most lively Bluebirds I've seen in this run. Why do even the best of dancers look so uncomfortable in the Prologue? Going to a performance of Sleeping Beauty and then hearing the score at twice the speed in the shop is a strange experience. Is Téo Dubreuil the RB's answer to Timothée Chalamet?
  5. Oh dear, silly joke, I believe the serious discussion was elsewhere
  6. Bayadère getting later and later... Perhaps they're busy editing out all the culturally insensitive aspects.
  7. It wasn't that bad. I did think that Osipova could perhaps do with going to class a bit more often, but she still brought something individual and special to the role. At times her dancing was breathtakingly beautiful; at others, it was messy and disappointing. I have often felt this ambivalence with her performances, but I would still rather see her than someone who does all the steps perfectly but dances without flourish or personality. Though I agree with some of the misgivings about her technique in the Rose Adagio, I loved her characterisation here. Why does every princess have to be shy and reserved? It's her 16th (or 20th) birthday party, after all. I was actually more disappointed with Hallberg who, though elegant, was rather weak in the 3rd act, and the fact that they had to change the choreography to avoid some lifts flattened the overall effect. They certainly don't have much chemistry, but I don't think anyone's to blame for that.
  8. Ah, I thought that’s what happened - but I was such a nervous wreck, I wasn’t really sure what was going on.
  9. I second many of JohnS's thoughts on last night's performance. Having missed Hayward's Aurora during the last run, I very much looked forward to this occasion, and I was not disappointed. She was clearly nervous during the Rose Adagio, and there may have been a couple of very slight technical slip-ups. However she danced with such charm, effervescence and beauty of movement (her upper body is to die for), I hardly noticed. I found her even more moving in Act II, where she was quite beguiling and mastered the choreography. Act III put the icing on the cake, with a magnificent pas de deux. Alex Campbell is really growing on me as her partner; he was a perfect Prince last night and partnered extremely well - the fishdives were flawless. The supporting cast was more mixed, but I was very impressed by Corrales and Magri in the Bluebird pdd, as well as Yu Hang's assured Fairy variation (I can't remember which of the air fresheners she represented).
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