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  1. Re principal casting for Sleeping Beauty act 3, I’m beginning to wonder whether this will be announced at all? Does anyone have an insight?
  2. Really enjoyed last night and thought it such a coup to open not with obvious crowd-pleasers, but instead with bold, cutting-edge works which seem to be taking the ROH into a more interesting direction. ‘Within the Golden Hour’ was beautifully performed and a useful opener to ease the audience back in. The Kyle Abraham, titled ‘Optional Family: A Divertissement’, wasn’t immediately apparent to me in terms of narrative, but I enjoyed the humorous introduction and energetic choreography, which was a brilliant showcase for Osipova’s virtuosity (I wonder if it will have the same impact with the other casts). I hope to understand it better on second viewing. ‘The Statement’ was original in both form and tone, veering between satirical and disturbing which, coupled with strong performances, made it the evening’s most captivating piece for me. I found ‘Solo Echo’ very powerful in its choreography, but here I had a couple of reservations: The cellist’s performance was lacklustre, and while I understood the point of the minimalist lighting, the baggy black semi-tailored costumes looked dated and obscured too much of the movement. Thrilled to be back!
  3. Just seen this on Instagram, it's like Christmas! Particularly pleased with Magri and Sissens, and congratulations to all.
  4. According to the box office the running time won’t be known until the stage calls later this week but probably around 2 hrs. Not sure if that includes intervals.
  5. At least, unlike the current government, he seems to have a genuine interest in the arts.
  6. I would’ve thought that Katia Khaniukova could have filled that space nicely. Hope her time will come.
  7. I now wish some of this had been the casting for the live show... but you can’t have it all I suppose. Brilliant news!
  8. There goes my dinner booking.. but apart from that, delighted!
  9. Any chance Wednesday might still go ahead since lockdown is from Thursday? If so, buying tickets now...
  10. Apologies if this has been discussed elsewhere - I was surprised when booking today that seats in the orchestra stalls were available. Does anyone know what the arrangement with the actual orchestra will be?
  11. I hate to be a cynic (that's a lie, I love it), but surely inviting 'health workers' is a likely way of getting Covid into the building? I hope they are ballet-loving health workers at least, otherwise I would like their tickets please (and willing to pay/empty my savings account/support the arts)
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