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  1. Ah, I thought that’s what happened - but I was such a nervous wreck, I wasn’t really sure what was going on.
  2. I second many of JohnS's thoughts on last night's performance. Having missed Hayward's Aurora during the last run, I very much looked forward to this occasion, and I was not disappointed. She was clearly nervous during the Rose Adagio, and there may have been a couple of very slight technical slip-ups. However she danced with such charm, effervescence and beauty of movement (her upper body is to die for), I hardly noticed. I found her even more moving in Act II, where she was quite beguiling and mastered the choreography. Act III put the icing on the cake, with a magnificent pas de deux. Alex Campbell is really growing on me as her partner; he was a perfect Prince last night and partnered extremely well - the fishdives were flawless. The supporting cast was more mixed, but I was very impressed by Corrales and Magri in the Bluebird pdd, as well as Yu Hang's assured Fairy variation (I can't remember which of the air fresheners she represented).
  3. Loved it. It had a slightly experimental feel to it, which was a refreshing contrast to the polished work we're used to on the main stage. Cross Currents (interesting piece) felt a little wobbly, perhaps under-rehearsed, and it certainly looked fiendishly difficult rhythmically - so the brilliant performers are very much excused.
  4. Yes, especially after wearing the most fabulous dress in the repertoire during Act II!
  5. I was at the front of the stalls and found it almost unbearably loud at times. Wish I’d known about the earplugs!
  6. Well if this thread doesn't explain the outcome of the Brexit referendum I don't know what does.
  7. Highlights: La Bayadere: Osipova (Nikiya), Nunez (Gamzatti), Muntagirov (Solor) - sublime and I wish it were this configuration that had been filmed Romeo and Juliet: Hayward, Corrales, and everyone else in this cast Winter Dreams - a quiet revelation Symphony in C Medusa - intriguing choreography, inspired use of music, magisterial Osipova Alina Cojocaru as Manon (ENB) Lowlights: The Unknown Soldier - excruciating The Two Pigeons - I don't love it and the run went on forever The brass section in Romeo & Juliet (ouch)
  8. Disappointed Francesca Hayward has been cast with Campbell twice. I prefer seeing her with different partners. On the positive side, plenty of Hayward throughout!
  9. Last night was wonderful. A joy to see Francesca Hayward back on stage, and arguably better than ever! So spontaneous, fluent, and swift-footed. She fully conveyed the youth of Juliet, which made her brilliantly acted final scenes quite devastating. Cesar Corrales was a charming and passionate Romeo, who made their whirlwind romance completely believable. My companion however had some misgivings about Corrales' dancing and suggested that Hayward might have been better paired with Mercutio (Marcelino Sambé). To an extent I agree with this, and I wonder why not more is made of the Hayward/Sambé partnership - they are so well-suited to each other.
  10. What a lovely performance from Mayara Magri. Glad I went a second time despite not being a fan of the ballet.
  11. To return to the original quote I used, 'accidentally homoerotic' implies that this was not intended by the choreographer but nonetheless gave this impression to many in the audience (I won't speak for others, but I don't consider myself particularly sex-obsessed). It was therefore arguably ill-judged and naive, apart from being kitsch and choreographically bland, as Lindsay has pointed out.
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