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  1. Tickets available - Friday 20th 2x Dress circle Saturday 21st 1x stalls and 2 x dress circle Please message me for details...would just like to get some back of what we've paid. Thanks
  2. hoglett

    Elmhurst young dancers audition

    No I didn't get any answers and like you I do question just how many places are left and I also know that when my DD wasn't offered a place two years ago we just got an irritating 'we don't enter into correspondence ' reply. So in my opinion, they can easily audition students when essentially there might not be any places. My DD has withdrawn her application as she's actually accepting an associate place at Kings International Ballet Academy. Good luck to your DC.
  3. hoglett

    Questions about Upper School auditions

    Do any of these places that you're talking about above have open days and when do they tend to be please? Thanks.
  4. hoglett

    English youth ballet - Buxton audition

    Brilliant news. Congratulations! !
  5. hoglett

    Errol Pickford RIP

    Just dreadful...DD was taught by him at Opes...genuinely lovely guy. Feel so much for the ballet family at this very sad time.
  6. hoglett

    English youth ballet - Buxton audition

    Oh no...that's so annoying. Have you checked your spam?!
  7. hoglett

    English youth ballet - Buxton audition

    Hey...don't give up just yet but what will be will be.
  8. hoglett

    English youth ballet - Buxton audition

    Fingers crossed @dancertaxi.
  9. hoglett

    Kings international ballet academy

    Congratulations Purple M...what have you decided to do re accommodation if you don't mind me asking ?
  10. hoglett

    Kings international ballet academy

    Thanks for that. Did your DD enjoy it? Wonder how many they'll take?
  11. hoglett

    Kings international ballet academy

    Does anybody know how many were at the Associate audition today? Thanks ☺️
  12. hoglett

    English Youth Ballet 2017-18

    So DD is a 'party guest' and something else that she can't remember - 'they wore a puffy dress and lots of feathers' ? ??? Anyway, she's come home very happy. Has anybody got experience of Cinderella in Hollywood?
  13. hoglett

    Knee injury

    Knee update- MRI shows it's a 'fat pad impingement.' Anybody have experience of this? Fabulous news is that it doesn't require surgery and is improving.
  14. hoglett

    Knee injury

    Thank you so much stardancer, that's so kind of you. I know you know exactly what we're going through and appreciate we're actually in a more fortunate position. Hope your DD recovery is still heading in the right direction. Xx