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  1. Elmhurst Extended Young Dancers Jacket size 11-12 (new style introduced last year) Barely worn in excellent condition - looks as new. £20 plus postage
  2. Yes - from our experience you don’t need to have been a JA to gets mids and you don’t need to have got to finals to get mids. So it’s not based on finals alone. There are very few spaces for mids though x
  3. It just says the latest result so for us that will be the one taken the second half of the week. I think they’re having it on Thursday. I’m hoping that’s ok! x
  4. Hi, if in Y6 I’ve read that they’re making home testing kits available to all families of school aged children now (saw this somewhere on BBC the other day). So you could ask your school? We’re Y7 so will use the result from the weekly tests they’re having at secondary school when they go back as the result will be sent by text/email. x
  5. We also couldn’t do it. We tried for days! We emailed and the registrar said we could send it via wetransfer and she downloaded then uploaded from there. X
  6. We have made so many mistakes but it’s too late to change now...for Royal we did it in tights instead of bare legs and we have got to redo the photos (because the picture is of bare legs so that’s what we did - but then noticed in the writing it asks for socks and ballet shoes!!), we forgot to film from the side for plies for Tring (and didn’t do both sides)....but I’m just thinking to send them as they are. We also can’t seem to upload our video on one drive for Tring at all - tried so many times. I’m going to have to email to ask if there is an alternative way to send. Just a nightmare...X
  7. Thank you both that is very helpful. I thought we had to use only YouTube or Vimeo? Did you check with Elmhurst or just assume it’s fine to do it another way? Thank you! X
  8. Hi, I hope everyone’s video auditions are going well. We have come across a problem and wondered whether anyone else had. We uploaded to YouTube and have had a warning straight away about copyright because of the music we used for the free movement! We are obviously now concerned that the video could be potentially deleted or silenced! We’re thinking to just send it with fingers crossed and put a note in to inform Elmhurst in case there is a problem... Has anyone else experienced this? Thanks x
  9. Thanks, I didn’t know that they email the school. X
  10. Hi, Has everyone included a school report and school reference with the video? Just noticed it and we won’t have time to get a reference from school... thank you x
  11. Associates tracksuit for sale. Size 9-11. PM for details.
  12. Royal Ballet Associate Zip-Up Sweatshirt - Used - size 9-11 £12 + £3 postage.
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