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  1. Official Royal Ballet JA national skirt. Bought/made last year from official maker. Worn twice! Waist is 60cm and length is 59cm from below waistband and 63 cm if including the waistband. My daughter was tall so it could easily be shortened or taken in on the waist if need be. Cost £44 + postage when made. Selling for £32 with free postage. Can include the blue JA hair ribbons for free (never used!).
  2. We have received a MA place today from the SWL! DD is so happy especially after the disappointment of not getting a full time place! Just to add about online classes, Elmhurst young dancers haven't offered anything at all in terms of online classes! Not even pre recorded! So it's not just RB...
  3. That is such a long wait for you...good luck to you x
  4. Hi there, has anyone got a place off the SWL for mids yet? I’ve heard that a couple of places have been handed back but I’m wondering if these get reallocated straight away or it takes time? Thank you! I realise that impatience is getting the better of me!
  5. That’s positive news. After hearing that the deadline to accept was 31st March I was thinking the places for those on SWL would most likely have been offered by now. I was also assuming that because the school is closed now for Easter, any offers are unlikely to come over the next couple of weeks?
  6. Hello everyone, does anyone know if there is a deadline for acceptance of MAs? Just wondering if/when places may become available. Thank you x
  7. Thank you. Interesting - I wonder why our email didn’t mention the audition...will email to check...
  8. Did they mention the scholarship in the email? We did an application a couple of days ago as I wasn’t sure if we needed to do that as well as the audition. We got a waiting list place today but no mention of the audition/scholarship...
  9. Are any scholarship audition results out or application results? Thanks
  10. My daughter doesn’t have arched feet at all and she got into JAs. She is very flexible everywhere else - just not her feet! She does notice that most in her class have ‘ballet’ feet though!
  11. I’m also wondering this as my daughter is auditioning at 1.30 on 7th Jan also - but for a year 7 place...
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