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  1. Thanks Janice. The Jasmine Vardimon thing looks very interesting but I think he's missed the UK audition dates for this year (which was the case with Ballet Rambert's equivalent as well). Really good to hear how much your dd is enjoying Laban. It sounds like a brilliant place. Good luck to her.
  2. Thanks Pas de Quatre. That's very reassuring and helpful to hear.
  3. Ooh thank you for that meadowblythe. Very helpful!
  4. Thanks balletbean! Your dd's friend will be up against ds's friend then 😁. Very helpful reverse psychology suggestion, thank you, we'll try that. Would be nice not to be bankrupt from September!
  5. Thanks Janet! Yes, my mum pointed that out to us. She's become very invested in ds's potential application (to the tune of lending half the fees if ds goes) 🤣!
  6. Thanks balletbean. Me and his old dance teacher have tried convincing him to try that but he doesn't want musical theatre he says. Doesn't want to sing 🙄. (And he's got a good voice! 🙄🙄) He wants to give contemporary dance a go. His flatmate/dance society friend at uni just got through 2 rounds of Lion King auditions and is waiting for the singing audition, but ds couldn't be persuaded to go along and try out himself! Still hoping that he'll consider it in the end, so thanks for your advice.
  7. Thanks Pictures, I'll point that out to him. As you say, it does read as if they're expecting people who have already trained and are looking to sharpen up their performing skills . . .
  8. Hi all. I'm looking for any feedback on this course, or similar courses please. Ds (age 20) is graduating from his Humanities degree this summer and looking at ways back into dance - teaching, choreography, or performing, he's not sure which, but probably performing for a while, if possible, and teaching in the long term. He's spent his 3 last years doing a lot of all 3 in various dance societies at university (ballet, contemporary, jazz, and tap). He has Adv 2 ballet, amongst his exam qualifications. He's interested in Trinity Laban's one year Graduate dance diploma, which sounds ideally geared towards someone like him. Does anyone have any experience of it? And does anyone know of any other similar dance courses he could also look at? He did all the usual stuff before uni; was a RBS JA, and Hammond Dance Associate, did YMT-UK musical theatre etc, but didn't want to go to a dance college at that stage. He doesn't want to do a Musical Theatre course. He wants to be in the South/London. Please let me know of any recommendations, suggestions, and/or experiences of young people who have taken similar career paths. Thank you if you can help.
  9. If anyone is interested in seeing the standard of dance at university, the Loughborough interuniversities' dance competition is the biggest and the best and is usually live streamed by the university's student TV channel. It is on the 10th and 11th March and the link is posted on the following Facebook page, generally on the day itself, sometimes the day before. https://www.facebook.com/lborodancecomp/
  10. I've just come across this thread. Good luck finding suitable opportunities to continue your dance Polik. I agree with Kate that university dance societies are a mixed bag in terms of the teaching (depends very much on the students studying there at any one time) but definitely join up and make friends there if dance is important to you. Also opportunities to choreograph and try teaching. My ds is in his final year at Warwick and has had an amazing time in their dance societies, including tap, and has been teaching, choreographing, performing, and competing in inter university competitions. Last year they were competing at Loughborough and had Steven McCrae of the Royal Ballet as one of the judges. Ds has more or less decided he wants to teach dance, or perform after his (humanities) degree, but he already had his Advanced 2 ballet before he went to Warwick so the lack of syllabus classes over the last 3 years won't count too badly against him, hopefully. Just exploring his options at the moment.
  11. Manchester University's Dance Competition is on Saturday. Anyone's dcs doing it? Hoping to make it to watch ds, who has co-choreographed one of the two numbers he is in. Details can be found on Facebook here (I hope)
  12. Oh that's alright. I enjoyed that one very much. I just didn't think they were as accurate/together as RHUL.
  13. Thanks for posting that winelakex I enjoyed that. I'm guessing RHUL. So who was it? And did they move the competition to before Christmas, instead of after? Sorry I missed you posting last week. Was away watching ds performing in their term show. Anna, my mother's face was that picture last week, when one of ds's friends was doing the whooping and cheering next to me!
  14. Is that the one back in February? Warwick CMD went and were very successful. Ds co-choreographed one number which won its section...just dropping that in there. Sorry, proud boast! Not sure if they are going this year. Will pop back when ds tells me what Warwick are planning. Really interesting to hear about Cambridge. I saw they were doing Swan Lake.
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