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  1. Flit and float

    Help With Online Shopping

    I’ve always found Porselli great & very helpful if you phone to ask questions - they were very knowledgeable on lengths of tights & matching colours etc!
  2. Flit and float

    Roles in The Nutcracker

    I loved The House! I always hope it'll turn up on YouTube....you'd never get something like that now! The Nutcracker auditions were fascinating - one of the girls in the running for Clara didn't get it because she was too good & "mature" a dancer! And now it's an adult!
  3. Ballettaxi - Alan Costello & Brian Prentice are my faves ????
  4. Scottish Ballet classes have great music as they're the company pianists so they always pick just the right piece (classical mostly with a few pop songs etc) Ones that stick in my mind was the can can for grand battlements & Super Mario theme for petit allegro - both were perfect for the exercise!
  5. Flit and float

    Recommendations for Tights

    It used to be socks at festivals till around 7/8 years old then tights, they seem to wear socks much longer now! Socks are ideal in class as you can see how the legs are working much better/easy to take off shoes & socks to check Toes etc. Not really sure why you would wear socks for a performance so long now, itsnot a requirement but festivals tend to have "the done thing" which gradually changes!
  6. Flit and float

    Question about Dance School of Scotland

    There have been a few who got jobs straight from school but quite a few go to top ballet schools/colleges at 16/17/18 instead. Because it's the Scottish school system there's a max of 6 years training on offer, but only two post 16 along with normal school work. They have a MT course also - prep S3 & 4 and proper S5 & 6 - the show's are always exceptional!
  7. Flit and float

    If you had 2 hours to teach a kid to couru...

    Also maybe stand facing barre/chair & releve 5th, do teeny little steps on alternate feet picking up the feet just off the floor, literally just picking the toes up, think scraping something off them - she'll need to bend her knees to do that. Practice slow & build up to faster & faster (essentially she's doing slowed down corous)
  8. Flit and float

    RAD teaching courses

    I think if you're going to do the Lecinitate (sp?!) then you need to have done Advanced 2. I know someone who was doing a teaching course & did Advanced 1 & 2 during.
  9. Flit and float

    Festival makeup for 10 year old

    Superdrug MUA or Sleek make up is pretty cheap & really good! Their eyebrow kit might be worth trying if it come light enough - I find it looks more natural & stays better than pencil. (It's a sort of solid gel with a teeny brush)
  10. Flit and float

    Dance in Leicester

    DuPont looks great, they have lots of stuff on their Instagram ????
  11. Flit and float

    Are ballet competitions worth doing?

    If it's the festival I think it is in November in Glasgow it should be a good one! You'll get a good idea of how it works & the standard ????
  12. Flit and float

    Royal Summer School 2017 - four week programme this year

    Scotland finish varying dates usually end of June & go back mid August though! Lots of summer schools run after Scottush schools go back so the early dates for this would work!
  13. Flit and float

    Are ballet competitions worth doing?

    If it's festival, then it can be a fun thing to do. I know a lot of people are anti festivals, I did them for a few years late teens and they really made me learn how to perform and opened my eyes to the whole other level of dance beyond my rather mediocre school! Working hard towards a goal can be a good thing & generally you get some good comments on areas for improvement. Lots of children enjoy the whole friendship aspect of it. I think so long as it's just an addition to her normal classes, it doesn't become too serious (winning at any cost!)Of course people want to place but I think the emphasis should be going out and doing a good performance. It can get expensive of you end up doing multiple solos but if you be realistic about how far you want to get involved/how many to do etc. Normal festivals aren't a money spinner as far as I'm aware fees go to cover costs of theatre/hall hire, aujdicators, medals etc.
  14. Flit and float

    Studying Dance at Uni

    Royal Conservatoire (RCS) has the modern ballet course which is definitely a "train to be a ballet dancer in a ballet company"course, also musical theatre BA very much all round quadruple threats. I don't think Glasgow Uni would offer her much/any dance although there is the theatre studies course as mentioned. Also in Glasgow is Clyde College which does HNC/HND dance - very practical & then I know people who've done that then gone onto other courses in London (Laines etc) or teaching etc type courses. Similar is West College just outside Glasgow (easy to get to from Glasgow though). New College in Motherwell has HNC/HND/degree 3 year courses in MT & acting, I think dance to HND. My friend did acting for two years in Glasgow, then did her degree year in England then MA musical theatre at RCS. So there's an option to do two years sonewhere then top up to degree level for third year.
  15. Flit and float

    Studying Dance at Uni

    Or maybe HNC/HND dance at college then onto degree later? I know lots of people who've done that, although definitely performer careers. You'd need to check what degree the HND could be carried forward into