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  1. Wow! Thanks very very much for all the repliess, will definitely look into some of these options. Has anyone heard anything about the Edinburgh Festival Ballet school summer program?
  2. Hi all We are looking for a summer school for my DD that doesn't require an audition and is open to recreational dancers. She loves ballet, and is currently working at RAD Grade 6 and Intermediate after moving from a previous school which kept her from progressing at all. She doesn't want to be professional, but wants to be the best she dancer she can be. Ideally the location would be Yorkshire or Scotland due to family reasons. Any suggestions?
  3. Thank you both so much - will go there then!
  4. Hi Everybody I'm looking for a well recommended dance shop in the Edinburgh area that could fit me with some new pointe shoes. Obviously, the shop needs to carry a variety of styles and brands - I've had a few bad experiences lately. Can you recommend any?
  5. Thank you so much everybody for your help, I really appreciate it!
  6. Hi, I need some advice about online shopping for dancewear. I recently found Porselli, after shopping with Move previously. I found some amazing products, at great prices, but many of the reviews for the company online aren't great. I need these products within the next 2 weeks, as I'm going off to summer school, and I'm not sure if the delivery from Porselli is quick enough/ if the company is reliable? I'm a teen with not much of a budget so can't buy expensive dancewear regularly - hence me shopping in the sale. So, as I've read before, Porselli sometimes don't notify you if something out of stock - is it the same for sale items? Thank you
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