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  1. Ah, it appears that RipIt is Mac only. And don't think DH's mac has a DVD drive. Poot.
  2. (Note - obviously this is not intended to be a fitting over the internet. I'm just trying to work out what brands and styles commonly fit this sort of foot, so I can focus on shops that stock them) DD is up for her first pair of pointe shoes over Easter. Her feet might be a bit tricky, so I would like some initial opinions please, of what sort of things to look for and what problems you have had if you have/have fitted similar feet. And are these the sort of feet that will need shoes stuffed full of additional widgets and gizmos, and if so, which?* She has good toes (imo), not too long and the first 3 of a similar length. No massive gaps between them. Feet very wide, but quite squishy. No clue about her heels, but if they are like mine (and our feet are similar looking) they will be narrow. Very high arches and goes onto demi-pointe with great ease. If anything, I think she will tend to fall over the front and I have dim expectations of needing vamp elastic. Any thoughts? *They didn't have owt when I were a lass, so the current pointe shoe gadget market confuses me mightily.
  3. Ah, OK, I was just going at it with Handbrake straight off and it was crashing Handbrake. I'll look at RipIt, thanks. If they've copy-protected the DVD I imagine they've done the same with the app. So I'd just end up paying twice for the same content to have the same problem. Gah! DD asked me wtaf RAD didn't flip their own videos. Couldn't answer that one!
  4. I should establish up front that this is a DVD I already own, and I only want to rip the thing to view it myself, just better. I have an app on my phone that flips videos - so if you video someone demonstrating an exercise/dance, then it swaps the left and right sides of the video so you can copy it as if you were looking in a mirror. It's v useful. I'd really like to run it on a specific dance on one of the RAD videos but can't, because I can't get the video off the DVD using my usual software. I'm not sure if that's because of the menu structure or what. Has anyone got this to work, and if so, how?
  5. If it's the one I'm thinking of, it comes up first hit if you put an even vaguely sensible search string into google.
  6. Thankyou both! Huge improvement in just 10 minutes. For some reason, the exhortation to keep her legs close together had translated to "weld your knees together so your legs can't really move". No clue what goes on in their little heads sometimes!
  7. (or boureee or whatever) How would you do it? DD2 (11) has her first festival solo next week, and the teacher is going over it with her on Saturday morning. There is a little bit of demi pointe couru in the middle that is new to her but the teacher thought she would just 'get' ... and she just hasn't. If she can improve it at all before Saturday, then they can spend the time working on the rest of the dance. So she wants to practice tonight. I'm no expert (at ALL) but it looks to me as if she is having some sort of mental block where she is locking her legs out: she starts by releve in 5th, for which she's had it drummed into her that her knees need to be somewhere up by her hip bones, and then she totters about with knees locked like a robot. My gut feel is that she has this so fixed in her head/muscle memory that telling her to slightly soften the knee won't work - she will have to start from scratch trying to do it in a very slight plie to get a completely different feel, and then straighten gradually from there. But what do I know? Anyone come across this problem before and solved it?
  8. Link not working? I was wanting to find a way of attaching it to her because the bag isn't going to be close enough for the mystical umbrella of luck to cover her. Next Thursday, the bag will be in a different building, for instance.
  9. I was thinking of maybe a little silver charm. I could clip it on to her hair tie when I'm doing her bun and then bun over the top? Like this.
  10. DD apparently has a pair of lucky pants (first I'd heard of it, but then again I don't quiz her on her underwear that often) which she wears to non-dance things that to her mind, require luck. By and large, dance things are either no pants or not-lucky pants. So I was thinking of getting her some tiny little good luck charm that she could take with her for festivals, exams etc. But short of sewing it into each costume and ripping it out for costume changes, I can't think how it would work and not show. Am I the first person to wonder this? Or is this quite common and there's some widely accepted way? (Short of swallowing it... or worse!)
  11. Thanks folks - good recommendation on the fb group, I'll definitely join that. I'm hoping to go on a tutu making course in October (fortunately I can sew pretty well) at which point I will know EVERYTHING there is to know about the things, it's just a question of coping until then! I'm going to need to do some basic repairs/alterations to the thing - shoulder elastic has gone (it always does as far as I can see, we had to replace the elastics on 16 of the things for the group), that sort of thing. Plus spot cleaning - a previous occupant has managed to get lipstick on it (and it's going to be fairly stubborn lipstick by definition). Any recommendations for getting this off? It's a pale yellow tutu so I'm a bit worried about spreading the stain around and it looking worse.
  12. DD has just been issued a tutu on loan from her ballet school, to do her first ever festival solo. Which is a wonderful thing. I don't know much about tutus (haven't had one since I was 4). I think it is a pancake (it has a hoop), which is supposed to be flat afaik - but exactly how flat is it supposed to be? I'm not sure whether it needs to be perked up at all. it will have been stored under a heap of the things for years, so it's entirely possible it's too flat. Then again, maybe it's just right. Could anyone share a picture / link of what this style is supposed to look like, please? (And then I can work out how to get it gently spruced up) Thanks!
  13. Dumb question, but what is the low down on these, these days? Back in the day, I just bought ribbon from the fabric shop. But now a) no fabric shops and everything is much less laid back and it would probably be the wrong sort of ribbon. What is the best / specified width? Type? Supplier? Is there more to it than just buying Berisford satin in the right colour on eBay? I know I could just buy a kit from a dance retailer, but my gut is telling me that's a rip-off. Plus might as well get a reel, dd is going to need it.
  14. Yes, I saw this. It's like a soap opera, it's brilliant. Matthew Bourne should revive it, he'd have a field day. The bit at the end where she wakes up and it was all a dream ... just like Dallas! :lol: <= showing my age there!
  15. Thanks all - it was chosen by the teacher from a selection of appropriate music that someone else in the school came up with. I wouldn't have thought where the music was from made much difference to the tutu, but we are borrowing the tutu from the school (it's a last minute entry) and the teacher is asking them to dig out Something Brown from Wardrobe "because it's Giselle". I think she likes it to be appropriate to the character. But if that isn't actually the character, then she doesn't have to wear Something Brown, which tbh would be a bit drab for DD's first ever tutu.
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