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Found 11 results

  1. Hi all, The question of ballet tights is always a head scratching topic in our house....we buy a lot and have found that all tights are not equal 😞 As we need to stck up on pink & black footless I thought I'd check out the forum for help. We normally buy Capezio but only when its on offer (special price), but at the moment I cant find any offers so I'm looking for an alternative. We have in the past bought Bloch (not our fave, snag too easy) and Move own branded tights (colour seems to fade to a grey very quickly) This brings me to my question. Has anyone worn the brand Merlet? Are they any good? Thanks for your thoughts.
  2. The dance company Ballet Black has launched a survey on Twitter to assess the market for brown tights for children in the 3-10 year age group. (As members may know, about a year or so ago, Freeds began the manufacture of non-pink dance shoes in collaboration with the Company.) A link to the Tweet concerned is here: Whether they have something similar running on Facebook or elsewhere, I can't say. Replies should be made on Twitter or any other medium used by the Company and not on here.
  3. Turns out that DD is a tights destroyer! She has to wear them every day and is going through a pair every few days with snags, ladders and pulls. Can anyone recommend a brand that may survive slightly longer? She's wearing Bloch convertible at the moment which I thought seemed like great quality!
  4. I've been wearing Silky convertible tights for a while because they are a nice fit. Although the seam are sewn flat the front seam goes wavy (like old fashioned sear sucker?? fabric). Can anyone recommend another make of tights which might stay flat and won't show through underneath my leotard. Thanks
  5. So I’m 18 and for jazz, contemporary etc (basically all dance styles apart from ballet) I have always worn a leotard with my black footless tights over it. On my vocational course my uniform for these lessons has the tights on the top, so I’m convinced I’m right. My 12 sister, (and also my mum, and rest of the family) insist that all tights should be worn underneath leotards. I dont know, if it’s just the age difference or what, but I would interested to know everyone’s opinions on this to settle the debate of me vs the rest of my family thanks
  6. Hi, Don't know if these exist but...I'm on the hunt for some low rise ballet tights (pink) and preferably, convertible. I've searched online but without success. DDs just got a lovely new leotard with an open back but, according to her, the waistband of her tights is showing (at the back) and spoiling the look. Any ideas? Thanks 🙂
  7. Just wondering which color is the “right” pink for Ballet tights, Ballet pink or theatrical pink? Or which one is more flattering.
  8. I can't seem to source decent tights. I have a tall, thin 7 year old. Tights are either too short or too long, or ladder at the first wearing. Can anyone recommend something? Her last two pair are now threadbare - my mother-in-law picked them up in some discount shop and they lasted a year, but the labels are no longer there. Thank you x
  9. DD has lots of pink ballet tights for college - they have no snags or ladders but they are grey, very very grey I have put them all in a bucket of vanish - but how do I make they a decent colour again? So far we have suggested beetroot or permanent red ink (but just a drop or two) So how long do they soak for or should I add bleach too? I wondered about washing soda? Can you tell I am lost?
  10. Does anyone know of any decent ballet tights that come in bigger sizes? I usually wear Revolution convertible tights from Dance Direct, their size XL fit me, but their sizing can be so inconsistent at times that they don't always fit, it also looks like they might be discontinuing them judging by what they have available at the moment. I usually wear a UK size 14/16 in skirts, my regular work tights are M&S size XL. I've tried Bloch, Plume and Capezio, but none of them are big enough, the Capezio ones I also found to be really scratchy fabric, just not nice at all! Ideally I'd like something that's available in pink, white and black, though I'll take what I can get really! Any ideas?
  11. Hi all, apologies for random request. I thought the wealth of experienced parents on here may be able to help. My dd has seen girls wearing black footless/stirrup ballet tights over their leotards and the don't have a gusset! I can find them nowhere and am wondering if such a thing can be bought? Any ideas? She's keen to wear them for an upcoming audition. Thanks all.
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