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  1. Hi Balletforever My Daughter and her dance school have been to 2 of these competitions and they really enjoyed them. Not sure how much detail you would like .... but the venue is usually a school gym or similar so there is plenty of space for dancers and parents who are able to watch the whole event - for an admission fee of course. The dancers are split by age into about 4 groups and there have been 50 + in each age group at the events I have been to. There have been 3 main genres to compete in : tap, modern and ballet . The dancers start in a large group and are taught a 'routine' by a teacher at the front - the lines rotate so everyone gets a change to be on the front . Once learned they perform the routine in rows . All of this is infront of a panel of 'judges who tended to walk around the hall so they could see everyone ! After all the 'first' rounds they announce the dancers by number who have made it through to the 'semi final' . I think they learned a different routine for that .. but same format .. and then they call the finalists who dance again before they placed the top 6 in reverse order . It's the same process for all 3 genres . There is also a commercial class which runs in a different room again split by age and I believe that they also award places for that but that seems more 'low key' . I found the day to be run really well and efficiently . The teachers were great and my daughter enjoyed the challenge of picking up the routines .I would agree with Mrs Brown that as its a different style of comp to a festival, different dancers can be rewarded which is also nice ! I also think it was v useful prep for my daughter prior to starting her auditions this year .( not a classical course) I hope thit helps - happy to answer any other questions 🙂
  2. Hi Rein2019 I think I read on here ( correct me if I'm wrong) that Janet Lewis who runs English Youth Ballet has done individual assessments for dancers . I notice that the next EYB auditions are in Hastings on 4th Feb and Weymouth 6th Feb - not sure if either of those are close to you . Might be worth an enquiry ... also would recommend EYB for a great experience for your DD in a less 'mixed ability' environment ?
  3. Good Luck tomorrow ArucariaBallerina 🍀 my DD will also be there 😀
  4. Great News dancer taxi - congratulations to your DD 🙂
  5. I also believe in the importance of 'management of expectations' ...but some people less so ...... I do hope you hear soon x
  6. Hi Dancertaxi I can understand your frustration 😟 Why don't you email Miss Lewis and ask when you might hear - I am sure she must understand that your DD is finding the wait difficult . (That said I emailed Miss Lewis this evening and have received a reply so you may still hear tonight 😀) Really hoping it's good news ! LO
  7. I have some very nearly new Russian Pointe Pointe shoes in a size 4.5 W2. On the box they came in the sticker reads "RUBIN - D25 Rd 37 w2 v2 FM Pink RP" My daughter was fitted for them and wore them about 2 times before she decided she preferred a different brand ! As a result they are only very lightly worn . They have ribbons, elastics and are darned. Does anyone/anyone's dancer wear this brand and size ? I think they cost around £50 . Happy to sell for £20 +Postage . I can send pictures of the shoes and/or the box with all the sizing info on if it helps Helen x
  8. My daughter did the Hammond Audition earlier this month. She is very much a 'dancer' rather than a singer or actress but she prepared 2 songs with the help of her singing teacher at her comprehensive school and also learned 2 monologues with support from one of the drama teachers - she doesn't take drama or music. This certainly took her out of her comfort zone but I think was a really valuable experience for her. The ballet class took up most of the group dance audition in the morning with far less time spent on contemporary or jazz. They did pointe which she said was mainly pose turns form the corner - on both sides There were 9 altogether auditioning and 3 were unfortunately cut after the morning session. DD stayed for the day and was particularly pleased that she managed to remember her monologues ! Altogether it was a positive experience for DD and hugely valuable I think as I believe singing and acting are also part of the audition process at some of the London colleges e.g. Urdang/Laine and the atmosphere and friendliness she experienced at The Hammond made the whole process as relaxed as it could be . We heard from Hammond on the Friday after the audition that she had been offered a place x
  9. My DD auditioned at Hammond on Monday - just waiting for the letter now . Happy to answer any questions.
  10. Happy to say that I have now found a tutu :-)
  11. Hi - I am looking for a tutu suitable for the 'Lilac Fairy' for my daughter to wear in her dance school show. She is a small adult - approx size 6-8 Happy to buy or hire :-) Thankyou x
  12. Brand new Bloch Belle Practice tutu . Bought for an intensive but never worn as too large for my daughter. Size : XS/S Colour : black. Further details available on Move Dancewear site from where it was bought . £22 + P&P ( £4.95) or can collect.
  13. Hi - my daughter is 14 and her friend 15 . They have both done a more general dance intensive before but never a ballet course ! It sounds like a lovely few days and I expect they will learn from not just the teachers but from all the talented students around them :-) How old is your daughter balletmum20 ?
  14. Lovely to read the above when my daughter and her friend are going to MBS as their first ever ballet course :-) Sorry your daughter is injured Swayback Sapphire :-(
  15. Hi - Like Parentaxi's DD my daughter also took ISTD Inter foundation at 13 and also does similar amounts of other styles and group work. With regard to gymnastics I think that a well run class could enhance strength, flexibility and stamina and also teach skills which could be very useful in the future if your daughter is wanting to follow more of a modern contemporary route. My DD did gymnastics quite seriously from 7-12 and the tumbling/acro skills she gained I believe will be useful to her if she chooses to go down the modern/contemporary path - however with regard to ballet , she and her teachers have had to work quite hard to change the stance/posture/habits she learnt from all her gym ! I think as Picturesinthefirelight says , it all depends on your DD's ambitions :-)
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