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  1. Couldn't agree more Bruce. For me Melissa Chapski and James Stout were outstanding and Ambre Chiarcosso really caught my eye as one to be watched. The only down on the evening was the choice of venue. Cadogan Hall isn't and never will be a suitable venue for dance.
  2. Congratulations to all and especially pleased for Anna Rose O'Sullivan.
  3. Anna is expecting her first child hence her absence Don Q
  4. I'm sure she will
  5. Yes she has. She said on Facebook she will be back home in the USA June 29th
  6. This sort of speculation that has no evidence to support it really gets my back up. Dancers leave a company for any number of reasons and it doesn't imply that they have a problem with Tamara or any other artistic director they may be working for.
  7. Only a personal opinion of course but I felt the balance was fine
  8. I wouldn't disagree with a word said by MAB and Amelia though seeing Kristina Kretova made my evening. Already looking forward to next year's renewal!
  9. Couldn't have summed it up better SIM. Wonderful evening
  10. Ksenia Ovsyanick is enough to ensure I will be there
  11. I'm more than happy if she's coming back
  12. Konovalova and Kochetkova being there is enough to keep me happy