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What are the hot tickets for early 2015?

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Hi all!


Happy new year. How is everyone? Long time, no see!


I've been completely off the ballet radar for the autumn as I'm trying to save a bit of cash and even hanging around the forums ultimately ends up being expensive. ;) However, I'm in need of some cheering up for various reasons so it's time to get a ticket or two on the ol' fridge door!


I'll be booking in for BRB's Stateside triple bill next month as I still haven't seen them yet this season. I can't really pass up the opportunity to see my favourite company performing Serenade or the chance to see Jenna Roberts in Lyric Pieces again! I've also just booked in for Bristol Russian Ballet School in Weston Super Mare at the end of Jan (completely forgot about that, SO glad there were a few tickets remaining!). 


After that, though, I still have £50 in theatre tokens from Santa remaining and burning a hole in my pocket, so I was wondering what the 'hot tickets' are over the coming months? What should I aim to see and which castings would you recommend? A Royal Ballet recommendation would be great, but also if you have any suggestions for mid-priced and cheap 'n' cheerful would be great too (some of the best ballet evenings I've had cost less than £20 for top seats). Something relatively easily reachable from Bristol would be grand, but after the fun I had in Belgium last year you can throw a European wildcard my way too if you like. :)


Thanks in advance!



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If it's not too late - the Royal Danish Ballet group at the Peacock Theatre in London this weekend.  (Sadly) there are plenty of tickets left for the Saturday matinee.


It's a terrific programme of Bournonville excerpts featuring some of the top RDB dancers.  Guaranteed to lift the spirits!


(I'm there on Friday night and Saturday afternoon).

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If it's not too late - the Royal Danish Ballet group at the Peacock Theatre in London this weekend.  (Sadly) there are plenty of tickets left for the Saturday matinee.


Very tempted! Crikey, though, there are quite a lot unsold, aren't there? I wonder if there'll be some ticket deals appearing...

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Possibly B3.


I can't understand why this terrific programme from this wonderful company hasn't sold.


Actually when a similar group was here in 2005,  I only realised a week before that I could go and I had no problem getting a good seat.  On the night there was a queue waiting for returns.  Sadly I suspect this will not be the case this coming weekend.


We've had a couple of threads in News to tempt you even more:









And finally there was a preview article in NYT about the group's upcoming visit there:




And even more finally my personal opinion is that the excerpt from Napoli is the most joyous thing you will ever see on a stage!

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What about the Russian Icons' Gala at the London Coliseum - Sunday 8 March evening.  You get to see lots of big names in one evening with a good mixed programme - some cheap seats in the Upper circle and Balcony.


Sadly as I was already booked for ENB matinee on Sunday I can't make RDB which I l have liked to see - can't do it all!!


I also know that The Trocks will be back in the UK in the Autumn yayy!!

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Did anyone give you some transport vouchers as well, B3?! I suspect London on a Sunday is probably out for you, given the rail engineering works which tend to occur? And if the last coach back to Bristol is as early as the last Bristol-London one that won't help much, either.


Yes, Royal Danes, certainly - if you can make it in time. You could of course catch several RB productions in a cinema near you, but then that won't help you use up your theatre tokens. ENB's programme at Sadler's could be interesting if you like contemporary ballet. Streetcar definitely worth a look. Think my brain's gone to sleep - will try and give it some thought tomorrow.

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