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  1. Hi all, (and Happy New Year!) A heads-up for my fellow Nancy Osbaldeston fans*, she's choreographed and is dancing in a programme for Royal Ballet Flanders - who might actually be called Opera Ballet Vlaanderen now? - and it's on this Friday for the bargain price of €5. The link is here. Music and dance go happily together in this danced concert around the oeuvre of Astor Piazzolla. With Libertango the Argentinian composers created one of his great masterpiece. It's a symbol for Piazzolla's break with traditional tango music and the freedom his Tango Nuevo
  2. I've had a brutal journey up from Plymouth just to see this one show, so I'm tremendously excited! If anyone wants to say hello, I'm in a navy blue shirt, brown shoes, dark grey jeans and, crucially, a red polka dot mask. :)
  3. What a lovely evening. A few technical gremlins meant I couldn't watch live or vote, but had a thoroughly enjoyable time all the same. Fantastic watching all the performances by superbly talented young dancers, but the winner was also the clear favourite in my living room, so congratulations to them (not mentioning names in case anyone is catching up on demand)! For me, though, the other big winner tonight was Stina Quagebeur. Hollow was simply mesmerising. For me it felt like the stunning offspring of her own Vera and Crystal Pite's 10 Duets on a Theme of Rescue, I was transfixed.
  4. Having missed out on the Birmingham shows, I managed to snag a ticket to this, ninja style, for the Saturday evening. The phrase 'can't wait' seems woefully inadequate; I'll give even odds I'll shed a little tear when the curtain goes up. If anyone else is there for that performance, I'd love to say a socially distanced hello. 🙂
  5. From Beth: Here's my first review as a novice ballet fan (courtesy of my boyfriend Alex (BristolBillyBob) who introduced me to this world a few years back) I've seen plenty of ballets now, but Alice's Adventures in Wonderland was one of my favourites (despite being on screen tonight rather than on the stage). I loved so many things about it: 1. The diversity and range of dance, moves, shapes and styles. It was a relief not just to see endless chorus scenes and pas de deux, but rather I felt I got to see the whole spectrum of what ballet has to offer. (Including a bit of tap from the Mad
  6. Really glad you enjoyed it, me too! I have plans for next Saturday, believe it or not - more of a virtual club night though! - but perhaps another evening? Or, of course, you are all welcome to go ahead without me now I've set the ball rolling. 1984 next, but @Rob S has whetted my appetite for another Onegin - I do love the drama of that one..!
  7. Well, Alice has completed her voyage into Wonderland for the evening, and what a lovely evening it was. Absolutely sublime performances by Lauren Cuthbertson (upon whom I think the role was created?), Laura Morera and Federico Bonelli. The third act, during which I was relieved to see Lauren got to have a break, has some terrific moments in it, not least the Queen of Hearts' shenanigans. In places I worry that the production occasionally takes precedence over the dancing, but in the sections where the dancing is allowed to shine free of stagecraft it absolutely shines. I'll save fuller comment
  8. Interval ice cream for me too! A simple vanilla with chocolate sauce. Alice's Adventures... is quite a show! What a demanding role the title character is; I think Lauren's on stage for almost every single minute, there's very little let-up. She absolutely owns every second, though. Incredible performance.
  9. The most important thing is you have a lovely time. Have a great evening, Alison, and let us know how the ballet was if you get a minute later!
  10. We'll be watching RB's Alice's Adventures in Wonderland tonight. Can't wait, it's been ages since I last saw it!
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