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Easter Schools


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I wondered whether we should have a separate thread for Easter Schools to keep that info separate (& maybe even Christmas Workshops too?)


I know of a couple so far


30th March - 2nd April

£240 residential £160 non residential

Email lkidd@moorlandschool.co.uk



6th-10th April

£375 residential £280 non residential

Age 8-16 Grade 1-Advanced 1


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Central Spring Course is excellent for ages 12+, details of exactly when in Easter it's held should appear on their website soon.


www.centralschoolofballet.co.uk under "spring and summer courses".


Edited to add: Apologies, iOS 8.1.1 STILL won't let me copy and paste! Grrr!

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Danceforward courses are excellent.  Expensive but really intensive training with top professionals.




Sarah Lamb, Federico Bonelli and Begona Cao again join the Dance Forward Faculty for the Dance Forward 2015 Easter Course.  Like last year I will have the exclusive use of the RAD HQ studios for the event.
1 day = £150
2 days = £275
3 days = £350
4 days = £400
The days:-3rd-6th April
Day 1 = Jazz, Hip Hop, Street, Tap an Musical Theatre
Day 2 = Ballet
Day 3 = Ballet
Day 4 = Ballet Performance
You can do 1,2,3 or all 4 days but if you want to do Day 4 you have to do days 2 and 3 as well... we're talking commitment to performance!
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Just to say that dd did the Moorland Easter course & loved it.

There were mostly vocational students there, due perhaps to the dates as most state schools & some private ones hadn't broken up yet.


They were taught for some of the time by Nicky Henshall formerly of ENB who now runs Staffordshire Youth Ballet.


She felt she got a lot out of it.

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Hi Suyzsue (I think we may know each other!)

Its a monthly associate class based in Stoke - there doesn't seem to be an audition needed. I don't have any personal experience but when it was mentioned on here I did a quick search which threw up their Facebook page. From here you can request their website (?) and book online for sessions, split into 8 - 11 years (one and a half hours) and 12+ (two hours) both on a Sunday.


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