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  1. We’re in a similar situation, my dd has a place on the dance pathway at BOA but wants to do A level biology and Maths. Her other option is to stay at the excellent 6th form at her school to do these plus another A level or BTEC sport. As you say, seems wrong to turn down BOA but frustrating that they don’t offer A levels that seem to compliment the performing arts studies which both biology and French do.
  2. Dd has got new pointe shoes, the ribbons they have come with only just go around her ankles if she puts them under her heels to sew. This is the only way we have ever sewn ribbons, do they have to go under her foot or can she cut them into two halves and have a bit of extra ribbon length?
  3. I’ve never had a problem with dd getting time off school for dance exams. I just write in her planner she will be out for an exam between whatever hours and that they can class it as educated offsite. It’s more of an issue for me to get time off work to taxi her around. I’v never considered it being absent but getting a qualification that they don’t offer at school and don’t see how they can refuse, especially as her attendance is otherwise good.
  4. Just don’t sew them to your pyjamas like I did when sewing with wine. She does do her own now though.
  5. Keep it hung upside down including in the steamy bathroom and give it a blast with a hairdryer to give it a bit more oomph (nice costume, I googled it as you gave the name, I don’t think it wants spray starch but you could use some when you hairdry it).
  6. Seniors is usually 1.45 start. Planning to go as heard no different...
  7. We used superglue to glue toe patches on the 3 year old pointe shoes. They are still firmly stuck on.
  8. I could share my wisdom of these sections: National involves stamping and costumes that look like a man has been let loose in a curtain shop; Greek is NOT TURNED OUT. Hth!
  9. We're just looking at a new Greek costume so I know that IDS and Images have some, couldn't see anything suitable on Revolution dancewear. It's worth checking on Facebook dance costume selling groups. Dd's previous costume was a real lucky find - a white Grecian style dress for £7 from Amazon over an existing white leotard to protect her dignity, bargain!
  10. I have no idea but when dd had a pearly queen outfit, they were the string of sequins and that had the right look. They were glued on.
  11. That's interesting 2dancersmum, thanks
  12. Her teacher said dd's feet are strong and flexible. They look like feet to me, long and thin and definitely smelly. Anyway I very pleased to have only had to pay one pair so far!!
  13. Yes, that's true, pretty sure we're done with the foot growing. If it's any consolation, my son must have had about 10 pairs of football boots in the same time!
  14. It's curiosity really but wondered if anyone had any thoughts on how on earth my daughters pointe shoes have lasted so long? She started on pointe at age 12 in February 2014. 2 1/2 years later and she is still in the same pair of pointe shoes! The ribbons haven't even needed resewing. She usually only does 1/2hr pointe class a week although recently there's been extra exam prep and rehearsals for shows and festivals on top, they must have been danced on for 50-60-70+ hours. How can this be? She's been told she has strong feet (and her shoes are Bloch serenade strong), is it that her feet are strong so she is not needing support from the shoes or did she not need the stronger shoe? I am grateful for the expense I have been saved, as we approach their 3rd birthday I am also mystified by their long life!
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