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Big knickers?


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Hi Katymac :) At my DD school the girls actually wear the Primark ones you are talking about OVER black tights with a crop top for jazz. If this is what you DD teacher is thinking of then maybe buying them from elsewhere isn't an option. The Primark ones are actually the heavy lycra, support pants with the fold down waist. You would never know they are actually knickers when you see them in class. They look like dance wear.

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That's it Dancemad - they are for overs


So maybe I need a bigger Primark - goodness knows where I'm find one


Sorry Janet - I never even thought to search on here for knickers as it is such an odd thing to need

It's amazing the information you can find on Doing Dance, it is a constant source of wonder to me!

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My dd's dance school also wears Primark knickers but they wear the black microfibre shorts. The smallest size seems to fit age 7 right up to older teenagers. A few years ago I bought some of therefore myself as they were really comfy but unfortunately they were soon 'borrowed' to be used as dance shorts. They come in packs of 3 for about £6 & look just like micro shorts.

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