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Hubbe's new Sylphide for Royal Danish Ballet

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Refreshing that Hubbe wants to keep the original choreography (which surely IS 'the heritage') and merely wishes to change the surrounds and narrative perception.  Moreover, he at least appears willing to take it on his own chin basing the experiment on his own take/experience/emotive response.  It may, of course, fail ... but it will certainly I think get people talking .... and perhaps bring in a different audience based on that controversy.  I wonder if Hubbe will additionally maintain the more traditionally based physical production so that the two could be interspersed in the Royal Danish Ballet's schedule in time.  The article did not specify.    

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If you change the genders, how do you retain the original choreography, given that what the ballerina dances will be on pointe at times?  Unless it's two women, of course ... but does "homoerotic" apply to women?  I've never seen it used that way. 

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