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JA on Sunday?


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Hi, could anyone tell me if there are any JA classes for young children (8) that are run on Sundays and are nr or in London (ideally central or north) or Home Counties? Thank you in advance. I am trying to look up a class and the ones I know ( tring and royal ballet) are all on Saturday.

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When I looked at Tring I only saw the Saturday classes

Tring has two schemes - the Classical Ballet Academy, and Tring Park Associates. The Classical Ballet Academy is the one which is the equivalent of JA-type associate programmes at other vocational schools; entry is by audition and the classes are on Sundays (6 per term).


Tring Park Associates is their dance school - RAD ballet, ISTD tap and modern, and various other regular dance classes for local students. Below a certain age there is no audition. Classes are after school/evenings throughout the week, as well as Saturdays.


Hope this helps :)

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