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Royal Ballet Summer Intensive


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n.b.  Please note that Summer School 2014 applications are available from December and the close date is 28th Feb.


The above message was added to the confirmation email of receipt of application for US. Assume that means dates will be available very soon.

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Hi Tulip

Summer School dates are:

Covent Garden 20 July - 2 August (15 - 18 years)

White Lodge

Week 1: 21 - 26 July ( 10 - 13 years)

Week 2: 27 - 1 August (13-14 years) 14 year olds can do the 2 weeks.


Closing date 28th February 2014


Good Luck to your DD getting a place straight off this year Tulip.

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I'm confused and I'll be grateful if you could help.

My DD wants to audition to WL next year and wanted to do SS In July. Then I found out that at SS classes are very busy, not a lot of personal corrections etc, not many hours of training daily comparing to other summer schools, not great

evening activities etc. And it's the most expensive SS from all my DD could do this year. So we had a talk and decided to do different SS, more hours daily etc and cheaper so maybe extra cash left for additional 1-2-1 training before auditions next year.


But! Her JA teacher strongly recommends that she applies for WL summer school, her normal ballet teacher insist that she is going and even wants to help financially so not sure what to decide. For me and my DD good training is the

most important thing, but do you think ( or even

know?) that if she wants to audition to WL she

should try to get to their SS?

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Also, there are so many applications for the WL Summer School, that there's no guarantee that she'll get a place anyway....but there's no harm in applying - decision is made on photo application - and you can still apply to the other one (as long as you don't have to pay up front) :)  


Most Summer Schools were still open for applications after the RBS SS results were out so there'll be plenty of time to book in somewhere else if she doesn't get a place.  My DD didn't get an RBS SS place but she still ended up doing YBSS and Yorkshire Seminars.


Hope that helps a little :)

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Happymum, if your dd's JA and local teachers are adamant that your dd apply then I think that she should do so, provided that you can afford it of course. If the local teacher wants to help financially then she can give your dd some free private lessons before she applies to WL next year.

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We are interested in the WL SS too but have been thinking about YBSS as quite a few people said the classes were fab.  I have heard great things about Opes and DD loved Elmhurst and we are hoping it will be for longer this year.  We wouldn't do Cecchetti again as DD liked it (and the people) but felt the lessons were too basic.

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