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Short waiting list for Rbs mid associates


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My dd has been placed on the waiting list for mid associates, does anyone know roughly how many are placed onto the waiting list and the chances of a place coming up?

It also says on the letter that if no places become available this year they would be happy to see her audition again next year, is this the standard response? Don't remember seeing it on previous no letters.



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Getting a place on swl is definitely not standard- most letters are a straightforward no.   So is actually something to be celebrated, and I've known a few get places after being on the list over the years.


congratulations- means they've seen something they liked!

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Hi. My DD was on SWL last year and had the same letter. I think there were 3 from her JA class on SWL and am not aware of any of them getting a place. There were probably others on the list too. I do know of one girl from my DD's school who was given a place from the SWL. Good luck to your DD and hope a place becomes available for her.

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Hello just to say...


My daughter was a JA and then did not get MAs for year 7, but got SWL for year 8 of MAs.  Then... got to the WL final for year 9!  Finally got MAs for year 9, then SAs for year 10 and has just got SAs for year 11.  So who knows really how they decide.


The year she got SWL, a friend's daughter on the SWL got in, when someone left associates for full time vocational school.  However, the SWL ends at October half term and then you are back to auditioning in January again.

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