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  1. I agree with you totally sarahw. The main focus has to be enjoyment and getting experience on stage.
  2. Thanks Mnemo. Yes some of the classes were very big this year but I don't know if that means that it was harder or not. I believe that there is no restriction on vocational students entering for All England. I think the only restriction is for those who are currently earning from their dancing eg. being in a show in the West End. It may be that the vocational kids attending the regional finals this year qualified their dances with their local dance school early last year and are representing them at the final even though they may now be at vocational school? It's an interesting debate. We had a mother from DD's local school who was very unhappy that my DD did festivals because does associate classes so I can see both sides. However, anyone can audition for associate programs and it takes a lot of time and effort to attend them. Just a thought.
  3. Hi Belleballerina. My DD is through to National Final in 15 to 18 Classical Ballet. Only 2 put through from Southern Region. She's so pleased as this is the first time she's got through for ballet and she's only 15. She is not at vocational school yet but is starting at Moorland in September. It's always a pleasure watching the talent on display at All England comps. X
  4. I received an e-mail this morning with the result of the Senior Summer School so hopefully you will all hear soon. :-)
  5. Well done to those with yes letters and good luck for finals! Sorry about the no for your dd mnemo and good luck for Rambert and any further auditions. Please don't despair as I do think that the schools are all different and seem to like different qualities. My dd has had mixed results so far including a final, firm offer and a no. We have not yet heard from Tring dreamy11.
  6. Hi tropicmama. Ballet Boost have a FB page so you could try sending a message via Facebook. There may be a problem with the info email address.
  7. Hello all. I can really relate to so many of the comments on this thread. At DDs school there seems to be the same high regard for Sports (including gymnastics) and music but little regard for dance. DD has at times spoken to both PE teachers and form tutors about her dancing activities/commitments (which are substantial) outside of school but no particular interest has been shown by them. We had a meeting with her head teacher recently to ask for permission in advance of potential auditions for vocational school. At last we have come across someone who does understand! He was brilliant and has organized things so that DD has every Friday afternoon as free study/revision time at school (instead of PE)and he has also written a wonderful reference for her. I felt very emotional when I read what he had written particularly his statement about her being very humble and unassuming given her talent. I wish we had been to see him sooner.
  8. I absolutely agree Piccolo. DD went to the Bristol Russian advanced summer school last year and is looking forward to attending again later in August. Chika and Yury are wonderful and really enjoy sharing their knowledge and love of ballet with their students.
  9. My DD was also at the Rambert School summer course, She was in Class 1 and also missed out by a few days on being in an older class as the classes were allocated based on the age of participants as at the date of the Summer School.This did not deter her from really enjoying the week. Initially she felt that she could be stretched more in ballet as she has been lucky to have training in associate programmes at RBS and Tring for a number of years. However, the level of difficulty increased during the course of the week and she came away with some valuable corrections and her love of ballet intact. She also enjoyed Rep but would have liked to have done some work on pointe. She has had very little experience of contemporary and again very much enjoyed contemporary class whilst being able to cope with what was taught. I think we have to bear in mind that a number of the participants would not have had the level of training available at vocational schools and their associated courses and this would have to be reflected in the level of difficulty on offer to try to ensure that everyone had an enjoyable experience. Overall the summer school was very well run and my DD would definitely go there again. Amassive thank you to the faculty and student helpers at Rambert School.
  10. My DD attended the Advanced summer school at Bristol Russian Ballet School last year and loved it. She was nervous about going as she had not done pas de deux and character before but she tried her best, worked hard and had a great time. She is going again this year.
  11. A huge well done to all DC with a yes and an equally well done to all DC who have made it to the various finals. A DS from my DDs school has been offered a WL place for Y7 as has his friend from JAs so it's been really exciting at dance class this evening. Good luck to everyone for Elmhurst finals. :-)
  12. That's a brilliant attitude to have Anaballerina. Best of luck for your summer school and any other auditions you do. X
  13. Hello all. My DD auditioned on Sunday and we received her result today and, sadly, she has not got a call back. It was her first time doing the audition for NYB and she enjoyed it very much. She is non vocational so it is all good experience. Good luck to all those waiting for results.
  14. Well done to your DD Busymum. Super news and I'm sure she will love it there. :-)
  15. A huge well done to your DS BillyElliot and also to his teacher. Fabulous news. I have been following all the excitement of the week even though my DD didn't make it through to the finals. It seems that it was a wonderful experience for all the dancers taking part. Well done everyone. :-)
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