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  1. I also have this problem with two DD I have spent fifteen year at a Dance school where I have been nothing but Loyal Honest to there dance teacher . Now because of Bullying issues which were not dealt with it has resulted with a child being a Victim in order to get around the real issue . Any one who can help please P M We are all distraught but my heart goes out to my DD .
  2. Great news Squeaky congratulations to you and your son xx
  3. The result at the end of the day remains the same Vocational schools take who they want . We can try and work out the whys and how they choose but the truth is no one will ever know .
  4. Sweet dreams are made of this Eurhymics Reach for the STARS .
  5. Thank you to everyone with there congratulations for my DD hope other dancers who have gone through there apprasil get news soon .
  6. Mid associates Appraisil results out today So pleased for my DD another year with Royal Ballet school .
  7. Yes here for my DD it was by email . It was for junior .
  8. It's also a shame there is not a summer school for mids only and ja only more children would then be offered a place.
  9. Congratulations amber21 and congratulations to the yes Swl sorry for the no as said a lot on this site there will always be something around the next corner .
  10. Hi selected waiting list for my DD too.
  11. They are taught a dance the children need to pick it up quick and remember it
  12. Go to the venue for about twelve there is then a class on stage for about one hour . During the class the dancers are taught a variation and dance it line by line . The Finalists are announced then the Final is about an hour later at the end of the performers Final all dancers are brought back on stage to receive there certificates and the winners announced and presentation of awards takes place. There is a professional photographer there . It is well worth going .
  13. Hi I'd your Dd recommended for grades or performers ? This year there was about ninty for the ballet . .
  14. Hi tinker congratulations to your DB lots more weekends in the big city !! ,
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