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  1. Another vote for bunheads. £25, which is pricey but they are not as bulky as some of the others on the market. My youngest dd also uses them for ice skating. Can hardly be seen under tights.
  2. Further update - unfortunately didn't get to see the chiropractor as had a family bereavement and then our surgeon went on the sick and cancelled all his as operations. This cancellation however turned out for the better. Another surgeon took on the case and has decided our first option is to try an injection instead of an operation, scheduled to take place end of July. The icing on the cake however is that he also sees no reason why she shouldn't continue to dance after the injection as long as she experiences no further pain.
  3. What are the ages and times for the whitley bay audition
  4. Mine would hardly ever practice at home and always did ok in exams. I think they thought that they did enough in class. Also depends on how much your child wants good marks in exams or to win in comps. Some childrens seem to know at a young age that they want dance to play a very important part in their life, others see it more as fun.
  5. Little update. A friend of mine spoke to her chiropractor yesterday about by dd`s situation. He found the information given to me about premature arthritis a bit harsh due to her age and fitness. Needless to say an appointment has been booked to see him for a second opinion. Things are looking up :-)
  6. My eldest daughter always has an injury of some sort before important events, dancing in disney, panto, eyb, exams.....think some dancers are just that bit unlucky. Hope it all went well for her though despite this
  7. Thank you for all your kind words, they are really appreciated. As this is just a hobby to her, our main priority is definitely to halt the start of arthritis in her foot. a second opinion about the long term effects is always a good thing so will do some research I to this. The break did happen when she fell last year and maybe due to swelling/location of this bone it wasn't picked up on the xray.Ill be speaking to her dance teachers tomorrow about it all and will definitely ask if when she is back dancing that shoes could be worn for classes after checking it out with the consultant first.
  8. My eldest dd had some devastating news yesterday which has resulted in her having to hang up her pointe shoes. She's 15. Dancing has only ever been an important hobby and pointe was never her favourite but this news has come as a bit of a shock. I was just wondering if anyone has any information/experience of dancing with a fractured calcaneum. Last year she had an accident at school. She had all the relevant xrays but nothing broken showed up. Anyway she has just had an mri scan as the injury is still causing issues and we were informed that this heel bone is fractured and the joint is irreparable. We were advised that if she continues to dance as much as she does then her foot could be arthritic in the next 5-10 years. She is going to have an operation to remove the loose bone soon however this makes no difference to the possible arthritis. Our first reaction is to stop Pointe, modern, anything where she has no support on her feet and let her do other dance styles where she can wear supporting shoes. Any information would be greatly appreciated.
  9. Max factor pan stick for us too. Amazon seem to sell it cheaper than boots.
  10. We recently moved dance schools and I made my daughter's make the decision themselves. They both doesn't want to leave because of friendships and being comfortable there. We made a pros and cons list of their current school and new school to help them. I then gave them cards with both school names on and they both had to show each other their choice after a count of 3. They both chose the new school. We have all made some fabulous friends at this new school and now wonder why we didn't switch earlier because they are so happy with the new school. Good luck with any future decisions you make.
  11. Saw lots of dance groups flying into Portugal on Thursday when I was flying out.
  12. Prima academy of performing arts in Washington
  13. My eldest also did coppelia a few years back. It was fabulous. Lovely storey, dances and costumes. One of my favourite ballets.
  14. Tickets go on sale tomorrow for whitley bay. That's why nothing on playhouse website yet
  15. Thanks everyone. I have feeling they will be reduced to soft shoes. Wouldn't have minded as much if they were old but they are only 4 months old
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