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Wayne Eagling to leave E.N.B.

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What is happening at ENB ,Graig Hassal leaves ,and only a few weeks later Wayne Eagling is now stepping down ,are we having a scenario on the scale of San Jose Ballet where the chairman of the board wants to run the Co .I think Wayne Eagling has done a terrific job he may not be every ones cup of tea but he is a man of the theatre .More artistic people on the board who understand the needs of a ballet Co are needed not ones that are there as figure heads because they have money and little knowledge of the art .

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hear hear cabriole!! - his leadership of enb and the enthusiasm he has engendered there has revived my love of ballet when i felt i was becoming totally jaded and bored having followed mainly the royal ballet for many years one wonders how "his team" of ballet staff - ros whitten, anthony dowson, maina gielgud and jane haworth - are feeling about this - shocked & stunned i imagine

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Actually, I think most, if not all, of "his team" actually predate him, don't they? I must admit, this has come as a bit of a surprise - I had thought things had settled down at ENB.


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I have just looked on the ENB website for confirmation of this news – but there is nothing on the website.


In fact the whole press office appears to be in meltdown. Everyone is on voice mail and I was directed from one number to another.


Rachel Branton, the press manager, has a message stating that she is out of the office until Monday 13 February (sic).


Sally Christopher, the press officer, has a message stating that she only works on Mondays and Tuesdays – it is Tuesday.


Both Louise Halliday, Communications Manager and the website manager are on voice mail.


I trust that ENB will make a public announcement soon – it is only fair to their loyal supporters and paying public.


I also trust that the vacancy will subject to public competition, given that it is funded indirectly by the public through The Arts Council.

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I just Tweeted this...


@ENBallet's Wayne Eagling iv by Valerie Lawson. Eagling gives thoughts on Craig Hassall & visa versa: Don't get on! http://www.theaustralian.com.au/news/arts/dance-company-thrown-by-loss-of-leader/story-e6frg8n6-1226277568702


An interesting read, though at the end of the day the company is still left without an MD and an AD - not good.

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