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  1. Thanks Bruce, I'll try Newbury or Chipping Norton perhaps. I've already got my ticket for Ballet Black. I'm looking forward to seeing them for the first time.
  2. I've just discovered that the tour isn't visiting South Hill Park at Bracknell this year. So disappointed - I'll have to work out where else I can get to.
  3. here is a link to the company website with a video about the ballet. (some bits in German but others in English). http://www.bayerische.staatsoper.de/1046--~kosmosoper~ballett_tv.html
  4. Thank you everyone. I've passed the information on to my dd so she can organise an appointment for when she is next home from Germany.
  5. Thank you Spannerandpony. Do you know roughly how long it takes to get to see him?
  6. Please could anyone advise me on whether it is still possible to get a shoe fitting with Bob Martin? My daughter had all her shoes made by him before he closed his factory and has had a few pairs sent to her since via Bloch(arranged through the company she works in). However she feels her feet have altered and would like to be remeasured next time she is in the country.Does he come to the London shop? How do you make an appointment? Is there a long waiting list? Thanks for any help.
  7. The summer school used to be run by Annik Coatalen but I believe she has passed it on now.There is a link to the summer school on her dance school website.The school is called Baylins Ballet Barn. http://www.baylinsballetbarn.buildingmy.com/
  8. Mark T


    When I was a student (many, many years ago!) my mother knitted me a pink woolly all-in-one. I've kept it and once offered it to my DD. You should have seen her face!
  9. Mark T

    Pilates DVD

    "Dynamic 5th" Pilates+ preparation for ballet students with Dreas Reyneke is a DVD filmed with students from the Royal Ballet Upper School.( 16 to 19 year olds). It should be available from the Opera House Shop when it is back in business or on-line.
  10. Try this link. http://watchseries.eu/serie/breaking_pointe
  11. Thank you for posting this Janet; great to see BRB enjoying the sun.My daughter was there the previous week with the Bavarian State Ballet and said it was a fabulous place to dance.
  12. I think this was talked about on the old forum but can't remember what was said! My daughter has come home from Germany with her dancing boyfriend and they went to London to buy some new dance clothes. Much to her surprise the dance shops do not cater for men. So where do your dancing sons get their clothes? Is it all Internet shopping?
  13. Whilst having a favoured side( my daughter is a left turner), she has to be able to turn both ways and mainly to the right at work. The corps de ballet have to dance together and only as a soloist would she be able to choose direction and then only if the choreographer agreed! It is interesting that although she writes with her right hand her movement is decidedly left biased. She uses a spoon in her left hand and as a child used her scooter with the left foot.I agree with robin64 that maybe this has a link with dyslexia.It has never been a problem in her dance training however.
  14. My daughter's company in Germany has so many nationalities in it they use English as the common language!
  15. When my daughter was at White Lodge she found the support of her friends the best part of the whole experience and is still in contact with most of her year group. There was very little bitchiness and a great deal of fun and laughter.That said every year group is different!
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