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  1. I don't know how financially viable this would be for you but what about a pre vocational foundation course? This one looks good. http://foundationdancecollege.co.uk/contemporary_dance_course.html They even mention being entitled to certain benefits if you are doing the course at level 3. (Not sure what that means though)
  2. Thank you Kate N. That is helpful to know and what I suspected. I guess for academics it really is all about the grades,
  3. Julie W, I am curious, how interested or impressed are top universities by a pupil's extra-curricular activities? I know your Dd is doing a very competitive course and must have had fabulous academic grades, but I wonder how much of an edge her dance experience gave her. I did read somewhere that top universities discount hobbies like music and , simply because it puts children from less well off backgrounds at a disadvantage.
  4. Paul's, on Kingsway for a snack. Agree evil queen was amazing!
  5. And Tamara Rojo is not too keen on how children are brought up,though I am not sure if she just means ballet students............................. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-32195063
  6. Short notice, but as of yesterday there were still free tickets available for the semi final of the BBC young dancer which is being held in Newport at the Riverfront theatre on 22 march. Ring the box office 01633 656679 and mention BBC dance offer. First come first served. Good luck. Have to give mine back.
  7. I have known of 6th form students on some dance/ballet course working on the weekend. Hotels, night clubs, hollister........ Not an easy option though
  8. I suppose the bottom line is that you don't know for sure until you apply for a particular course at a particular university and get a yes or no! Maybe a tiny bit like an audition?
  9. From this point of view, the Tring timetable looks very good. It must be extremely hard work though, not that the ability to work hard isn't something that serious dancers have acquired.
  10. Ok. It sounds like at if you go away at 16 to train, you start to narrow your options quite a bit if dancing doesn't work out. (In terms of Russell group)
  11. Sorry if this information is out there, but I didn't find it with a basic search. Looking at plan b, c and d......... How do universities view candidates who have got 2 A levels and a dance diploma, rather than 3 or 4 A levels? Or even 2 or 3 a levels and a dance b tech level 3? I am thinking about more selective universities, such as the Russell group.
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