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  1. Regret I am not having any success getting into messages on the forum - that is why I suggested using ordinary my "ballet" email for contact / communication. Otherwise I do not know what your message says - sorry!
  2. Would like your ticket D46 - if you want to email me to arrange it, please send to snowy6cat@yahoo.com
  3. Think I am okay now - just had a flash of inspiration - would do a smiley face if I knew how Ta
  4. Can someone kindly remind me how to send a private message - senile decay has set in I'm afraid
  5. TX everso - everyone's efforts very much appreciated!
  6. Does anyone have details (or know where I can find) of la Scala's coming tour to Japan? Their website seems to die at the end of this month!!
  7. wonderful news & she's got a great partner for a debut performance - any other news on casting on the grapevine? I'm hoping for Shiori and Ksenia debuts as well - love them both
  8. Did anyone catch the Gala in Nuremberg last evening - wondering who was dancing & what? (being naturally nosey) - I heard only that Esteban Berlanga & Tamara Rojo danced in it
  9. Just looked at the website for the Marlowe Canterbury and it says both nights (tomorrow & Wed) SOLD OUT - good for them but I'll have to look elsewhere!!!
  10. PS I notice he is also listed for the Gala there on Sunday March 10th
  11. Thanks v much for this link - gives the first confirmation from the Mariinsky that Vadim will dance Solor there on 7th March - next question with whom??
  12. It was the famous solo variation from Nijinska's Train Bleu (Anton Dolin via Stephen Beagley) that the matchless Vadim Muntagirov stole the show with in the Ballets Russes programmes of ENB last spring - magnificent cartwheels, look Mum - no hands!!!
  13. Just to add twopennorth - Tallinn is well worth a visit - nice ballet company run by long time ENB star Thomas Edur. In Karlsruhe Birgit Keil - another shining star formerly in Stuttgart - directs a medium sized company. I have always booked my Stuttgart tickets by telephone - no problem speaking English and extremely helpful booking staff PS Alina Cojocaru dances quite a lot with Hamburg Ballett - great if you want to see "home" stars guesting abroad.
  14. By coincidence was dipping into my biog of Markova yesterday and found this letter from Lilian Baylis dated May 1934 discussing pay for the next season - she says "I hope you will feel you can do so (ie return to the Vic Wells) for the weekly salary of £12.0.0 with an additional fiver to cover extra performances in the week." Sounds all very easy going - as a comparison my parent's newly built semi in Bristol cost £455 only 2 years later and they required a 25 year mortgage to be able to pay for it.
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