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British Ballet Grand Prix

Mummy twinkle toes

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5 hours ago, Mummy twinkle toes said:

Thanks Canary. It was just held there. It is a separate organisation but was associated with another school that has shut so may need to follow advice


A bit of googling and reverse image search showed me that the photo for the British Ballet Grand Prix header/cover photo (and all the photos from the last competition) from the now defunct website was taken by DancePro Photography - owned and run by Daniel Hope who *was* (no idea if still is) in charge of various things at the institution Canary referred to, and was one half of the partnership that set up the institution. (https://www.hinckleytimes.net/news/local-news/new-ballet-school-hinckley-open-7446566)


According to DancePro Photography’s website it also takes all the photos for said institution so it would not be unreasonable to wonder if there’s more of a link between BBGP and where it’s held than just a hired venue - in which case it could also be construed as reasonable to contact the place where BBGP was held, even if they only have contact details for someone who can help provide clarification.  Failing that, I agree that taking advice on how to get a refund would be a good idea. 

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On 31/12/2020 at 15:11, Crystaltips said:

You could try contacting the liquidator French Duncan, based in Edinburgh.


Isn’t French Duncan the liquidator for the school in Scotland that’s closed, rather than BBGP?

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I am sure like most competition organsations, they have looked at one set of dates, tried to find alternatives,  and is now struggling to move them again. I know because we have had to move our competition three times now in the past 12 months, and that is in a country with cultural events now up and running with social distancing. We have booked two dates in 2021 in two different locations because another factor is that different venues also have their waiting lists and obligations for cancelled 2020 events . We hope to compensate for our usual entrants for no opportunities last year. Most of our 500+ participants want a live competition and the quality of independent international judges and prizes that we have had to date, so until we can move our competitors around the country safely, have a socially responsible timetable meeting government rules, and when the international entrants and judges are free to travel without Covid test restrictions or quarantining, we will not be planning anything for another 6 months. If as an organisation you have a good model and certain ideals, then there is no sense in sacrificing those to do any old thing for the sake of it. So my sympathies at present are with the BBGP organising staff , I am afraid. I do hope the project will continue. The concept is interesting.  


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