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  1. Look at the locked threads and then draw your own conclusions about the openness of schools. Too much honesty can be legally actionable
  2. No she did not audition. Got a place from a summer workshop. Just go for it. If your dc has the passion that will show through.
  3. My dd was in the first cohort to do Senior Associates at Ballet Boost. I can honestly say that it gave her the confidence to handle US auditions. Whether she would have got a place without doing BB is impossible to say but it certainly helped.
  4. Why not ask to do a couple of trial classes at the new school? Also if you think dance might become serious in the future take a good look at the credentials of the new school before you jump ship. That should include the schools track record into getting students into full time training. Don’t feel bad about moving schools it’s quite normal
  5. Yes I have two very good friends ( married to each other) and discussions about Cambridge are always avoided. She said to me once “Oh he went to Jesus College- medieval foundation very prestigious. I went to Sidney Sussex- handy for Sainsbury’s “.
  6. Also agree. My dd used to meticulously darn her pointe shoes until she started getting through multiple pairs per term. Now she cuts the satin off and doesn’t even bother to stitch round it. Most of her friends appear to do the same.
  7. So true. I noticed long ago that whenever two Oxbridge graduates meet the first question they always ask is which college did you go to. There is a pecking order in everything. And as for employability well I read Applied Chemistry for my first degree and the number of us that actually got jobs in the industry was tiny . I was very lucky but most of my fellow students ended up doing something else. In the end the best advice I can give is to do what you are passionate about and never mind what other people think. Most young people today are going to have two or three careers over the course of their working life. And there is no longer any such thing as a secure job. Just be glad that your dd is doing what she loves.
  8. I would definitely endorse Ballet Boost. My dd was a senior associate as well as in another scheme.
  9. Northern Ballet do open classes for young people aged 8 to 16. It’s also worth asking to go on the mailing list to get early notice of any workshops that they may be putting on. Also why not watch a few professional performances? Always very inspiring and now is the time. It becomes more of a challenge to fit in as your dd gets older and busier.
  10. Would your dd like to do some additional dance outside of her regular classes? If not then use the time to focus on something for you. If she does there is plenty to look at. Depending on where you live there are workshops and masterclasses to look at. My dd did some lovely open classes at Birmingham Royal Ballet very good value and small class sizes. It’s a challenge when you get a not yet and a lot of us have been there. Make sure you are looking after your own needs it’s very easy to overinvest emotionally (speaking from experience here).
  11. Lovely news. It’s hard being a teenager (and being the parent of one).
  12. All England Dance. Have a look at their website.
  13. And it’s not just about confidentiality, important though that is. It’s about support and nurture, about duty of care. Some schools I could mention have strict no alcohol and no overnight guest policies but they are not enforced. A group of under 18s living in shared accommodation and left to their own devices will likely end up living in a complete mess as not all of them have the maturity to cope. Some 16 to 18 year olds do manage extremely well but when forced to share dirty accommodation and deal with classmates who are suffering from extreme homesickness and lashing out as a result it’s not at all easy. Add on to that the emotional and physical strain of a very demanding course and you the parent may find yourself on the receiving end of a very distressed phone call. At this point you may begin to harbour very uncharitable views towards the school who have allowed this situation to happen.
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