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  1. To SJ Ballet and other parents in doubt, Like Dizzyballetmum siad you have to do what seems right. We had to take the same risk and send our DD hundreds of miles from home at the age of 11, and now she is still studying in another country. She was given one of those rare places not even realising how precious was her talent in relation to her peers, nor that she was being provided this oportunity by the State, something that would be a gift to many of you given the high costs of such a specialized education. She did not appreciate it at the beginning but does now. she has made friends for
  2. Well it may be that the figures of professional dancers will be very different from their adolescent pre-professional ones, and that is my point. The AD's of schools have no business to decide the ultimate path of an individual based upon the figure of a child in 16- 20 hours of classes, when there are so many other factors that govern their future. Why should a strong singer with an exuberant personality be pushed into MT for the West End, if her desire is to control those characteristics and dedicate herself to La Fille Mal Guardee? Why should a tall leggy girl be pushed to jazz for cru
  3. I much prefer to see an athletic form than an undernourished one. But IMO real dancers reflect society and will come with all sorts of shapes and sizes, because dancing is a gift that is not solely given to the slender only.
  4. I think this point is quite relevant, and that goes to Artistic Directors of schools too, not just companies. Firstly school directors will point at what they believe company directors want ,as their excuse, to make internal selections of adolescent changing bodies to weed out pupils based on false aesthetic notions , regardless of all those other attributes required of a dancer other than their shape or height / weight ratio: technique, artistic qualities in interpretation, musicality , resilience, patience,strength, ability to learn and memorise choreography, team participation,
  5. Hello all, Codarts is very popular and super training with students from all over Europe and beyond.The course though I believe is 4 years someone was telling me There is a new school in the Atlantic Pyranees, run by Elephant in the Black Box of Madrid. They opened this month, but the school and company , with both pre-prof and professional courses, has been well establishged in Madrid for some time. Jean Philippe Dury and his team are excellent. Check out their website. I would be happy for my DD to go there, , and indeed she won a scholarship in a competition to the summer
  6. Thank you for posting. This young man is one to watch, but he is not alone: Francisco Gomes is his contemporary, and like António, strong in classical, character and contemporary. João Gomes his older brother has recently left the school direct to Teatro Sibiu Company, Romania and already is showing his merits not just as strong team player in the company but also as solist. Guilio Diligente is following through the school and showing promise too. Matilde Rodrigues has just been accepted to the Birmingham Royal Ballet as Artist Margarita Fernandes and Margarida
  7. I Personally I agree with this approach for the start. It allows equal access to as many as possible, and from that initial investment in time and commitment, from which you will see those that become the natural leaders that can be soloists in a set group piece or soloists in independent works. It builds team work , unlike exam work which works towards individual goals, and that can be between same year groups or vertically with little ones incorporated into pieces with older ones and then watch them evolve faster as the older ones lead and encourage( Some of the greatest pie
  8. Hello, As a parent of a DD that competed from aged 7, with her first Dance World Cup gold medal at that age in a group dance from our small past-time school in out town, we discovered that it focused attention in many different ways. The teachers gained students who concentrated better at technique classes , applying this to the competition choreographies, the school gained more money from extra classes, parents became important to the team for their sewing skills, media skills- photgraphy, filming, writing copy for publications or social media, connections to potential sponsors-corporat
  9. It looks like you have been researching far and wide.... Codarts is popular but as you say, more ballet, contemporary oriented, Dutch National? Brussels? Have you checked out the IAB (Institute of the Arts Barcelona) that has a broader dance course that includes Jazz and the musical theatre skills.What about PERA in Cyprus? Or the University of Malta, they have a dance course. The problem this year and next might be the auditons and timings. Each country has different rules or dates. The UK is usually early, but then scholarship recalls were messed up this year (if you follow some of the fee
  10. Dear Mamadaruby, Yes the news this week was not good for EU students. But more than that, the viability of many UK university courses in the long run may be weakened without the injection of foreign students, financed or not by Student Finance or parent power. If applications fall, then departments will contract. Many EU countries have English language courses now to attract all those English speaking foreign students from around the globe for a fraction of the price of the UK, in everything from Medicine, Dentistry and Veternary, to Music and Dance. I have just managed to get my d
  11. My DD has quite readily decided all her dancing plans for next year cannot be decided now, though the intention is to return to the UK to complete certain goals. She is now flying as an independent, loosely attached to three entities in the Uk and Portugal but open to other international offers for short term attachments.So whether she joins a company for a short contract or particular project, does competitions or events, and passes time or terms at pre-professional courses around Europe, she has learned to consider the future fluid and as subject to serendipity or other people's whims, con
  12. It is always interesting to read some many informed opinions here. As an exercise, my DD was today just beginning to develop the outline of a policy document for a risk assessment in a dance studio context , using documentation from a clinical situation and guidelines according to a foreign governments perspective.So we werejust discussing a global overview that may cover regional, national or international variations , and thus will likely encompass far more strigent requirements than your department guru might be suggesting, given the track record to date of UK government advice.
  13. Great to see the enthusiasm and lengths you are all going to to keep the DC's dancing. The first chore of our lockdown was making a ballet barre with some left over wood , and then I am lucky to have access to lengths of linoleum because I belong to an association that arranges events and competitions, so DD's bedroom has two lengths .Couldn't see my hubby allowing the 'lounge takeover senario', especially as it would cramp his guitar practice space! My musical daughter has her music room for her bassoon practice and uni online lessons and I have retreated to the peace of the garde
  14. Could I ask....Are you moving as a family to a specific country, to Germany for example hence interest in German schools because of work etc , or are your options open because it is a desire to move to Europe as a family? We had a five year plan to move and restart abroad, with houses and businesses to wrap up, but in the end we took 18 months start to finish. We haven't regretted it. How old is your DD now? Is there time to make a start on a language? Time to try a summer school if they are on this summer? Bear in mind mentoring within in the school, residences, travel between h
  15. Does your daughter have an appitude for languages as well as dance, because she will have to take instruction and academic classes in the native language of the school? Senior school may offer international students tuition in English, but lower school will be in the native language especially if the school is linked to the state education system. So Maths, History, Sciences, Geography etc will all be offered in whatever language, English will be English as a second language. Home education is not always allowed, nor recomended considering the demands of a full time dance course and integrati
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