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Does anyone have any suggestions for associate programmes that happen on a Sunday in or around London?


Its for my 13 year old dd, she’s looking for extra ballet but also contemporary and maybe jazz to supplement her regular classes. 

Preferably something that isn’t too competitive to get in to! 

Thank you.

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You could try London Junior/Senior Ballet in Chiswick - good access by car and public transport.  There is contemporary for the older girls.  They get a good number into vocational schools from Year 7 to Upper School.  You may have missed the auditions of this year but give them a call as they may have places in some classes.

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Thank you, I did think about the London Ballet Company - my oldest dd was an associate there some years ago....but their website is down and I'm wondering if they're still around....


I don't think dd is strong enough to get through the auditions at London Junior/Senior ballet but I will have a look.

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