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  1. Our packages were from Australia - interesting we had the same experience.
  2. I have had a mixed experience with the same supplier a few months apart. One package incurred two sets of charges - one relating to duty and the other from the Post Office - and the other nothing. As far as I could make out there was no difference with the way it was sent. I try to avoid anything from overseas now for check everything for the origin. There are so many good UK based brand I prefer to support.
  3. Both Ballet Boost and YDA would be good for a 10 year old. If you want something central Ballet Boost maybe best as it takes place in Pineapple studios in Covent Garden. YDA are based in West London - just a short tube ride away with reasonable priced local accommodation.
  4. DD's friends did an exam at RAD HQ last year and non wore make-up and they are all 13/14. If, you say your daughter has nice skin and is comfortable without then no-make is needed. One less thing to stress about or detract from the dancing. Neat hair, clean tights and shoes and no visible knicker line are more important. And yes ask if any boys are being asked to wear make-up. 😉 Good luck to her - it is hard after such a long wait. We have just been through it too.
  5. JA auditions normally don’t take place until the end of May half term so offers were never until into June.
  6. Please change schools. She should not be giving up ballet until she decides herself(or you all as a family). Take your daughter out to buy some lovely new summer clothes. Find something to celebrate - anything. This type of negativity has me in tears. Take care! X
  7. Royal are accepting candidates from overseas but they will have to abide by the UK quarantine rules so yes I am imagining wait list places might well become available.
  8. Confusion all round, I think - glad it's all cleared up. 😊
  9. Thank you @Anna C I have to say I was a bit confused as to what had happened.
  10. I am sorry but I have obviously either misread or misunderstood something in the posts. I was in no way taking anything away from the achievements of those who have places at WL or any other dance school, vocational or otherwise, for that matter. I thought I was answering as to where the information about what training and experience dancers have was coming from. To quote me as having said that the children are "seasoned performance professionals" is so far away from what I believe. A child starting in year 7 at vocational school is only at the start of a journey and regardless of their prior learning and experience will go back to basics and schools are looking for someone with potential. Apologies if I have offended anyone.
  11. Social media: teachers and pupils are all posting results.
  12. The farmers' market will be open if you are there on a Friday. Plenty of places for take-way drinks and snacks and a M&S food. Off the High Street and down a lane so not so easy to find but it is there and handy. Would recommend Espresso Lounge for good coffee and cake. They are at the bottom end of the High Street between the Robin Hood pub and the car park.
  13. If the weather is good you can walk to Tring Park. You reach it from the Natural History Museum car park. The path leads you over the A41 and up into the park to the south of Tring. It is up hill and will be wet underfoot so take boots or good walking shoes at this time of year. The views are lovely and you an look back down on the school, if you go far enough. There is plenty of time for a really good walk and it's quick enough to get back down in time for pick-up wherever you end up getting to in it!
  14. There can be up to 30 in each year group but that may be as a result of taking additional numbers as they progress through the school.
  15. Funding policies for 6th Form state it is a DaDA however I am sure someone on here in the past have said that their DC got an MDS. Hopefully recipients can confirm either way.
  16. This has happened since the new Directors took over too but as you say notice is given and there is an opportunity to improve before the eventual withdrawal of the scholarship.
  17. That’s good to hear - Elmhurst definitely sound very supportive. 😊
  18. Try Masters of Ballet Academy - they may still have places - or Ballet Boost have two audition prep days.
  19. You could try London Junior/Senior Ballet in Chiswick - good access by car and public transport. There is contemporary for the older girls. They get a good number into vocational schools from Year 7 to Upper School. You may have missed the auditions of this year but give them a call as they may have places in some classes.
  20. Our reading of the situation is that London may move to a Sunday and Birmingham may move to another venue for some of the first term back and that some Birmingham classes may have to move to a Sunday. This is so the Associates are not in the centres at the same time as the school pupils. Other venues will still be on a Saturday. There is also the possibility that if the venues are not open or have to close due to local lockdowns they will have to offer Zoom classes. This is arrangement they are currently looking at for the first term.
  21. Those who have places on the intensives have received a letter saying they will be invited to the masterclasses. Everyone who had a place still has to apply again next year except those accepted for Hong Kong. This is in contrast to ENB who are honouring places as I believe are YBS. Such a pity for those who had a place for the first time.
  22. We have the thicker one - bought from another company but definitely the same flooring as they use the same picture. It sits on a wooden floor. It gives good support for ballet including point work. Safe for pirouettes. My daughter is really happy with it.
  23. Sad news but the rumours from two years ago have played out! They will close for 10-16 year olds from the end of the 2021 summer term. They will still offer diploma and degree courses. https://www.thestage.co.uk/news/coronavirus-italia-conti-to-close-junior-school-following-internal-review
  24. That’s disappointing - we had two courses booked and no issues with either. The first was a straight refund and the second an option to have a refund or take a place on a new date if it worked. Thankfully the hotels we booked despite being pre-paid deals refunded us. I hope you can get this resolved.
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