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  1. Our reading of the situation is that London may move to a Sunday and Birmingham may move to another venue for some of the first term back and that some Birmingham classes may have to move to a Sunday. This is so the Associates are not in the centres at the same time as the school pupils. Other venues will still be on a Saturday. There is also the possibility that if the venues are not open or have to close due to local lockdowns they will have to offer Zoom classes. This is arrangement they are currently looking at for the first term.
  2. Those who have places on the intensives have received a letter saying they will be invited to the masterclasses. Everyone who had a place still has to apply again next year except those accepted for Hong Kong. This is in contrast to ENB who are honouring places as I believe are YBS. Such a pity for those who had a place for the first time.
  3. We have the thicker one - bought from another company but definitely the same flooring as they use the same picture. It sits on a wooden floor. It gives good support for ballet including point work. Safe for pirouettes. My daughter is really happy with it.
  4. Sad news but the rumours from two years ago have played out! They will close for 10-16 year olds from the end of the 2021 summer term. They will still offer diploma and degree courses. https://www.thestage.co.uk/news/coronavirus-italia-conti-to-close-junior-school-following-internal-review
  5. That’s disappointing - we had two courses booked and no issues with either. The first was a straight refund and the second an option to have a refund or take a place on a new date if it worked. Thankfully the hotels we booked despite being pre-paid deals refunded us. I hope you can get this resolved.
  6. Thank you - yes I have my second email now also. I am not sure however what to do as we may not be able to use all of our tickets on that date. We only booked as it was in half-term.
  7. Southbank have contacted ticket holders to say that all events up until 30th June have been cancelled. This means that ENB’s Emerging Dancer will not be going ahead but I have heard nothing from ENB. Has anyone heard anything?
  8. Good news in our household to brighten up the day. After SWL for both JAs and MAs and for this year's Spring and Summer courses a yes for SAs. Not sure we can accept until we know the times but delighted with the offer.
  9. Thanks @Peanut68, we were obviously writing at the same time. Glad my information is the same as yours.
  10. In the main I agree with you on this however the dance offering at Tring and Hammond is not the same. Tring have separate dance and performing art courses. The hours of ballet at Tring are comparable with WL and Elmhurst. Class sizes in dance are smaller but the limiting factor is most likely funding. I have read numerous posts on here about those offered places but there not being enough scholarships. While Hammond offer bursaries for their course at Tring this is offered to the performing arts course pupils.
  11. Thank you - we will give this try. There was someone she liked from a Central course and we did make a point of following her and doing her courses and open classes but she has been busy with another project for the last few years. This has definitely given me a new focus. We were put off with ENB SS last year so not holding out for this year and DD is disappointed that NYB are not running their usual summer season. We would love to wait and see what they might run over the summer but don't want to end up with nothing over the summer.
  12. I will look into it but the idea of doing a video fills me with dread - tops up the wine glass!! 😏
  13. So I have spent the last hour going round in internet circles and have a serious headache! I have eventually found details, in Italian, and it looks like the audition was on 5th January which was at the same time as the Winter Intensive. The link I saw originally didn't have a date and was in English. Giving up for the night and will look again at summer schools another day!
  14. @SarahBalletDid you find anymore information about the Vaganova auditions at NKBS? It says they are in January but I can't find details. We are thinking about trying for Vaganova and Bolshoi Ballet Academy. Does anyone know what the standard will be to get in?
  15. Can’t help myself but I have seen Claudia leotards on e-bay - you could try there if you haven’t already looked.
  16. I have been looking too and there was this post from a few weeks back. When I contacted them they said mid January for next year's dates.
  17. Try Ballet Boost - they have done an excellent one in the past.
  18. Can recall exactly what I said but I did say all the moving around was distracting and I did get a reluctant sorry but it continued. I kept thinking it would stop which it did for a bit then started again. I would have asked to move if there had been any spare seats. It was a last minute booking and DD was elsewhere and we were going to swap but I let her stay where she was.
  19. I always got the impression that the RBS pride themselves on their character dance training so it's a pity that this doesn't appear to be reflected in the company.
  20. Last year at ROH for Nutcracker, sitting in the very back row of the Orchestra Stalls where I should have had a good view, I had a family with two young children - definitely school age but still young enough to sit on knees - right in front of me. The one child in particular was passed along the relatives and sat on one knee or another all through the show. At one point the mother moved seats so that the two girls could then sit together. I am all for children in the theatre and maybe I have been lucky as DD has always just sat mesmerised by whatever has been on stage but it spoiled my eve
  21. Yes very true - we asked about auditioning on another day one year and it was a straight no. We have had the same height issue but in reverse! The first year DD auditioned age 9 we were on our way out as the older group (aged 11) were coming in and she pointed out to me that the girls were the same height as her and said quite earnestly that she knew she wouldn't get in and by the time we were out the gate started talking about the next audition she might be doing. It was one of her first ever auditions and definitely her first ballet one and thankfully she just keeps on going wi
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