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  1. I have been looking too and there was this post from a few weeks back. When I contacted them they said mid January for next year's dates.
  2. Try Ballet Boost - they have done an excellent one in the past.
  3. Can recall exactly what I said but I did say all the moving around was distracting and I did get a reluctant sorry but it continued. I kept thinking it would stop which it did for a bit then started again. I would have asked to move if there had been any spare seats. It was a last minute booking and DD was elsewhere and we were going to swap but I let her stay where she was.
  4. I always got the impression that the RBS pride themselves on their character dance training so it's a pity that this doesn't appear to be reflected in the company.
  5. Last year at ROH for Nutcracker, sitting in the very back row of the Orchestra Stalls where I should have had a good view, I had a family with two young children - definitely school age but still young enough to sit on knees - right in front of me. The one child in particular was passed along the relatives and sat on one knee or another all through the show. At one point the mother moved seats so that the two girls could then sit together. I am all for children in the theatre and maybe I have been lucky as DD has always just sat mesmerised by whatever has been on stage but it spoiled my evening. Rant over - I have been holding this in for a year so it's time I let go!
  6. Yes very true - we asked about auditioning on another day one year and it was a straight no. We have had the same height issue but in reverse! The first year DD auditioned age 9 we were on our way out as the older group (aged 11) were coming in and she pointed out to me that the girls were the same height as her and said quite earnestly that she knew she wouldn't get in and by the time we were out the gate started talking about the next audition she might be doing. It was one of her first ever auditions and definitely her first ballet one and thankfully she just keeps on going with the same attitude. Also now everyone has caught up with her and she is now just average height for her age so at least she is on a relatively level playing field.
  7. Never give up hope of a place. DD's friend was a no or waitlist until the very last year she could apply and then a yes for main company with a part. By the time you get to finals it does depends on who they need for the roles. The same applies with regards you place on the waitlist. You may be at the top of the list for your age group but if someone drops out who is younger or older or a boy and you are a girl it wont happen for you. Well done to those who have an offer and fingers crossed for those on the wait list.
  8. I agree with Peanut - we have used a glue from an art shop to stick on the suede tips and it didn't mark any of the surrounding satin. Good luck!
  9. Don't have any personal experience but you can audition for the Bolshoi Ballet Academy at Ballet Theatre UK this year so no need for the dreaded video. http://www.russianballetinternational.com/auditions/auditions-cities/leicester-2/
  10. It is also on Instagram but doesn't appear to be on Facebook.
  11. Interestingly this change has been on the web site since at least yesterday morning and she said on social media that she wouldn't be doing Saturday when she pulled out earlier in the week.
  12. This sounds lovely - any chance of a picture? 😊
  13. Try Freed as they have a variety of widths. When DD got them they didn’t have what she needed in stock but we tried a canvas pair in the correct size and they then sent us them through the post and the fit was perfect.
  14. They have extended the deadline for applications so if you are interested take a look. It is however only a part-time role but may give you the opportunity to do something else at the same time. ENB are likely to have a number of new opportunities or you could part-time elsewhere. Good luck in whatever you choose.
  15. We were told that two weeks before the start of the course the teachers were still not in place which is why the timetable is erratic compared to previous years.
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