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Birmingham Royal Ballet - Solos and pas de deux broadcast

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The excerpts shown:


Broadcast programme


Sleeping Beauty (Wright) – Diamond Fairy Act 3  pas de quatre  (Lynsey Sutherland)

Sleeping Beauty (Ashton)  Act 2 Florimund (Callum Findlay White)

Concerto (MacMillan)  Pas de deux (Tessa Hogge & Lennert Steegen)

Elite Syncopations (MacMillan)  Friday Night  ( August Generalli)

Sleeping Beauty (Ashton) – Act 2 Florimund (Gabriel Anderson)

Sleeping Beauty (Wright) – Aurora Act 1 solo (Alexandra Burman)

Sylvia (Ashton) – Male solo (Louis Andreasen)

Shakespeare Suite (Bintley) – Petruchio and Kate (Rosanna Ely & Joey Taylor)

Don Quixote (Acosta) – Pas de deux (Isabella Howard & Miles Gilliver)

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Thanks so much for posting this, Jan.  How lovely that Carlos is showcasing the Artists and showing us (and them!) what they can do.  And I am thrilled to see them all being able to rehearse without wearing masks;  the discomfort the dancers have trying to do class and rehearsals in masks is very unpleasant for them, and I am so glad to see these young artists being able to dance with the freedom they are used to.   I can't wait until this stupid situation is behind us so that Mr Acosta can start executing all the plans he has for this wonderful company.  

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On 02/10/2020 at 16:46, alison said:

I did wonder why I recognised so few of the dancers' names!  Is it because they are less (or not) involved in the works being prepared for Birmingham Rep (if that's still going ahead)/Sadler's Wells?

They are all corps de ballet members!


I loved watching Carlos coaching these young artists.   

Ones that caught my eye were Callum Findlay White, Alexandra Burman and Isabella Howard 👏👏👏

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I was a bit surprised by this streaming.  The way it was touted on social media it sounded more like performances rather than coaching sessions.


Nevertheless I enjoyed the stream very much (when the problems had been resolved) and have actually watched it a couple of times.  It was interesting to see Carlos in "coaching action" with the younger dancers and it was good to watch the younger members of the company showing off their skills.


I think my favourite piece with the pdd from Concerto with Tessa Hogge and Lennert Steegen.  I absolutely love everything about that section of Concerto and I thought that Tessa and Lennert were absolutely charming.  I am biased towards liking Lennert because he is absolutely THE BEST cymbal player I have seen in Hobson's Choice!  Lennert certainly appeared in the role at every performance in Birmingham last year.


So BRB provided just over an hour of sheer pleasure and I thank them for that!

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This was yet another great idea from BRB on several counts:

- giving exposure and 

motivation to corps members;

- educating the audience about specific steps and their execution;

- introducing the audience to dancers they might not be familiar with;

- showing Acosta at work and thus promoting him in the context of the Company


Kudos once again to BRB.


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I was very interested in seeing how much attention was being paid to walking.
I have just finished watching Dancers at a Gathering to which (original cinema screening) I took a friend who remarked that she hadn't expected so much walking. They do it so well, such grace and presence.

PS The friend thought she didn't like ballet and she loved it.

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