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Bolshoi Cinema Broadcasts, 2020-21

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The Bolshoi have announced three cinema broadcasts for next season, all obviously recordings.


4 October + Romeo and Juliet

1 November + La Dame aux Camelias 

20 December - The Nutcracker


They are obviously hoping to be able to broadcast some live in 2021 as they haven't announced any thing further. Let's hope they can.






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Well, I am away at the moment and struggling with the format on my phone.  I've put in every combination of search terms I can think of and fiddled about, but the  only vaguely relevant links  I keep getting is this one and the Bolshoi's Don Quixote.  

However, a couple of Google dance reviews make it seem like an absolute turkey, so I'll probably give it a miss.  Unless, of course, anyone else has seen it and thinks it is worth a go?

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This morning I received an Odeon Event Cinema mailing which is really rubbing our noses in it (events for mid-November, anyone?).  However, it did point out that the Bolshoi's La Dame aux Camellias is in cinemas today, and had I had more than 4 hours' notice (or 1 hour, since I've only just picked it up) I might have been tempted.  As it's a re-showing, I guess it's possible that it may be on at different times in different places, in case anyone wants to try their local cinema


(The Royal Opera's Manon Lescaut, with Kaufmann and Opolais, is also scheduled for November 3rd, so presumably that will still take place)

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