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  1. Regarding Stuttgart, it is also a very nice place to visit. I liked it there very much, even though I didn't get a chance to visit the ballet.
  2. Has Cojocaru retired now? I am trying to think how old she is. In my head she is still a teenager! Edited to add I just did a quick search, and now I am up to date with the facts. Apologies for being a bit behind the times!
  3. Goodness, poor old Dante really did go through hell and purgatory didn't he? Look at the state of his tatty dressing gown. Does he get a pristine vest and pants set when he gets to heaven? And possibly a leg wax too? Sorry, but that outfit is right up there with some of ugliest I have seen
  4. I simply do not understand why anyone would want to create a ballet to be danced in the nude in the first place. Artistically it adds nothing IMO. It isn't brave, or ground breaking, it is simply irritating, and jiggling body parts just serve as a distraction. Gorgeous costumes enhance the whole experience. Also, there is a risk of attracting people who might come purely to snigger.
  5. 😂 Someone looking at the topic title and just reading the last few posts might be ever so slightly confused!
  6. I cannot remember anything at all about it, least of all who was in it. I just have a vague memory of an interview in a newspaper with one of the dancers describing the experience. I might be completely wrong about the RB connection. I did a quick on line search for details with the words "nude" and "ballet" in the search. Up came a list of filmed productions of The Nutcracker.......😅
  7. When I went to see The Exorcist at my local cinema, it was in the days when you got another film to go with it. We got a nude ballet (which I think starred at least one of the RB male dancers at the time.) You can imagine how it was received by a general audience going to see a horror movie. The general atmosphere of hilarity carried over to the main picture!
  8. I remember that happening to me at a school performance of the opera. I can't remember what set me off, it wasn't as if it was my first time at the Opera House, but I just couldn't stop. I think a dancer who reads a forum such as this has to have broad shoulders, and accept that there will be criticism as well as glowing praise. We know that the dancers are the best of the best, but at the same time we all have our own personal preferences, and we are entitled to state them. I don't recall ever seeing anything on here that I would call disrespectful, I have to say. It would be very interesting to know if any professional dancer has found our comments useful, though.
  9. I would say that response comes under the heading of Utter Rubbish!
  10. Surely any choreography for a solo will allow for either a left or right turn? With regard to the comments about Muntagirov looking slightly uncomfortable in places, when it comes to ensemble pieces is it not possible to pick people who all prefer to turn the same way? Or is that not a realistic approach? I would have thought originally it would have been choreographed for male dancers in that way?
  11. I saw that. I can't believe for one minute that a man would be promoted to Principal if he was that inflexible now. Was he saying that if he wasn't studying ballet his natural physique wouldn't allow him to do this? I assumed that was the case, but perhaps I am wrong.
  12. When I trained all those years ago, knee hyperextension was seen as a fault to be corrected, not something to be encouraged.
  13. I was looking at this link, which definitely says Live beside it. I find that a bit confusing. https://www.roh.org.uk/cinemas Having said that, O'Sullivan and Sambe are fine by me.
  14. On the topic of R & J, I was checking to see if there was a cinema performance coming up. Sadly, it isn't until 14th February (a Valentine Day special, apparently.) However, when I checked to see who was performing, there doesn't appear to be a performance of R & J on that date. Presumably it not going to be an actual live performance, but a pre recorded one? Seems a bit odd to announce it under Live Cinema if so. I just assumed that all performances shown on that listing were ones from the current season's performances.
  15. I felt the same way when I went to see Anything Goes at the Barbican. The theatre was packed, not one spare seat, and yet only 5% of the audience, if that, were wearing masks. Given that the average age was probably over 50, I was shocked that they could act so irresponsibly.
  16. My other half has just reminded me of one of the rare occasions we walked out of something. It was a film, starring Sylvester Stallone. I enjoy his action movies, but he was trying to do a comedy. It was appalling, truly terrible. I can't remember the name of it, fortunately.
  17. Drat autocorrect! I meant discreetly. Although I suppose we did leave discretely as well.
  18. Oh that is most unfair! When I was in it we were allowed to stay to the end, and we had a curtain call as well. Each performance, different children were allowed to stand in the wings to watch the second act, so that we all got a chance to see it. Happy days. With regard to walking out of a theatre performance, I can't remember ever leaving anything either in disgust or because of boredom. However, I do tend to be very selective in what I go to see in the first place. 🙂 Anything I haven't seen before, I take the "open mind" approach. The only ballet that I can remember walking out of before the end was This House Will Burn by Ashley Page, and that was because we were fooled by a false ending. A curtain came down, my partner stood up saying, "Thank goodness that is over", we started up the aisle and then realised the curtain was going up again. We glanced at the dancers sweating away, doing their valiant best.... .and we continued to tip toe out discretely.
  19. I didn't see it in 2012, so perhaps I should have said the last time I saw it......
  20. Great idea. I loved it the last time I saw it. It is a wonderful opportunity for students to play the young girl as well. If my memory serves me correctly, last time it was Julia Roscoe, who is now in the company?
  21. The only reason I mentioned Fonteyn in the first place is because there is this idea that today's generation of dancers are so much better technically than those of Fonteyn's generation, an idea that the dancers themselves seem to uphold. If you look at some of the comments on the Youtube link above, and other links, the younger posters will comment on how rubbish she is - horrible feet, poor extensions, no turnout. Admittedly the style is different, but that has a lot to do with the pace of the music, I think. You can't extend your leg that high in the time available, unless you kick it up like a Tiller girl. Also, it wasn't just Fonteyn who danced at that speed, they all did. It just happens to be that there are a lot of clips of her available to view. There are very few, if any, of Sibley, Park, Seymour, Shearer, and the others of that generation. But I bet they all danced with that same verve.
  22. One of them, although that one misses out the balances at the end which is a pity. Haven't watched those clips for ages, but the first thing that strikes me is the speed of the music, which I believe is the correct tempo? The conductor doesn't hang around, she has to nail those balances spot on. I know exactly the move you mean. I have often thought of mentioning it myself. What is that move called? It is so exciting when she does it.
  23. I never saw her dance live either. My experience is based entirely on film and Youtube snippets. I don't think I have ever seen anyone match her for her ability to radiate joy.
  24. Sedate is a good word for it. I think I prefer it when Aurora is danced with the joy of a lovely young princess marrying the prince of her dreams, with emphasis on the youth. I know I always mention Fonteyn, but she managed to convey this perfectly. Some of the interpretations today are just a touch too regal and mature for my tastes.
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