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Afternoon folks. 

Now we have survived the initial lockdown by simply rearranging the furniture. Sadly my DD has just been informed that school (studios) is definitely out for the summer. Lessons will continue on zoom.


Up until now she has made do with either the carpet in the living room or more recently taking her jazz classes al fresco on the lawn. Obviously we are now looking into more of a long term solution. 

Suggestions please for a portable dance floor of a decent size. I say ‘portable’, not that I intend to move it but that appears to be the name given to flooring that one that can be laid on-top of other existing flooring like carpet which is also laid on a concrete sub floor and not meant to be a permanent flooring like in a studio. 

I’ve given up the living room and have no intention of removing the carpet as well! 

Not just for ballet/contemporary but the flooring must stand up to the rigours of tap. 

Preferably no smaller than 8 x 8 ft. 

Feeling hopeful. 

Thank you. 

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Lemark dance mat


A dance teacher friend recommended this to me.  Just click on the tab Dance mat and it takes you to their site Gaffer tape to place an order.  She had bought the Dance mat to use in her kitchen as she said she was suffering with the hard floor.  I give my Zoom classes in my conservatory - Kardean tiles -and was suffering from the hardness of the floor too.  I ordered the 2m x 2m mat and it actually arrived just after my last class before half term.  It took a week to come.  So I haven't tried it yet, but it looks good.   Could you just put a square of hardboard or plywood on top for tap?  A roll of fixing tape is included, but I don't think that I will need to use it, its own weight seems to keep it in place.

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Below I copy the text I last posted in the other thread with link about the floor we bought...possibly is same one from Lemark (& possibly was around £20 more sort delivery charge?) but ours did arrive quicker than a week from order....


‘We are using over carpet.... I called & discussed at length with supplier ‘Dance and Stage Flooring’.

No flooring product other than like a spring wood panel system would be recommended over carpet (this company soon doing, Harlequin already do -but hugely expensive) 

I felt after discussing it was worth buying something to try as better than current dire surface! We got the thicker (it’s quite solid & heavy, not squishy) ‘premium ballet mat’ (2m x2m size c£124 with delivery) Our ‘carpet’ is very thin, no pile, without underlay so more like a carpet tile straight into concrete floor. If I had thick pile carpet with lush Cloud 9 underlay I’d be less sure placing over this would be a good/safe solution....rather would be tempted to try roll up carpet from an area large enough to provide at least a barre work area (2mx1m minimum is think needed) Wouid still then but this shock absorbing floor rather than the thinner if it’s into concrete. If wood underneath then the cheaper thinner options probably fine.

DD likes the surface. Huge improvement to her working environment; able to do turns & pointe again now. Wish I’d got 3m x 2m....live & learn! 

Good luck! 


(It or similar might be available from other stockists too - see back in this thread - hso could shop around...but I felt happy buying from a firm specialising in dance floors as I’d expect more ‘support’ if there are any future problems) 

Good luck!’


Hope the above helps! 

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I can second the Lemark floor - we have the 2m x 3m mat and my DD says it has made all the difference.  She even shouted up to me (hiding upstairs) in excitement during her first zoom class after it arrived as she was so pleased, not realising she wasn't on mute 😂

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