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Need help with a foot injury


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My injury has been a long time in the making, starting in October of last year (2018) and if anything, it's only gotten progressively worse since then. Essentially, I started to develop a lot of pain between my third and fourth toe both on top of my left foot and on the bottom of my foot. This led to swelling, ankle pain, decreased mobility and absolutely no bruising. It still hurts quite bad, especially when I'm dancing, but even when I'm resting.


To put the majority of the history into a short few sentences, here's what has happened:

- I've seen two walk-in doctors, two family doctors, a physiotherapist, a kinesiologist, a podiatrist, a chiropractor, a sports medicine doctor and a sports physiotherapist.

- I use Kttape, Rub A535, heat before dance, ice after and Aleve religiously.

- I have tried an ankle brace, wearing sneakers in ALL my classes, metatarsal gel pads, a 3 week break and essential oils.

- My physiotherapy has included massage, ultrasounds, electrical muscle stimulation, laser therapy, cupping, acupuncture and amino neuro frequency discs.

- I have gotten both an X-ray and a bone scan and will be getting an MRI shortly.

- It was originally thought to be extensor tendinitis, then a stress fracture and now I seem to have everyone stumped. 


This year of dance is extremely important to me and I'm really worried about my foot. I'm basically just looking for similar stories, ideas on what it could be or how to deal with the pain. Could it be possible that a stress fracture was missed on both the x-ray and the bone scan?

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The MRI should show you what is going on. My DD had a mystery foot injury. We saw a number of different professionals and she had a CAT scan which ruled out tendon or ligament issues. Eventually an MRI revealed bruising to her talus bone. I hope you are able to get your injury diagnosed and treated as soon as possible.

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It is good that you are getting an MRI scan. Make sure that the person looking at the results knows that you are a dancer.


Has nerve damage or tarsal tunnel syndrome been ruled out? I can't help wondering whether the issue is in your ankle and there is a trapped nerve there, and the pain is going down to your toes. 


Also, it appears that you have had an awful lot of intervention and treatment, but you haven't actually rested the injury for very long. Perhaps all the treatment is continually stirring things up all the time, and continuing to dance in the meantime is not giving the injury the time it needs. I don't know how many hours a week you are dancing, but it may be that you need a much longer time off - up to 6 months or even more.


Hopefully the poster DrDance will be along soon with some professional advice for you.

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18 hours ago, Pas de Quatre said:

Sadly it has been announced that NIDMS is closing, so I don't know how much longer they will accept referrals. 

Has anyone investigated metatarsalgia? It is where the heads of the metatarsals become inflamed.

Only one of the London clinics is closing both the Birmingham and Bath ones and a further London option are available.  NIDMS itself is not closing.

Heather aka Taximom

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Stress fracture cannot be diagnosed in xray but in MRI.

And if it s a fracture or even a stress edema, the only treatment is to REST minimum of 5-6 weeks, the first 2-3 weeks not even walking on it.

I am not a doctor but my DD faced and treated several times.

I advice you to have an MRI as soon as possible, and follow RICE (rest, ice, compress, elevate) on a routine.

Bone broths (prepared at home, cooked for 24 hours) have helped a lot in the diet as well. Daily drink a small cup.

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